EGRISI – Georgian Dances From Caucasian Youth

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Ketevan Gogoladze, of the Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet “EGRISI” founded in 1995 by Vladimir Pilishvili

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::EGRISI:: Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet (Pool)


Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet “Egrisi” was found on 13 March, 1995 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The founder of the company: Vladimir Pilishvili, former leading soloist of the National Ballet Company of Iliko Sukhishvili.

The Art leader and the Choreographer: George Pilishvili, a leading soloist of the State Folk Dance Group “Mamuli” of Ministry of Defense.

Assistants: Ketino Gogoladze, George Maldzigashvili and Ramaz Tsamalaidze. Structure of ensemble 90 members: the senior, average and younger group of children at the age of from 6-24 years. The structure of ensemble for participation in competitions, festivals can be in quantity from 18-45 persons, depending on a condition, rules of a festival, competition.

Today Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet “Egrisi” actively acts on the best, prestigious stages of Georgia, actively participates in festivals of the various countries in the world, is in constant creative search, developing traditions and being by one of the bright representatives of creative forces, paints of a rich folklore, dancing heritage of Georgia. The motto of ensemble is: “By the People created, At the people taken – People given up” The company enrolls two dancing groups and preparing studios.

Since its establishment “Egrisi” has been involved in various creative activities taking active and successful part in the festivals, competitions and other cultural activities arranged by the Ministry of Culture and Education. The company has gained many diplomas and was several times given an official honor of laureate for the successful creative achievements that was highlighted by TV and radio in the native country as well as abroad.

The company has claimed to be successful in various activities concerning the Folk Festivals concerts and competitions:

* In 1997 ”Egrisi” was awarded by the laureate prize “Golden Deer” and a special prize and a diploma for “Innovating” in the First International Folk Dance Festival.

* In 1998 the company gained the “second prize” and a medal. The choreographer was awarded with the prize in the nomination of “New Attitude to Dance” in the II National Folk Festival in Tbilisi.

* In 1999 the company was invited in the Parliament Hall Celebrating Party organized in honor of the president.

* In 1999 it took two prizes: I prize for the dance “Khazbeguri’’ I prize for the dance “Khevsuruli” and a “special prize” for the soloist. The choreographer was awarded with a “Grand Prix” for the “Best Dance Performance”

* In 1999 the First international Folk Dance Festival was held and the laureate prizes were given to “Egrisi” for the nominations of the “Best Composition”, “Originality”, “High Mastery of Performance”, and “the Best Soloist”.

* In July 1999 the company traveled in Bulgaria, the city of Silistra and participated in V International Festival.

* In 1999 Egrisi participated in the International festival in Romania.

* On the 12th of March 2000 the fifth anniversary concert was organized in a Big Concert Hall of Tbilisi* In 2000 the tour was planned to Turkey for the SIlifke folk dance festival participation.

* In 2001, 2002, 2003 “Egrisi” has been involved in the Television Festival “Golden Eagle” organized by the Ministry of Culture. The company gained the “first prize” and a golden medal and was awarded by the laureate title of the Festival.

* In 2003 it participated in the International festival held in Karditsa, Greece.

* In 2004 the participation of the company in the Television Festival “Bravo” taking I and II prizes, golden and silver medals, entitled to the Laureate honor.

* On 27th of June 2005 the tenth anniversary concert was performed in The Opera House in Tbilisi.

* In March, 2006 the tour to Arabia was organized. Doha cultural festival

* In August 2006 – Sivo international folk dance festival. Odoorn Netherlands

* In August 2006 – Turkey Istanbul.

* 02-16 December 2006 – Glossing ceremony of 15 Asian games, Doha, Qatar

* 03-11 July 2007 – Kastamonu. Turkey. Folk dance festival

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