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1. Saakashvili to step down Nov. 25 ahead of early polls
2. video: Saakashvili to resign on Sunday
3. Saakashvili woos the people: Embattled president appoints new prime minister and promises social welfare reforms
4. Georgian parliament approves new PM, cabinet
5. Parliament approved introduction of amendments to election code
6. Cabinet wins confidence vote
7. Voter registration on polling day approved
8. “Fair Elections” objects to existence of additional electoral registers
9. Election watchdog against voter registration on polling day
10. Machavariani: Amendments to election code will contribute to organize elections democratically
11. Former commander of Georgian Interior troops to run for presidency
12. Three Georgian opposition parties form bloc ahead of 5 January presidential poll
13. “New Rights” and NDP concluded agreement on cooperation and alliance
14. “Coalition of NGOs” to support Shalva Natelashvili in presidential elections
15. Equality Institute’s chair backs New Rights leader
16. Freedom on Georgia’s mind
17. The winner takes the toll
18. How Georgian lighthouse of democracy was put out
19. US civil society groups criticize Georgian government
20. Lawyer Eka Beselia accuses government of violating presumption of innocence
21. Criminal case instituted on fact of beating of ombudsman on November 07
22. Students protest at dispersal of rally in western Georgia on 8 November
23. “Minor hooliganism” in Batumi
24. GPB special statement
25. Tskhinvali marked world television day
26. Georgian media demands on immediate resumption of Imedi tv and radio
27. Prominent anchor to leave Imedi TV
28. OSCE media freedom representative in Georgia to discuss TV station closure
29. Young members of opposition rallied in support of “Imedi”
30. Journalists unite to demand opposition TV station’s reopening
31. Everything gets stuck on Imedi
32. Gurgenidze: every citizen of Georgia ought to benefit from economic growth
33. Amendments to be introduced to state budget 2007 for fourth time
34. Disputed private property legalized
35. Issues of Georgian-Bulgarian cooperation discussed at Ministry of Defense
36. Poland’s president to make working visit to Georgia
37. Address by President Saakashvili to the President of Turkey
38. Georgia to sign no agreement at council of CIS prime ministers
39. Russia discusses its WTO bid with Georgia in Geneva
40. Minister accuses Russia of blocking peace
41. UN envoy, Russian Foreign Minister discuss Abkhazia
42. Polling stations to open in Abkhazia for Russian elections
43. Russia urges peaceful solution of Georgia-Abkhazia conflict
44. Abkhaz rebels destroy Georgian-language signs in Gali district
45. Abkhazian army continues compulsory recruitment of Georgian men
46. Russia seeks early resumption of Joint Control Commission work
47. Unity of forum and content: Fanatics form a bloc with the uncommitted [excerpt]
48. Azerbaijani government evicted Georgian priest serving in Saingilo
49. Ingilos from Dedoflistskaro will boycot presidential elections
50. Oil-ship floating under Turkish flag have to pay fine for pollution of environment
51. Shida Kartli regional prosecutor violates human rights
52. African pig fever reigns in Zugdidi District
53. Kutaisi is under construction
54. Chip off the old block: Vasily Tsereteli has put Moscow Museum of Modern Art on the map

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