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1. Reopening Imedi TV: not whether, but how
2. Opposition meets US ambassador to discuss “repressions”, Imedi TV
3. Nino Burzhanadze demands Imedi TV to be unbiased
4. Information from the ground on Imedi
5. Imedi TV journalists speak out
6. Presidential candidate Levan Gachechiladze to grant interview to Rustavi2, Mze TV and GPB live on air only
7. Levan Gachechiladze will have to apologize – Mze TV
8. TV stations reject opposition candidate’s accusation of bias
9. Gachechiladze boycotts “Rustavi 2” and “Mze” TVs
10. Levan Gachechiladze booted out journalists from video conference
11. Opposition leaders slam TV for ‘bias’
12. Public broadcaster airs ‘coup plot’ chronicles
13. Rustavi 2– a part of opposition intentionally attempts to mount pressure on Rustavi2 and other channels
14. WAN Calls on Georgian authorities to investigate all facts of violence against journalists
15. EU Council concerned over mass media freedom in Georgia
16. Georgian media say Saakashvili will resign Nov 26
17. Media say Saakashvili will resign Nov 26
18. Cabinet of Ministers dismissed before approval of new staff
19. Lomaia positively evaluates candidature of Maya Miminoshvili on post of Minister of Education and Science
20. Maya Miminoshvili evaluates her nomination for Minister of Education and Science of Georgia as surprise
21. Education Minister nominee refuses post
22. New nominee for Education Minister
23. Speaker flew to Austria overnight for OSCE talks
24. Baramidze to lead Georgian delegation to CIS head of government meeting in Ashgabat
25. Parliament outlines major election rules
26. Opposition candidate blasts Saakashvili’s methods
27. Saakashvili promises democratic election in Georgia
28. Ruling party is not ready to defeat united opposition in fair election
29. Georgia needs peaceful relations with Russia-Gachechiladze
30. Georgian opposition to rally on November 25
31. Opposition nominee vows to mend ties with Russia if elected president
32. Georgian politician: The most important is to prevent Saakashvili from winning first voting
33. Georgian opposition to rally on November 25
34. Zourabichvili: There are no Russian agents among ranks of Georgian opposition
35. Opposition begins preparation for meeting
36. Leaders of united opposition met with US Ambassador
37. Candidateship of David Gamkrelidze is supported by “Industrialists” and “National- Democrats”
38. France pledges assistance Salome Zurabishvili in democracy elections
39. audio: Reports from Georgia
40. What do the politicians have to say?
41. Neo- Bolshevik propaganda
42. The elections Santa Claus makes promises
43. Trouble in the Caucasus
44. Colored revolutions: High hopes and broken promises
45. Attention of Georgian media to Chechens among Russian peacekeepers incites a negative stereotype
46. Patarkatsishvili ready to hand his objects to government “without terror”
47. Consideration of state budget 2008 postponed for two weeks
48. Expert Gia Khukhashvili interrogated regarding Patarkatsishvili’s case
49. Lithuanian president to meet with government and opposition in Georgia
50. Okruashvili lawyer to present new arguments
51. Tycoon urges authorities to refrain from violence
52. Ingiloids boycott upcoming presidential elections in Georgia
53. Financial police entered office of Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters Company
54. Ombudsman studies state of health of people victims of November 07 incident
55. Trade unions hold round table on stability
56. National conference of descendants of Georgian historical families to be held today
57. Real estate: Prices rise while activity drops
58. Georgia – Turkey business forum held in Tbilisi
59. Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan assure energy safety of Europe
60. Turkey plays positive role in resolution of Abkhazian conflict
61. Presidents launch construction of railroad linking Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan
62. Minister sees “unique opportunities” for Turkish-Georgian relations
63. President praises Georgia’s level of democracy, ties with Turkey
64. Georgian, Turkish, Azeri leaders view importance of railway link
65. Azeri, Georgian, Turkish leaders speak of ‘historic’ rail link
66. Bezhuashvili politically evaluates construction of “Baku-Tbilisi-Kars” railway 67. Georgian town starts launch of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line
68. Azerbaijani, Turkish presidents visit Georgia
69. Turkey canceled Abkhaz leader’s visit,
70. Saakashvili hails Turkey’s fast decision on free trade treaty
71. Georgia, Azerbaijan: A new oil terminal, and more money for Baku
72. Azerbaijan and Georgia are more afraid of the independence of Kosovo than Serbia is
73. Information on cessation of gas supply from Azerbaijan not confirmed
74. Parliament speaker’s statement could harm United Russia’s rating
75. Aleksandr Khetaguri: Georgia doesn’t need Russia gas
76. Moscow tells Tbilisi to keep pledge on anti-terrorist center
77. Russia accuses Georgia of failing to meet its obligations
78. Russia completed troop withdrawal from Georgia a year early
79. Russia denounces Georgia groundless accusations
80. Russia and Georgia Ivan Turgenev’s ‘Fathers And Sons’
81. Minister says speculations on Kosovo “threat” to Russia
82. Abkhaz separatist website comes under hacker attack
83. Russians in Abkhazia: a tool for Georgia’ s election campaign?
84. Russia stops dispatching troops to Abkhazia

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