REPORTS: Group: Georgia News Digest

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by Jonathan Kulick, Director of Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

South Ossetia Overview.pdf
Civil Unrest in Georgia.pdf
100 New Hospitals (2007).pdf
2006 Georgia Research Highlights.pdf
Amnesty International Report H206.pdf
Background on Legal Issues – Okruashvili Case.pdf
BP Georgia (2007).pdf
Civil Unrest in Georgia.pdf
GE as Euro Neighbour (TI) (2007).pdf
GE Culture Symposium (2007).pdf
GE on Her Mind (2007).pdf
IIEG-2 Report.pdf
Institutions of Internal Control (TI) (2007).pdf
Maia in Yonkers (2007).pdf
Myths of Democracy Assistance (2006).pdf
National Voter Survey (2007).ppt
Nuke PP (2007).pdf
Party Financing (2007).pdf
Property Rights (TI) (2007).pdf
Response to Concerns – Okruashvili Case.pdf
Revolution Reconsidered (2007).pdf
South Ossetia Commission.pdf
South Ossetia Economic Rehabilitation.pdf
South Ossetia Overview.pdf
Statistics Reform (2007).pdf
Street Children and Child Labor (2007).pdf
Sustainable Food (2007).pdf
Unemployment (TI) (2007).pdf

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