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1. Parliamentary majority positively evaluates Gurgenidze’s action plan
2. Gurgenidze discussed social issues with parliamentary majority
3. Georgian success story Lado Gurgenidze hopes to turn the tide
4. Saakashvili attempts image change with new Prime Minister
5. Dialogue with society essential – Saakashvili tells PM Nominee
6. New premier, government, submitted to Georgian parliament
7. Saakashvili politically risked when replaced Prime Minister
8. Cabinet reshuffle
9. Majority reckons that opposition breaks up talks with government on purpose
10. Majority MP says opposition never wanted dialogue
11. Opposition, ruling party fail to resume talks
12. Chikhradze evaluates reshuffle in cabinet as another “trick” of Saakashvili
13. Misha tops Badri in preliminary poll
14. More billionaires from Russia involved in Georgian politics
15. Saakashvili to step down on November 20
16. Ruling party members meet with traders
17. Locals rally in Ganmukhuri
18. video: Opposition starts presidential campaign in Georgia
19. Chikhradze calls on population to defeat Mikheil Saakashvili
20. Opposition rejects dialogue with government, mulls further rallies
21. Radical opposition launches canvassing campaign in Georgia
22. United opposition’s candidate beats Saakashvili in pre-election poll
23. Zurabishvili to visit Brussels, Berlin and London
24. Labor Party leader makes presidential bid
25. Radio Imedi journalists demand to be back on air
26. Official states condition for Imedi’s re-opening
27. Georgian opposition threatens new rallies over Imedi TV closure
28. Opposition plans rally in support of Imedi TV
29. Radio “Imedi” released statement regarding suspension of broadcasting
30. Radio Imedi staff not allowed into office
31. Lewis Robertson: “You cannot stop Imedi. This is too far!”
32. Batumi-based Channel 25 back to air
33. Local TV resumes broadcasts in western Georgia
34. Lynx will “defend its rights” in Mtatsminda Park
35. Withering roses
36. Georgia: State of emergency
37. Georgian democratization process and the latest developments
38. Georgia poses danger in E. Europe
39. Unfulfilled expectations
40. Democratic societies not made overnight
41. Nowhere land
42. How the great Gazoo stole Georgia’s democracy
43. Searching for scapegoats again
44. EU should help Georgia — Lithuanian formin in Brussels
45. EU ministers to discuss situation in Georgia under Lithuania’s initiative
46. EU calls for free and responsible media coverage ahead of polls
47. State of emergency in Georgia was not appropriate response
48. Within emergency period majority of population was kept informed through GPB
49. Georgia raps Russian foreign ministry comment on election date
50. Political debates not to be held during plenary sessions
51. Konstantin Gamsakhurdia to be interrogated as witness today
52. Draft on “pardon” to be ready these days
53. Maia Batiashvili: ‘Irakli Batiashvili is innocent. Why would he ask for amnesty?’
54. Okruashvili denies testimony given to court investigation
55. Edward Lucas’ cold war hustle [excerpt]
56. Saakashvili says new project to link Georgia to global rail network
57. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey to launch railway project on 21 November
58. Events in Georgia delay establishment of Caucasus universal exchange
59. Germany, Georgia to make military cooperation plan
60. Georgian drivers have problems in Ukaine’s Ilichovsky Port
61. Georgian press welcomed by Iranian media and president
62. Accepting the challenge – is Georgia thinking of war?
63. Dniester, S Ossetia believe Kosovo may create precedent for them
64. Wars to watch out for: 2008 will bring us an abundant crop of overseas crises [excerpt]
65. Military training held in de facto republic Abkhazia
66. Abkhaz journalists film documentaries in Tskhinvali
67. Georgia demands IDPs from Abkhazia be recognized as victims of ethnic cleansing
68. Kokoity may be trying to set up FEZ
69. Special service to coordinate large energy and transport projects to be established at presidential administration
70. Ex-security chief to coordinate energy and transport projects
71. Ugulava observed renovated subway station “Nadzaladevi”
72. Saakashvili demands increase of salary for employees of museums
73. Increase of pensions planned
74. Salaries are rising but their growth rate falls behind the inflation rate
75. Parliament of Georgia started discussion of the draft trends under money-and-credit and exchange policy in 2008
76. IMF recommends that government toughens measures against inflation
77. Bituminous coal of Tkibul-Shaori field and coal of Vale field to be sold at auction
78. Winter gas supply still in doubt
79. Legal aid service of MOJ opened Ajara bureau in Batumi
80. How to make media council work?
81. Media watchdog as democracy manipulator: The ‘democratic’ people behind RSF [excerpt]
82. Smile, you’re in Georgia: How the nation and its businesses can measure their performance
83. What are you like? Stereotypes and their consequences

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