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1. Parliament endorsed president’s decree on lifting state of emergency
2. Georgia to lift emergency, IMF says turmoil damaging
3. Georgian lawmakers vote to lift emergency rule
4. State of emergency ending Friday
5. video: Georgian MPs approve end to emergency rule
6. Emergency rule to be lifted at 7pm, November 16
7. As Georgia moves to end emergency, visiting envoy presses US agenda
8. Georgia to lift state of emergency, but keep opposition TV closed
9. Imedi TV lawyer to appeal Tbilisi City Court ruling at Court of Appeals
10. GYLA – Complete ban on TV and radio broadcasting is anticonstitutional
11. Court explains reasons behind suspending Imedi TV’s license
12. Murdoch asks Bush to protest closure of Imedi TV
13. Speaker meets closed TV station’s staffers
14. Black Sea news blackout in Ajaria: Deprived of proper information, Ajaria is rife with rumour and suspicion
15. President Saakashvili meets healthcare system representatives
16. Georgian election a political farce – Russian Foreign Ministry
17. Georgia to hold early presidential elections
18. Katsitadze links initiative of president to pardon inmates to upcoming elections
19. Opposition raises possibility of presidential election boycott
20. Meeting with Nino Burjanadze to be held regarding amendments to election code
21. Parliament endorses amendments to election code
22. No agreement with ‘some opposition’ on election code
23. ‘Hard talks’ on election code
24. Three opposition terms for free elections outlined
25. Khukhashvili: some people might be forced to stand in election
26. Confrontation between the authorities and the opposition
27. Opposition leader resurfaces after eight days, meets EU representatives
28. Opposition leader questioned over “espionage case”
29. Former governor put on wanted list
30. Opposition remains divided as talks with government continue
31. Gachechiladze is planning to end chiefomania and retire
32. Opposition wary about ongoing political talks with speaker
33. Opposition, parliament speaker fail to reach agreement
34. How National Movement organizes supporters
35. Shalva Natelashvili feels poorly
36. Goga Khaindrava called in evidence as witness
37. Political decision about release of Irakli Batiashvili reached
38. Caucasian circle : An election is called, emergency rule is ended, but the damage lingers
39. President’s crackdown threatens U.S. clout
40. Georgia returns to normal
41. Misha’s mess
42. Misha’s challenge
43. letter to the editor: Georgia rebuts its critics
44. Georgia in turmoil—protests, state of emergency and snap elections
45. Georgia facing the consequences of the November demonstrations
46. Irakli Menagarishvili: This will negatively influence Georgia’s image!
47. Amid turmoil, all eyes turn to Georgia’s patriarch for stability
48. Moscow sees situation in Georgia as internal affair
49. Moscow accuses Georgian leadership of ‘Russophobia’
50. Russian press review
51. Is Moscow behind Georgian unrest?
52. Georgia is not a democratic state
53. All out aid for Georgia
54. USA supports georgia’s territorial integrity
55. Historic chance for Baku: The snap presidential election in Georgia and the Borcali factor
56. On behalf of EU, PM Stanishev will ask for conduct of normal and democratic elections in Georgia
57. Lithuanian MPs postponing resolution on situation in Georgia
58. Quotes from the Democratic debate
59. re: The day of truth for the West
60. Georgia police turns sonic blaster on demonstrators
61. Acoustic weapon hits Georgian protesters
62. Weeping journalists
63. Public Defender’s statement
64. Zviad Khargilia, suspected for beating riot police officer might be judged today
65. Strange adventures of four journalists on their way to Batumi
66. Leader promises amnesty to some protesters on 7 November unrest
67. Russian commander praises early pull-out of troops from Georgia
68. Midnight train from Georgia sees Russia complete military pullout
69. video: Last Russian military train convoy cannot leave Georgia
70. Russian soldiers remain in Georgia as peacekeepers
71. book review: The New Cold War
72. Prime Minister of Bulgaria to pay two-day official visit to Georgia
73. Turkish, Georgian premiers discuss political issues, economic ties
74. Georgia restores exchange of electricity with Azerbaijan
75. Russian investments to be of much significance for Abkhaz economy
76. Abkhazia is an equal partner at negotiations to resolve Georgian-Abkhaz conflict
77. Volume of financing of programs related to support repatriation next year to be increased
78. UN envoy refutes reports on Russian troops in Abkhazia
79. AGB Executive Director: Current Political situation in Georgia will not affect macroeconomics and banking sector
80. EBRD expects economic growth of 8% In 2008
81. IMF expects 12-13% economic growth this year
82. Pre-term presidential electrons will be in favour of improvement of economic situation
83. Next visit of IMF mission scheduled for the first quarter of 2008
84. Bank of Georgia plans to acquire one extra Ukrainian bank
85. Government official calls for change in economic policy
86. Georgia to experience tea production revival
87. New Azeri oil terminal in Georgia to be commissioned on November 21
88. Wages of teachers of secondary schools to be increased
89. Government plans to announce start of the new state end program of professional training
90. Javakhk schools reject Georgia’s official Armenian language and history textbooks
91. Tskaltubo could never have been Georgia’s Las Vegas
92. Street repairs in Tbilisi to continue through winter
93. Irakli Tsurtsumia, Chairman of Khobi organization of Egalitarian Institute, sentenced to three years imprisonment
94. Expectation for Orion: Disabled Children need attention
95. Journalist from Zugdidi injured in car-crash demands patrol police investigators be punished

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