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1. book: Meskhetian Turks at a Crossroads: Integration, Repatriation or Resettlement? By Tom Trier and Andrei Khanzin (eds.)Münster: LIT Verlag, 663 pp., 2007

This book is the result of a comprehensive and pioneering research project, and offers innovative insights into the life of the Meskhetian Turks – an ethnic group collectively deported from Georgia by Stalin during World War II. The volume examines their integration in the countries where they now live, their understanding of home and belonging and their desire to return to Georgia . Apart from thoroughly documenting the current life of Meskhetian Turks, the research also identifies new approaches in finding solultions to the issue of Meskhetian Turk displacement.This publication is the result of a research project on the Meskhetian Turks carried out by the European Centre for Minority Issues fom June 2004 to September 2006. ECMI thanks the Volkswagen Stiftung, which funded this research project and this volume within the framework of the research programme “Between Europe and the Orient-A Focus on Research and Higher Education in Central Asia and the Caucasus .”

2. report: Resettlement of ecologically displaced persons: Solution of a problem or creation of a new? By Tom Trier and Medea Turashvili
3. report: Newspapers outside the capital: How international assistance influenced print media in Georgia’s regions By Malkhaz Saldadze and Giorgi Shubitidze
4. Court sequestrated Imedi TV property and suspended its broadcast license
5. Resumption of Imedi TV broadcasting depends on investigation results – MP
6. Imedi television may fade to black
7. Opposition leader on wanted list, TV license suspended in Tbilisi
8. Burjanadze meets Imedi TV journalists
9. Imedi TV broadcast license suspended
10. video: Tbilisi court suspends opposition TV license
11. Emergency rule to be lifted on 16 November
12. Emergency rule in Georgia to end
13. Georgia vows to lift state of emergency on Friday
14. Georgia to lift state of emergency
15. Georgia to lift emergency rule on November 16 – Burjanadze
16. USA welcomes lifting of state of emergency in Georgia
17. Tkemaladze welcomes lifting of state of emergency
18. video: Georgia to end emergency rule
19. US lawmaker warns Georgia’s president about state of emergency
20. Court rules to send Okruashvili back to custody
21. Court changed bail to pre-trial imprisonment for Okruashvili
22. Court issues arrest warrant for ex-defence minister
23. Court issues arrest warrant for Okruashvili
24. Opposition demands cessation of political persecution and free media functioning
25. Opposition met with representatives of diplomatic corps
26. Labour party leader appears in public first time after unrest
27. Presidential candidate pledges stronger ties with Azerbaijan
28. Tbilisi will re-establish relations with Russia after presidential elections: former president
29. Former President of Georgia not intend to participate in early presidential elections in country
30. What has Georgia survived and what other threats still exist?
31. United opposition warns it may boycott presidential election
32. Leader promises amnesty to some protesters on 7 November unrest
33. Authorities aim for consensus
34. Public Defender condemns ‘persecution of protesters’
35. Candidates have equal chances in the presidential elections
36. Interior Ministry publishes more secret audio recordings
37. Amendments to election code proposed
38. President says rally dispersal affected him too
39. Special plenary session to be held on Thursday
40. President speaks on latest events in televised meeting with doctors
41. Russian press review
42. Fading ‘beacon of democracy’
43. Georgia crackdown sets back NATO ambitions
44. Who’s who in the Georgian opposition
45. Questions surround president of Georgia
46. Georgia’s fragile democracy
47. No way to expand an alliance
48. A tale of two client states
49. Color revolution score card
50. What do Chavez and Saakashvili have in common?
51. The withering of the Rose Revolution in Georgia
52. Georgia still arguing over how it should be ruled
53. Out-of-fashion show
54. Advice to Georgia on following path to democracy
55. Politics after revolution
56. Bulgarian PM to press Georgia to make way for free, democratic elections
57. Georgia jeopardising fair election: EU
58. Georgian political unrest gets mixed reaction in neighboring Azerbaijan
59. Situation with Georgian mass media should not be repeated in Armenia
60. Russian youth movement protests against US policy on Georgia
61. Turkey extends support to crisis-stricken Georgia
62. Re: Letter to the Editor: The day of truth for the West
63. Inside track: Are the US and Russia on a collision course?
64. PM visits Turkey to discuss easier tax rules
65. Georgian PM visits Turkey
66. Georgia pledges to support Turkey’s counter-terrorist activity
67. Foundation of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will be laid soon, Turkish and Georgian Prime Ministers say
68. Can Georgia cope without any Russian imports?
69. Russian solders leave South Georgia, others deployed in the north
70. Russia completes withdrawal of troops from Georgia
71. Jihadi Murat [excerpt]
72. Parliament head not to visit Ukraine
73. European Court of Human Rights did not comply with appeal of Georgian citizen
74. Caught between Russia and Georgia, South Ossetia rift widens
75. De facto Tskhinvali with assistance of Russian side yield to provocation at meeting with donors in Vienna
76. South Ossetia getting ready for Russian polls
77. Saakashvili claims evidence of Russian troops in Abkhazia
78. Georgia’s natural resources belong to its people, President says
79. Presidential pardon to release 1,000 inmates
80. Georgia’s oil industry slips to new lows
81. NATO to offer superhigh-speed Internet to South Caucasus

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