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1. survey: Georgian National Voter Study: August 31-September 10, 2007
2. statement: Ten pre-conditions for free and fair elections in Georgia
3. Statement of ethnic minority organizations concerning the events taking place in Georgia
4. PACE to assist Georgia with leading its young democracy
5. Association of Commercial Television concerned about recent developments regarding independent broadcasters
6. Thomas Hammarberg alarmed at the beating of Georgian Public Defender
7. Mart Laar: next six months vital for Georgia
8. The day of truth for the West
9. MEP calls on Georgia to lift state of emergency
10. IPI condemns imposition of emergency measures against private georgian broadcasters
11. Helsinki Commission leadership expresses deep regret over violence in Georgia
12. State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom H. Casey holds State Department regular news briefing [excerpt]
13. US diplomat says Georgia to lift emergency rule
14. US diplomat keeps pressure on georgia
15. U.S. tries to push Georgia back on track, as ‘beacon of democracy’ flickers
16. U.S. says doubts Russia involved in Georgia strife
17. Bryza positively evaluates organization of dialogue between authorities and opposition
18. Saakashvili’s U.S. visit unclear
19. Tbilisi denies Saakashvili may visit US soon
20. video: Russia not behind Georgian unrest: U.S. envoy
21. Imedi television: Use and misuse of a Georgian television channel
22. Tbilisi Mayor – riot police overreacted towards Imedi TV
23. Radio Hereti administration – people demand on news coverage to be resumed through Hereti
24. Givi Targamadze outlined state coup attempt and role of Imedi TV in the processes
25. Criticism mounting over Georgian media crackdown
26. Saakashvili will not be elected again
27. The Saakashvili plan
28. Protesting the CEO of Georgia: One reason Saakashvili is in trouble is his hyper-capitalist reform agenda
29. Georgian protests The president must play fair for democracy’s sake
30. video: Georgian people are not ready to forget what Saakashvili did to them
31. GEL 20 million planned for snap polls
32. Parliament to discuss electoral changes Friday
33. Amendments to Code Of Elections to be discussed at bureau session today
34. Is Georgia’s opposition ready to take on Saakashvili?
35. Badri Patarkatsishvili – More bad news for Georgia and Saakashvili
36. Kartlos Garibashvili to run for presidency again?
37. Pundits on opposition presidential candidate
38. Zourabichvili believes opposition can win presidential election
39. What matters is who will be Saakashvili’s alternative
40. Opposition leader upbeat on presidential poll
41. Wine maker hopes to beat Saakashvili
42. Why have the elections at all?
43. Democracy is when hands are not unbound
44. Elections are Georgia’s chance for a democratic comeback
45. Opposition complains of unequal campaign ahead of snap polls
46. Georgian leader calls opponents’ bluff
47. Georgia and Ukraine: Similar revolutions, different trajectories
48. Khaindrava is interrogated by the counter-intelligence department on suspicion of espionage
49. Lawyer of Georgian ex-defence minister asks for postponing trial
50. Leader of Georgian Laborites: A terror plot was carried out against me
51. Burjanadze calls on international society to react on developments In Abkhazia
52. Saakashvili praises Burjanadze’s decisiveness
53. Interior Ministry denies reports of massive arrests of protesters
54. Parliament might discuss lift of state of emergency in next week
55. Ombudsman urges top officials to stop “persecuting” protesters
56. video: Georgia’s state of emergency to be lifted Friday
57. Georgia to continue NATO integration policy – opposition candidate
58. Bezhuashvili: November 07 clash cannot affect Georgia’s accession to NATO
59. Nov 7 violence may delay Georgia’s admission to NATO-Shevardnadze
60. Russian press review
61. Russian TV and radio highlights for week 6-11 November
62. Kremlin-backed youth group protests outside Georgian Embassy in Moscow
63. Russia hands over Soviet-era base to Georgia
64. video: Last Russian military pulled out from Georgia
65. MP hopes that Russian troops will leave the whole Georgian territory soon
66. Russia hands over Batumi military base to Georgia
67. Documents on Russia military base pullout to be signed in Batumi
68. Georgia not in need of Russia’s gas supplies
69. Vladimir Zhirinovskiy outlines views on foreign policy
70. Russian imperialism, Misha and hysteria
71. Georgia and its conflicts
72. Cyprus bad model for Georgia’s conflicts
73. Tension in Abkhazia
74. Georgia investigating reports of Russian troops deployed in breakaway region
75. President attacks Russia, vows to regain control of breakaway regions
76. Georgia accuses Russia of military build-up
77. Russian defense ministry calls Georgian statements “information provocation”
78. Abkhazia’s recognition by Russia would amount to war- senior MP
79. A trap for Saakashvili
80. MPs talk tough on possible Russian recognition of Abkhazia
81. Russian peacekeepers dismantle Abkhaz military unit
82. Abkhazia strong enough to defend independence – legislator
83. Greetings from Abkhazia: The forlorn seaside resort where Soviet rulers once frolicked
84. Can Boney M bring world peace?
85. Prime Minister of Georgia to discuss with the Turkish party the issue of free trade between the countries
86. Speaker to go to Ukraine
87. GUAM national coordinators – Poland to hold 1st Meeting in Warsaw
88. Third Committee asks Assembly to designate international year for human rights learning [excerpt]
89. Privatization of 80-hectare land lot in Batumi under future construction of refinery cancelled
90. Rakeen to showcase its uptown Tbilisi project at MAPIC exhibition in France
91. Georgia to harvest about 100 000 tones of citrus
92. Prime Minister instructed Tsiskarishvili to set up staff over selling citrus
93. Georgia inflation over 11%
94. President Saakashvili meets public school rectors and teachers
95. Cabinet meeting held at State Chancellery on Tuesday
96. Starvation has defeated fear of death in the “town of miners”
97. Bank seizes pension from disabled pensioner instead of loan
98. Trial will be renewed on Guram Sharadze’s assassination
99. A site for new eyes: Young Meskhetian Turk refugees capture images of Baltimore area for photo camp

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