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1. Georgia’s opposition nominates presidential candidate
2. Opposition announces presidential candidate
3. Opposition names entrepreneur as presidential candidate
4. video: Opposition names Saakashvili challenger
5. Georgian opposition splits on presidential candidate
6. Possible Georgian presidential candidates
7. Georgian opposition struggles to find presidential candidate
8. Zurabishvili to lead government, if Georgian opposition wins polls
9. Zourabichvili hopes her tandem with Gachechiladze will win Jan 5 election
10. Authorities clear Labor Party leader of espionage suspicions
11. United Georgian opposition surprised at Natelashvili’s nomination for presidency
12. Parliament of Georgia to consider changes to election code
13. Saakashvili’s competition – can he be defeated?
14. video: Interview with Aleksey Pushkov
15. Opposition against election campaign ‘in frightful atmosphere’
16. Georgian authorities may postpone presidential election terms – opposition party
17. Saakashvili wants intl observers help to make Georgian elections “free and fair”
18. US envoy urges end to Georgia emergency
19. Diplomat says EU to help Georgia resolve crisis
20. PACE urges Georgian authorities to cancel state of emergency
21. Government procrastinates with lifting state of emergency – MP
22. Patriarch praises president’s snap election decision
23. Senior MP: State of emergency to be lifted in ‘two, three days’
24. Burjanadze: State of emergency to be lifted in nearest future
25. Alleged Georgia coup plotter believed to be in Israel
26. Patarkatsishvili seeks return of assets in Tbilisi Park
27. Badri Patarkatsishvili’s Georgia operation
28. Chief of raided Georgian TV says police restored station ahead of envoys’ visit
29. Georgian opposition says tycoon not its presidential candidate
30. Nukri Kantaria: Closure of “Imedi” means seizure of one’s own country
31. Imedi TV brought a suit to general prosecutor’s office for material, moral and psychological damage
32. “As we say in America – the cat is out of the bag!”, Lewis Robertson, the head of News Media Caucasus
33. Opposition prioritizes Imedi TV at talks with authorities
34. Price of BSKyB Group-owned shares falls 2.5% after Imedi TV shuts down
35. Batumi-based Channel 25 still off the air
36. IFJ condemns Georgia’s ban on media as president declares state of emergency
37. Recent events in Georgia’s newspapers reviewed
38. The eyes of the world upon us: International reporting of the Tbilisi demonstrations
39. Information superhighway develops new Georgian lane: Personal internet commentary on current events
40. Political crisis: how has it affected business?
41. SOCAR delays launch of Kulevi terminal because of state of emergency in Georgia
42. Expert says: “The quality, not just the indices of the investment climate, should improve”
43. Disgraced ex-defence minister unlikely to participate in his trial
44. Former Georgian defence minister’s trial to start on 16 November
45. Ambassador ashamed of crackdown on opposition resigns
46. Opposition member complains of pressure
47. Ruling party, opposition continue talks
48. Speaker on situation in Abkhazia, talks with opposition
49. “New Rights” call on international organizations to get familiar with developments in Georgia
50. Diaspora in France releases statement on situation in Georgia
51. Study to resume at schools and universities from Monday
52. Georgian crisis partially provoked by NATO – Baluyevsky
53. Senior Russian MP, analysts discuss events in Georgia, bilateral relations
54. Russian editor condemns “repression” of media in Georgia
55. Ukrainian TV reports on aftermath of Georgia crackdown
56. United Behind a Putin Third Term [excerpt]
57. Globalisation of Pakistan’s politics [excerpt]
58. The Basmanny Court of Human Rights [excerpt]
59. Political crisis in Georgia won’t be resolved soon
60. Already Pinochet, or still Saakashvili?
61. Georgian protests
62. Georgia is burning, and we lit the match
63. After the counterrevolution
64. No more strong presidents, please
65. The West should stop picking losers
66. Lying your way to the truth
67. Crisis in Georgia: The United States has no reason to tolerate Mikheil Saakashvili’s violation of democratic order.
68. Russia’s secret Chechen weapon
69. What is bad for Russia is again good for U.S.
70. Abkhazia and South Ossetia could follow in Kosovo’s footsteps
71. ‘Putin threatened with Cyprus model in Georgia’ – Saakashvili
72. Georgian speaker says weak Georgia is illusion
73. Burjanadze: Georgia will not yield to Russia’s provocation
74. Russia bring in illegal military technique and personnel in Abkhazia
75. Georgia claims Russia increases military presence in Abkhazia
76. Abkhazia regrouping forces, no Russian troops present – Bagapsh
77. Sukhumi alarmed by Georgia’s mobilization of reservists on Abkhaz border
78. Moscow refutes Georgian claims of alleged Russian forces in Abkhazia
79. Georgia says Russia deploying more soldiers in rebel area
80. Abkhaz power engineers fail to cope with transmission line break
81. Separatists expect “aggression” from Georgia ahead of presidential poll
82. OSCE hosts meeting to discuss economic rehabilitation projects in zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict
83. Panel wants new security process for Caucasus
84. EU panel weighs prospects of Caucasus Caspian region
85. Ambassador of Georgia: Challenges have united our nation
86. Georgia and its neighbours continue to grow, but inflationary trends need to be addressed
87. Eight companies let for participation in the second stage of competition on renting of Poti seaport
88. “I hope, U.S. banks will be interested in opening branches in Georgia” –Amb. Tefft
89. Date of beginning construction of Georgian section of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway confirmed
90. Specialists to be employed in Georgian business will be trained under the state program of professional training
91. Roland Kemularia became Deputy Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science
92. Legal aid service of MOJ opened bureaus in Zugdidi and Poti
93. Legal community hosts colleagues from Republic of Georgia
94. Young Stalin. By Simon Sebag Montefiore

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