Georgia News Digest 11-12-07
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1. Top U.S. official backs Georgia’s embattled leader
2. Georgia crackdown vexes U.S.: Pro-West leader had been praised for democracy
3. US envoy in Georgia to push for end to emergency rule
4. Western envoys in Tbilisi to urge end of emergency measures
5. EU envoy comments on state of emergency in Georgia
6. OSCE Chairman sends envoy to Georgia
7. President Saakashvili meets leading businessmen
8. Foreign investors positive on Georgia’ – business executive
9. Tycoon lays out conditions for democratic election
10. Georgian opposition snubs tycoon’s offer
11. Georgian tycoon seeks Western intervention over state of emergency
12. Tycoon “will never be president” – top ruling party MP
13. Banker wants intl community to put pressure on authorities
14. TV tycoon vows to end former ally’s corrupt rule
15. Authorities pledge transparent, democratic elections
16. Election debate patriots, civil force, social justice, a just Russia on Georgia
17. First talks between Georgia authorities and opposition fail
18. Opposition struggles to find presidential candidate
19. Officials try to rebuff claims on destroying Imedi TV equipment
20. video: Interview with Louis Robertson
21. News ban bodes ill for Georgia democracy
22. audio: Georgia’s media shutdown has significant impact
23. Sounds of silence
24. Hopes about Imedi
25. audio: Imedi TV in Georgia shut down amid political crisis
26. video: Russia and Georgia each kick out three diplomats
27. Russian diplomats declared personae non gratae leave Georgia
28. Russia to enter dispute
29. Revolution now
30. Beware: Nicolas Rurua
31. Our man in Tbilisi
32. Tragedy in Georgia
33. Conflict at the top, not on Tbilisi’s streets
34. video: Hats off to Georgia’s unsung heroes
35. Democracy’s new face on the streets of Tbilisi
36. President’s uncle and arms trade
37. report: The eastern dimension of America’s new European allies [excerpts]
38. Bulgarian premier to visit Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia on 11-16 November
39. Georgia in US-financed arms race for war on Abkhazia, South Ossetia
40. Georgia is fearful of Russia’s possible actions in Abkhazia, S. Ossetia
41. Minister warns of possible Russian “provocation” in conflict regions
42. Abkhazia left without electricity as line support falls
43. Krasnodar territory comes to Abkhazia’s rescue
44. Will there be a war? [excerpts]
45. Republic of Georgia educators visit Decatur
46. Conference on situation concerning human rights protection in Caucasus
47. Kutaisi City Council approves new structure
48. A bareback horse race ended in front of a medieval church
49. Georgia plows on

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