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1. Wikipedia page on political crisis
2. Georgian vote shifted to January
3. Georgian Parliament Confirms Emergency Rule
4. video: Georgian parliament expected to approve emergency
5. Georgia to lift state of emergency ‘as soon as possible’: official
6. Parliament backs state of emergency, in a sign leader may not lift it soon
7. video: Parliament green lights Georgian state of emergency
8. video: Georgian Parliament backs Saakashvili against opposition
9. Georgia to lift state of emergency ‘as soon as possible’: official
10. President takes bold gamble with election call: analysts
11. Georgia’s Homemade Crisis
12. Georgia leader’s shrewd move
13. Saakashvili Leaves Opponents Little Hope
14. Georgia Looks Toward Election as Calm Returns to Capital
15. US official heading to Georgia to voice concern about state of emergency
16. video: Where does Georgia go from here?
17. video: Saakashvili to confront single opposition candidate
18. Q&A: The roots of Georgia’s crisis
19. Hollow Victory: Georgia’s riots may be over, but for Saakashvili it’s the end of his stint as the darling of the West
20. The Blush Is Off Georgia’s Rose Revolution
21. Georgia in turmoil
22. Georgian Vote Won’t End Crisis
23. Saakashvili makes an error
24. Saakashvili makes sure move
25. Counterrevolution Failed
26. Experts Assess Tbilisi Protests
27. Georgia’s Unexplained Liberalization
28. Democracy Vardebi?
29. Georgia Enters the Hall of Shame
30. Revolution of the rods: Political conflict in Georgia deteriorates into street riots
31. Why They Hate Us
32. There could still be a rosy future for Georgia
33. Georgian Leader’s Popularity Has Dramatically Fallen
34. Appeal from GYLA to diplomatic corps
35. report: Black Roses – Georgia’s reformers fall out: exactly four years after the so-called Rose Revolution
36. Rose Revolution leader fears coup conspiracy
37. Georgia to investigate claims of excessive force in Tbilisi rallies
38. Health Ministry says 16 protesters remain in hospital
39. Authorities repelled threat to Georgian state – speaker
40. Health Ministry denies rumors of student protester dying in Batumi
41. Young Man Killed in Rike
42. News Corp. attacks Georgia’s “outrageous” TV attack
43. Tycoon driving force in opposition to Georgia’s pro-Western president, but denies Kremlin ties
44. video: Georgian tycoon considering shot at presidency
45. Georgian press sees tension relenting
46. Varied regional media and official reactions to Georgia standoff
47. Azerbaijani press divided on Georgian developments
48. Russian press review
49. Russian TV revels in criticism of Georgia
50. Russian press slams Georgian ‘dictator’ Saakashvili
51. Russian pundit says Saakashvili may win next Georgian election
52. Elections in Georgia to be difficult-Russian expert
53. Saakashvili: all or nothing
54. video: Interview with Dmitry Babich
55. video: Interview with Tatyana Malkina
56. Lavrov denies Russia involved in Georgia, urges free poll
57. Lavrov concerned about Russians in Georgia
58. Moscow Says Ties with Georgia in ‘Sharp Crisis’
59. Russian official warns of “irreparable damage” to relations with Georgia
60. Russia’s Karasin to meet Georgian 1st deputy FM
61. Russian, Georgian deputy foreign ministers meet in Moscow
62. Official Tbilisi Evaluates Critics From Russian Side As Inappropriate
63. A victory for Russia’s secret war as Georgian leader calls election
64. Russia pledges to prevent provocations in Georgia conflict zones
65. Okruashvili denies alleged Russian backing of Georgian protests
66. Germany has no info on Russia meddling in Georgia affairs-minister
67. Russian-Georgian consultations were not useless – Russian official
68. Government’s conspiracy case against Russia unconvincing – Shevardnadze
69. Opposition Does Not Attend Plenary Session Today
70. Zurabishvili: Opposition To Nominate One Candidate For Presidential Elections
71. Opposition Reckons Expedient To Hold Dialogue With Government With Participation Of Patriarch
72. Georgia Prosecutor-Gen sues two opposition leaders
73. Lifting of Emergency Rules Needed for Dialogue – Opposition
74. Another opposition leader to run for Georgian presidency
75. Opposition not to support ex-defence minister in presidential polls
76. Joint candidate: opposition leaves this issue open
77. Saakashvili May Try To Suppress Opposition With US/EU Support – Expert
78. Government, opposition ready for dialogue, undecided about venue
79. Opposition to nominate one candidate for January polls
80. Where abouts Of Shalva Natelashvili Unknown For Members Of “Labour” Party
81. Labor party official denies its leader flees Georgia
82. Opposition Halts Protests
83. Okruashvili Comments Early Polls
84. Elections, Emergency – Key Deadlines and Legal Procedures
85. President Calls Early Presidential Election to Reassert His Authority
86. Saakashvili promised Georgia early elections
87. Presidential election and plebiscite on parliamentary election to be held on 5 January
88. Speaker to replace president 45 days before 5 January election
89. Georgian magnate suspected of coup plot-prosecutor
90. Patarkatsishvili is Investigated on Charges of Conspiracy – Prosecutor’s Office
91. Early presidential election another one of Saakashvili’s tricks –Patarkatsishvili
92. Between President Saakashvili and Badri the Tycoon, the Choice Should Be Easy for Georgians
93. Espionage charges brought against opposition leaders, conflict continues
94. Criminal proceedings launched against Georgian tycoon
95. Patarkatsishvili ‘Seriously Thinking’ of Running for President
96. Georgia Media Guide November 2007
97. Pro-opposition television channel likely out of action for special election
98. TV Anchor Speaks Out Against Burjanadze’s Silence
99. Georgia suspends Russian channels on cable TV
100. Transmission of Russian channels to be restored soon
101. video: The investigative report Georgian TV won’t broadcast
102. Imedi TV may Stay Off Air ‘for at Least Three Months’
103. Violence against journalists
104. Statement by Levan Mikeladze, Ambassador of Georgia to the Swiss Confederation
105. Nino Burjanadze: I Hope We’ll Reach Important Decision
106. Foreign Ministry Says No Human Rights Crisis In Georgia
107. The Governmental View: A Conversation with Alexander Lomaia
108. MPs will meet for first time after Nov 7 demonstrations
109. Businessmen Call for Stability
110. Speaker thanks patriarch for support in resolving tension
111. audio: Georgian Orthodox Patriarch Mediating Crisis
112. Patriarch Reckons That President’s Decision Was Timely
113. State Department News Briefing [excerpts]
114. U.S. Official Calls For Calm, Compromise In Georgia
115. US diplomat carrying Rice’s statement to Tbilisi
116. US envoy due in Georgia amid push to lift emergency
117. US behind Georgian authorities’ “tough” decisions – Tajik MP
118. UK, France Concerned over Georgia Developments
119. NATO does not want to spoil relations with Russia over Georgia – NATO diplomats
120. UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Concerned Over State Of Emergency In Georgia
121. Lithuania hoping Georgia to take road of democracy
122. European officials pay urgent visit to Georgia
123. CIS worried over situation in Georgia
124. Bezhuashvili Informed German Colleague On Situation In Georgia
125. Developments in Georgia quite different of behavior of our authorities in 2004, PPA leader says
126. Geopolitical reasons make Georgia vulnerable to external influence, Armenian political expert says
127. Estonian Formin, EU Commissioner Hope For Peaceful Settlement Of Georgia Crisis
128. SCO secretary says Georgian events will not affect members
129. Reforming the Georgian Civil Service
130. Bezhuashvili Denies Allegations On Georgia’s Intents To Launch Military Operations In Conflict Regions
131. Withdrawal of Russian military hardware from Georgia resumes
132. advertorial: Georgia Vs Germany

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