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Georgia News Digest 11-09-07
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1. Georgian president calls snap polls to resolve crisis
2. Georgia’s president moves up elections
3. Beleaguered Georgian President Sets Elections
4. Early vote may save Georgian leader after violence
5. Georgia leader seeks to cool unrest, Western criticism by calling early presidential election
6. video: Georgia to elect new president in January
7. President offers to hold early election to defuse crisis, opposition leaders missing
By Molly Corso; Photos by Sophia Mizante
8. Georgia’s Besieged President Calls Early Election
9. video: Georgian president bows to protestors’ demands
10. Opposition claims victory after Georgian president calls snap poll
11. President takes bold gamble with election call: analysts
12. video: Georgian President promises to lift state of emergency
13. Opposition Hails Snap Presidential Polls
14. Saakashvili proposes snap presidential election for 5 January – text
15. Georgia declares state of emergency
16. Georgian president concerns West and angers Russia
17. video: More troops to Tblissi as Russia weighs retaliation
18. video: State of emergency in Georgia: independent media gagged
19. video: Interview with Konstantin Beloruchev
20. video: Interview with Viktor Linnik
21. audio: Protests Spark State of Emergency in Georgia
22. audio: Georgia, Russia Square Off in a State of Emergency
23. video: Georgian police accused of brutality
24. Decree of the President of Georgia
25. Q&A: Georgia’s state of emergency
26. Statement by the Secretary General on the situation in Georgia
27. Transparency International Georgia Comments on Events of November 7, 2007 in Tbilisi
28. Domestic and Foreign Broadcasting Silenced by State of Emergency
29. State of Emergency in Georgia Should Be Lifted; Democratic Gains since Rose Revolution Jeopardized
30. Authorities must promptly investigate police actions in dispersing demonstrators
31. U.N. rights boss rebukes Georgia for use of force
32. OSCE media freedom representative concerned about suspension of television stations in Georgia
33. Declaration to the Events in Georgia from the Beginning of November 2007
34. Press Statement: Need for Restraint and Respect for Rule of
35. CoE Calls for Restraint
36. PACE Monitors to Visit Georgia
37. EU Temporary Shuts Down its Office in Georgia
38. NATO Criticizes Georgian President for Emergency Rule
39. EU and Lithuania concerned over situation in Georgia
40. Closure of Media Outlets Not in Line with NATO Values – Scheffer
41. EU concerned over turmoil in Georgia
42. Luzhkov Urged to Recognize Abkhazia’s Independence
43. Russia expels three Georgian diplomats
44. Moscow denies Tbilisi’s claims about Russia meddling in Georgia’s affairs
45. Russian ambassador worried by growing anti-Russian sentiments in Georgian politics
46. Russian diplomats to leave Georgia within shortest time frame
47. Russia calls Georgian events violation of human rights
48. Russia urges Georgia to punish attackers of Russian journalists during crackdown
49. Subversive Activities
50. Duma Speaker displeased with ‘bloodshed’ in Georgia
51. U.S. stake on Saakashvili proves to be wrong – Sliska
52. Russian possible NATO envoy says Georgian political elite unfit to rule
53. Russian press review
54. Russia concerned with situation in Georgia
55. Russia expels three Georgian diplomats in tit-for-tat move
56. Georgia says readying proof of Russian role
57. Pakistani TV Tutorial on How to Declare Emergency Rule
58. Russian Foreign Minister Says Georgia Is Fuelling Mistrust In Breakaway Regions
59. Russian diplomats’ expulsion from Georgia “unprecedented provocation” – envoy
60. US ambassador to Tbilisi in charge in Georgia, opinion
61. Police tighten security at Georgian Embassy in Moscow
62. Georgia’s former minister says Russia did not manipulate with opposition
63. Georgians residing in Russia shocked at latest events in Tbilisi
64. Georgian leaders’ impunity may threaten lives, stability – Kamynin
65. Georgia’s provocations in conflict areas create distrust – Lavrov
66. Duma dubs Saakashvili attacks on Russia persecution complex
67. Rogozin calls for reinforcing vigilance on RF borders
68. Georgian Charge d’Affaires arrives at Russian foreign ministry
69. Georgia events bode ill for Caucasus – Russian senator
70. Moscow Says Human Rights Violated in Georgia
71. Expulsions raise fears of conflict with Moscow
72. Azerbaijan concerned over latest events in Georgia
73. Tajikistan’s former oppositionist comments on situation in Georgia
74. MP fears more tension in Abkhazia and South Ossetia
75. Peacekeepers not notified about Georgia’s state of emergency
76. Timeline: Political Standoff in Georgia
77. US expert: USA must help out Saakashvili
78. Home truths in Tbilisi
79. State of emergency takes Georgia by surprise: Russian media cry ‘Revolution’
80. Eye on Georgia: Does unrest in Tbilisi signal similar action in Yerevan?
81. The Rose Revolution Wilts (photos)
82. The sad end of the Rose Revolution
83. How the Georgian president lost the support of his people
84. “Saakashvili committed a political suicide”
85. Less Than Rosy
86. A faded rose
87. People power: The president tries to face down protests from the opposition
88. Democracy emitted gas
89. Big Players and the Stakes in the Unrest in Georgia
90. The Bloom Is Off the Rose: Another ‘colored revolution’ fades to black
91. Home truths in Tbilisi
92. State of emergency takes Georgia by surprise: Russian media cry ‘Revolution’
93. Eye on Georgia: Does unrest in Tbilisi signal similar action in Yerevan?
94. The Rose Revolution Wilts (photos)
95. The sad end of the Rose Revolution
96. How the Georgian president lost the support of his people
97. “Saakashvili committed a political suicide”
98. Less Than Rosy
99. The confrontation between the authorities and opposition in Georgia
100. A faded rose
101. Democracy emitted gas
102. Big Players and the Stakes in the Unrest in Georgia
103. The Bloom Is Off the Rose: Another ‘colored revolution’ fades to black
104. Student Demonstration Dispersed in Georgia
105. Most of affected in Tbilisi police tear gas attack leave hospitals
106. Situation in Georgia reported calm last night
107. Tbilisi schools, universities suspend classes for 2 days
108. Saakashvili instructs PM to coordinate actions in emergency
109. Georgian Interior Ministry admits detention of 32 opposition activists
110. First Day of State of Emergency
111. Vice-Speaker: I Hope there will be no Need to Approve Emergency Rule
112. Police Disperse Protesters in Batumi
113. Eighteen people remain at Tbilisi hospitals – Georgian health minister
114. Georgian riot police cut short protest action in Batumi
115. Newspapers Sold Out Amid Broadcast Restrictions
116. Minister gives details of media curbs
117. Georgia grapples with restricted news coverage
118. Due to State of Emergency Free Flow of Information Restricted through All Independent Televisions and Radios
119. The local Media in Gori has restricted functionality
120. Levan Bezhashvili – Media Should Evaluate Impartially
121. Due to state of emergency newspaper Alia did not come out, a number of news agencies halted its activities
122. Georgian investment climate needs stability and confidence, prominent businessman says
123. Government of Georgia’s ratings unaffected by declared state of emergency -..
124. Tension in Georgia may harm economy
125. “Giorgi Zhvania will not enter politics”
126. Soso Tsiskarishvili: “Okruashvili’s well-calculated speech troubled the authorities!”
127. Georgian events illustrate danger of authoritarian leader in office –politician
128. ‘I was Kidnapped and Beaten’ – Opposition Politician
129. Ruling Party Prepares for Talks with Some Opposition Leaders
130. Georgia’s Way Party Denies Talks with Burjanadze
131. Q&A with Republican Party Leader
132. Police May Question Some Opposition Leaders – MP
133. ‘If the elections are rigged, you can do what we did’
134. If You are Happy but Your Nation Feels Dejected…
135. ‘People must show wisdom and courage, as in November, 2003’
136. Opposition rallies in Georgia
137. Labor Party Leader Wanted for ‘Coup Plotting’ and ‘Espionage’
138. Tycoon helps foes of Georgia’s president
139. Georgia’s former minister says may run for presidency
140. Opposition tycoon tells Russian radio he will fight “fascist” regime in Georgia
141. I am not afraid!
142. Opposition leader Gamsakhurdia missing
143. President’s Mother is Calm
144. reports: STDs among sex workers and injecting drug users
145. Russia prepares to close military base in Georgia early
146. Investing in Abkhazia from the Abkhaz perspective
147. Republic of Georgia Targets U.S. Market: Combats Russian boycott with exports of popular and cult wines
148. Free industrial zone: key to more investment or invitation for smuggling?
149. For SMEs, a one-sized economic policy does not fit all
150. Amnesty for some, a loss for others
151. Reforming the registry
152. The minority report: protecting the rights of minority shareholders
153. The evolution of reforms
154. The promise of progress
155. Does Georgia need nuclear energy
156. Inflation at rampage
157. State budget increases by GEL 350 million – What’s in store?

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