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1. Georgian Police Break Up Protests
2. Georgian Leader Imposes a State of Emergency
3. Pro-Western Georgia Declares State of Emergency
4. State of Emergency in Nation of Georgia
5. Georgia declares state of emergency in capital
6. Police beat protesters in Georgian capital: More than 300 anti-government demonstrators are injured in Tbilisi
7. video: Russia ‘behind Georgia’s unrest’
8. video: Georgian police use plastic bullets, sound guns against protesters
9. video: Georgian police disperse anti-government democratic
10. video: Georgian President bans political protests
11. video: Georgia begins day in a state of emergency
12. Georgia Declares Emergency after Clashes with Opposition
13. Saakashvili Says Russia, ‘Some Radical Opposition’ Involved in Unrests
14. video: Saakashvili’s Televised Address to Nation
15. Speaker calls for calm in country
16. Mayor-Capital will not turn into camp town
17. Speaker calls for stability, pledges to resolve problems
18. Russian press review
19. Several Diplomats At Russian Embassy Announced Undesirable Persons

20. Opposition leader dismisses Saakashvili’s claims of Russian involvement in protests
21. Georgia Recalls Ambassador from Russia for Consultations
22. Opposition Leaders Cooperate with Russian Intelligence
23. Russian envoy denies that foreign minister spoke ill of Georgia
24. Georgian special services trying to establish link between opposition, Russia
25. Russian army chief says U.S. aggravating Georgia’s conflicts
26. Russian chief of staff blames USA, Georgia leader for conflict zones instability

27. Authorities say tapes prove opposition’s Russia links
28. Senior Russian MP says Georgian leaders “digging a grave for themselves”
29. Moscow sees instability on Russia-Georgia border – Kremlin source
30. Russia to respond to Georgia’s escapade adequately
31. Georgia’s Instability Opens Door for Russia
32. What Russians?!
33. Georgia to Expel Three Russian Diplomats
34. Russia calls Saakashvili accusation a ‘provocation’
35. Russian foreign intelligence declines to comment on Georgia events
36. Russian commentator sees US support switching from Georgian president to tycoon
37. Russian MPs, senators express concern at situation in Georgia
38. Russia promises “appropriate response” to Georgia expulsions – agency
39. Russian Foreign Ministry Condemns Georgian Authorities
40. video: Aleksandr Pikaev interview
41. Opposition businessman dismisses president’s charges against Russia
42. Russian radio journalists’ appeal to Georgian leader
43. video: Georgia points finger of blame at Moscow for current unrest
44. Moscow worried, saddened by events in Georgia
45. President must talk with Opposition
46. Public Defender – Police Beat Imedi TV Journalist Calling him ‘Badri’s Pup’
47. One of Imedi TV journalists called upon invading Parliament building
48. Imedi TV Journalist Beaten
49. News Corporation protests the physical abuse of any journalist
50. Tbilisi City Administration Terminated Agreement With “Links” Ltd
51. video: Georgian crackdown: police close independent media channels
52. Topadze Calls On Journalists To Express Solidarity To “Imedi” TV
53. video: Georgia gags media in political crackdown
54. Prosecutor’s office to make statement on termination of Imedi broadcasts
55. Two TV Stations Off the Air
56. Government declares state of emergency, pulls plug on TV broadcaster (photos)
57. Riot Police Violently Disperse Peaceful Protesters: Government Shuts TV Stations, Declares Emergency Rule
58. TV chief makes statement before TV goes off air
59. State of Emergency Imposed for 15 Days in Georgia
60. Street Battles Rock Georgian Capital: State of emergency to be imposed in Tbilisi as government uses force

61. video: Riot police break up Georgian rally
62. A Number of Journalists Injured during Break-up of Protest Rally
63. Public Defender Assesses Break-up of Protest Rally as Constitutional Violation of Freedom of Speech
64. GYLA Condemns Break-up of Protest Rally and Considers Seizure of Video Cameras Inadmissible
65. Breaking up Protest Rally in Front of Parliament the Police Seized Video Camera from Kronika Camera Crew
66. Khobi Police Disabled Zugdidi Journalists to Cover Tbilisi Protest Rallies
67. Georgia’s pro-opposition television station taken off air
68. Ombudsman Assaulted During Dispersal Of Rally In Rustaveli Avenue
69. Mass protests in Georgian regions after break-up of Tbilisi rally
70. Dispersal Of Protestors Held Within Law
71. Ombudsman criticizes dispersal of Georgian protesters
72. Tbilisi Violence Follows Mounting Protests: Heavy-handed police action against demonstrators
73. Supporters Of Opposition Dispersed On Territory Of Philharmonics

74. Rally In Rike Square Broke Up
75. 508 People Injured in Unrests
76. Number Of People Poisoned With Gas Amounted To 360 People
77. South Caucasus Network of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly condemns violence against rally participants in Tbilisi
78. Renowned chess player condemns authorities for attack on rally
79. ‘Opposition Engaged in Crime Against State’ – Ruling Party MPs
80. Capital will not turn into camp town
81. Senior Georgian MP blames opposition politicians for dispersal of rally
82. MP says coup was averted
83. Premier says Georgia continues life “in a normal way”
84. MP blames opposition politicians for dispersal of rally
85. Rally “confirms Georgian democracy”
86. Opposition Engaged in Crime Against State
87. Nadiradze: Comparison Of Today’s Incident With April 09 Inadmissible
88. Burjanadze Appealed To Supporters Of Government To Break Up
89. Burjanadze Calls for Calm
90. People Who Vowed To Be Patriots Turned Out To Be Traitors
91. Health minister says safety measures tightened over democratic
92. Public opinion: which opposition leader deserves your support?
93. United Georgian opposition predicts Georgian authorities will flee the country “like rabbits”
94. Opposition says Georgian authorities use Bolshevik methods
95. Opposition leader released from police custody
96. Georgian opposition leader says US revises attitude to Saakashvili
97. Davitashvili Is In Gori Military Hospital
98. Opposition says Georgia no longer has president
99. Tycoon says georgian “fascist regime doomed”
100. Opposition leader says he “was badly knocked” by police
101. Mamuka Katsitadze: parliament should overcome the political crisis!
102. Police conducts search at Patarkatsishvili’s office
103. The Roses Neurosis: What kind of plague is better – Orange or anti-Orange?
104. EU to send special envoy to Georgia
105. EU Says Concerned over Georgia Developments
106. OSCE Chairman calls for calm and dialogue in Georgia
107. John F. Tefft To Inform Washington About Latest Developments In Tbilisi
108. Ukraine backs democratic processes in Georgia – minister
109. Tension in Tbilisi Will Not Affect Azerbaijani Economic Projects
110. Azeri opposition leaders say Georgian president deviating from democracy
111. Georgian Azerbaijanis Support Neither Authorities nor Opposition
112. Ilia II considers Georgia’s actions “unacceptable”
113. Patriarch Expresses Readiness For Participation In Dialogue
114. video: Saakashvili should resign: ex-Georgian President
115. Former President of Georgia Considers it Barbarism to Destroy Demonstration Participants in Tbilisi
116. The End Of Rosy Democratic Outlook?
117. Georgia, Burning
118. Choosing between the Evils (photos)
119. The Story of Saakashvili and Okruashvili
120. Sweet Georgia? 2003 revolution has brought hope, but its leader is refusing to let democracy take root
121. Saakashvili: defiant and ready for action
122. End of a Fairy Tale?
123. SOS: Political Terror in Georgia
124. Georgians living abroad demand Mikheil Saakashvili’s resignation as well
125. Gaga Nizharadze: a resignation forced by the protest would be bad!
126. Georgians Differ From Armenians
127. Russia to close last military base in Georgia ahead of time
128. Lavrov says RF seeks to avoid use of force in S Ossetia, Abkhazia
129. Russian Action on “Frozen Conflicts” Can Save Key Security Pact
130. South Ossetia Gets Connected: Mobile phone and internet connections lead north to Russia

131. Abkhazia says Georgian authorities moving troops to capital
132. Retreat of Democracy in Europe and Eurasia? The old democratization model has either stalled or lost ground
133. paper: Legal Aspects of Church-State Relations in Post-Revolutionary Georgia

134. Armenia to use Georgia as transit country for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?
135. Armenia Invited, Georgia – No

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