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1. Transcript of Saakashvili’s televised interview
2. Georgian president ready for dialog with opposition
3. President denies protestors’ demands
4. We must remove “this plague in the face of Saakashvili” from the country
5. If Okruashvili does not attend a trial in time, he will lose the bail sum and I’ll be extradited
6. Irakli Okruashvili apologizes for giving forcible testimony
7. Okruashvili speaks out
8. Georgian minister renews attacks
9. video: Georgian President corrupt: ex-Minister
10. Sidelined Okruashvili back into play
11. Saakashvili christened Imedi TV as television of hopelessness
12. Imedi TV live broadcast of its competitor television
13. Imedi TV’s American chief rejects georgian president’s allegation of bias
14. Rupert Murdoch’s media empire takes over Patarkatsishvili’s Imedi Holding
15. Ruling party MPs consult, downplay protests
16. Senior Georgian MP rules out referendum on early elections
17. Two georgian MPs support opposition’s demand
18. Speaker says meeting with opposition leaders “constructive”
19. Nadiradze does not support initiative on referendum
20. Holding of referendum impossible from legal point of view
21. Burjanadze calls on population to keep away from enemies of country’s interests
22. Picketing of parliament is constitutional right of protestors
23. Rally outside parliament resembles to “gathering of party”
24. Mayor warns early elections could lead to “military crisis”
25. Deputy Chairman of Defence and Security Committee resigned
26. Talks on elections date ruled out
27. Opposition leader proposes referendum as a way out of standoff
28. Usupashvili demands from diplomatic corps to clear out situation around president
29. Opposition urges Swiss speaker to mediate Georgia events
30. video: Interview with Tina Khidasheli
31. video: Interview with Irina Sarishvili
32. Opposition leader proposes referendum as a way out of standoff
33. New Rights Party calls for referendum on elections date
34. Opposition demands president’s resignation
35. Opposition set to continue protests in Georgia’s regions
36. Opposition not against initiative on referendum
37. Opposition activists, MP go on hunger strike
38. Four opposition figures go on hunger strike until Saakashvili’s ouster
39. Open letter of NGO Coalition for Democracy
40. Gog from Magoga Khaindrava
41. Georgian opposition on a free ride
42. Political destabilization will have minimal influence on country’s macroeconomic situation
43. President hides in Bobokvati residence
44. Senior Russian MP says Georgian leader’s accusations “obvious lie”
45. Famous actor suggests acting as go-between
46. Saakashvili’s performance failed to meet expectations of the people of Georgia
47. MIA detained suspect of bringing poisoned wine to protestors
48. Tsereteli does not confirm information on intoxication of protestors
49. Minister rules out mass intoxication in protest in Georgian capital
50. Protests, talks with government continue
51. “Patriots” joined rally of united opposition
52. United opposition protests against dispersal of rally in Ozurgeti
53. Human chain protest surrounds parliament
54. With thousands calling for the president’s resignation in Tbilisi, the government cannot afford to wait long
55. Protesters spend fourth day on streets
56. Most part of celebrated people support demonstrators
57. We are not afraid. We are tired
58. Meskheti region joins general protest
59. Welded octahedral concrete nails against demonstrators
60. event: Georgia’s transformation into a modern market democracy
61. Advice and recommendations for Georgia ‘On the Way to NATO’
62. Russia against cliche approaches to frozen conflicts
63. Russia was ready for Georgia’s armed operation in S. Ossetia in 2006

64. Russian diplomat uncertain about next JCC meeting
65. New Georgia-Ossetia settlement tools are possible only if JCC remains
66. Ossetians compel Adigeians build detour road
67. Georgia pledges more aid to promote South Ossetia’s reconstruction
68. Additional forces have been deployed in Gali
69. Conference promotes Svaneti investments
70. The NBG and the Banking Supervision and Regulation Agency of Turkey entered in the agreement
71. Georgian business plays with the big boys: conferences highlight a new positive outlook in the global community
72. IMF mission to arrive in Georgia
73. High interest rates – a headache for developing countries
74. No relief from high wheat prices, analysts warn
75. State income from oil sales, led by Wissol increases by 13%

76. BMI flights launch in Georgia British airline expands even further
77. Since 2007, inflation index in Georgia made 9,2%

78. A farewell to baths?!
79. “Ownerless” busses were assigned to “empty budget”
80. The Global Generation: As the Georgian population declines, exiled Georgians become more significant
81. Whose PR made Gori municipality press service center tired
82. Peace Corps Director visits the Republic of Georgia
83. Beauty reigns but the real estate is changing hands real fast: Shall we sell everything and go away?

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