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1. Police break up rally, opposition vows to keep protesting
2. video: Demonstration in Tbilisi broken up
3. Opposition tries to resume protest rallies
4. Opposition to set up tent camp outside Georgian parliament
5. Opposition plans ‘town of tents’ outside parliament
6. Georgian opposition keeps pushing for president’s ouster
7. Protesters invite Georgian president to televised debate
8. Protestors in Tbilisi say they no longer fear Saakashvili
9. Georgian oppposition activists ask to take Saakashvili to Russia
10. Participants of rally go on hunger strike
11. Opposition arranged “corridors of shame” near governmental buildings
12. Protesters rally after murder accusation
13. Cabinet meeting to be held at state chancellery on Wednesday
14. Plenary session of parliament temporary stopped
15. Ex-minister says “forced” to recant allegations – full text

16. Okruashvili offers end of rally in exchange for premiership-department
17. Ex-minister’s fresh accusation untrue
18. Georgian ex-minister’s fresh allegation holds true
19. Firebrand Okruashvili’s televised return boosts opposition
20. Inaishvili confirmed that his cousin paid bail in order to release Okruashvili from custody
21. Okruashvili is a mistake of the government
22. Irakli Okruashvili is “an ideal example” of government’s mistake
23. Irakli Okruashvili is marionette of Badri Patarkatsishvili
24. Authorities prepare new accusations against Irakli Okruashvili
25. If Okruashvili joins the protest in front of parliament, it will be difficult to predict how the situation will develop!
26. Audiotape hoaxed
27. Officials release audio saying Okruashvili aspires for PM position
28. General Prosecutor’s Office releases phone conversations between Nana Lezhava and Davit Jibghashvili
29. Nana Lezhava and Eka Beselia respond to statements of General Prosecutor’s Office
30. Prosecutors dismiss Okruashvili’s claims
31. Okruashvili probe not over, he remains suspect
32. Authorities must probe accusations against leadership
33. Authorities deny pressure on Okruashvili
34. Prosecutor’s office rejects ex-defence chief’s claims
35. Prosecutor rejects ex-defence chief’s accusations
36. Prosecutors reject Okruashvili’s allegations
37. Deputy Prosecutor General responds to Irakli Okruashvili’s statements
38. video: Georgian rebel minister wanted?
39. Who is Davit Jibghashvili
40. Patarkatsishvili makes comment on phone record spread by General Prosecutor’s Office
41. Controversial businessman denies his alleged financing of Okruashvili
42. U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary urges Imedi TV and Government to hold dialogue
43. Imedi TV supports government opposition
44. Accusations of the President towards Imedi TV are groundless
45. Ruling party targets tycoon in drive to confront opposition
46. Patarkatsishvili issues tough-worded statement
47. Tycoon calls for early poll “to avoid violent development of events”
48. Badri Patarkatsishvili urges president to compromise with opposition
49. Ruling party blames Patarkatsishvili for Tbilisi rally

50. Russian Foreign Minister comments on Georgia
51. Lavrov’s statement “not quite correct”
52. video: Lavrov told to mind his language
53. Russia dismisses Georgian leadership actions as farce
54. Russian tycoons build a lies factory in Georgia: Mikhail Saakashvili rallied the nation in the face of outer threat
55. Don’t spit in your neighbor’s soup
56. Matthew Bryza believes that Georgian authorities and people will start dialogue and get rid of heavy situation
57. U.S. closely following developments in Georgia
58. MP quits parliamentary majority
59. Nana Lezhava responded to MP Grigalashvili’s statement
60. Compromise with opposition ruled out
61. Pavle Kublashvili evaluates recent developments as well financed conspiracy
62. Guguli Maghradze evaluated information about her exclusion from faction as falsehood
63. Burjanadze assesses current developments as inspired by foreign forces
64. Burjanadze speaks of recent developments
65. Georgian opposition is fed up with promises
66. Hungry people can not build a liberal democracy
67. Georgian opposition on a free ride, part two
68. Non-political manifesto or need to change discourse
69. Georgian revolution of thorns
70. Crisis in Georgia

71. Distance and perspective
72. Transparency International Georgia calls for dialogue amid continued protests
73. The problem of elections: Recent and upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in the CIS [excerpt]
74. Businessmen back president amid opposition protest
75. Representatives of business circles of Georgia call on opposition to gain common sense and act rationally
76. 45% of Tbilisi residents think that the Georgian business is not participating in solution of social problems
77. Experts fear that recent political events in Georgia will hamper investment activity
78. Twenty-first century security in the OSCE region [excerpts]

79. Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador of Ireland discussed Georgian-Irish relations
80. Russia aims at direct contacts in settlement of all conflicts
81. Semneby doesn’t exclude use of military measures for resolution of frozen conflicts

82. Karabakh conflict more complicated than South Ossetian and Abkhazian
83. Discussion on conflict resolution without participation of all parties to these conflicts to be worthless waste of time
84. Activities of Georgia threaten Caucasus with humanitarian disaster
85. Foreign Ministry again demands departure of Gen Chaban
86. If Kosovo can be independent, can Abkhazia too?
87. Ethnic purging to be discussed at UN Headquarters
88. Parliament approved amendments to state budget 2007
89. Amendments to state budget 2007 to be discussed at plenary session
90. 2007 state spending increased
91. Portrait of a tyrant as young man: A telling new account of Stalin’s childhood depicts a streetwise thug

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