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1. The EU’s new frontier
2. report: FAST Update Georgia: Trends in conflict and cooperation Aug-Sep 2007

3. Noghaideli continues visit to USA within framework of investment forums
4. Having no geopolitical importance, GUAM was formed to ruin CIS
5. A war game supposes scarce and risky oil [excerpt]
6. Time for a big think
7. Ex-Ambassador to Ukraine becomes Deputy Foreign Minister
8. NATO refuses to protect Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan and Baku–Erzurum pipelines
9. Georgia to become inseparable part of Euro-Atlantic alliance –
10. U.S. State Department sees Georgia as potential NATO member
11. U.S. rejects mediator’s role in Georgia’s political standoff
12. Senior U.S. diplomat, OSCE head meet with Georgian opposition
13. Georgian opposition members meet US official
14. Washington refuses to mediate between Georgian government and opposition
15. Nino Burjanadze met with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
16. Daniel Fried placed special emphasis on necessity of organization dialogue
17. A new color revolution in Georgia?
18. Opposition meets senior U.S., OSCE officials
19. List of Tbilisi summit participants unveiled
20. International summit initiated by Georgian government to be held in Tbilisi
21. Georgia sees Nagorno Karabakh conflict as a threat to it
22. CIS unrecognized states to coordinate policy in Georgia’s Abkhazia
23. Chechens among Russian “peacekeepers” during incident in Georgia
24. Georgia demands Russian exit from Abkhazia: Talk of war as Tbilisi calls for end to peacekeeping mission
25. Press briefing on assault at Ganmukhuri youth peace camp and Georgian MIA personnel on 30 Oct 2007
26. Will row over peacekeepers give muscle to Georgia’s Saakashvili?
27. Russia rejects Georgian accusations against its peacekeepers
28. Tbilisi stirs up tensions for internal consumption
29. Georgian-Russian crisis and the western perspective
30. RF Foreign Ministry account of Georgia peacekeeping incident
31. Chief peacekeeper in Abkhazia to be approved by CIS body
32. President condemns Ganmukhuri attack, pledges restoration of Kutaisi
33. President says crimes by Russian peacekeepers will not be excused
34. Council of CIS DMs to discuss Gen Chaban’s report in Astana Nov 27
35. There are more than thousand Georgian law enforcers in Georgian-Abkhaz conflict zone
36. video: Russia urges Georgia to talk, not threaten
37. 25% of Abkhaz budget spent on army
38. RF not rule out Saakashvili may take sharper steps towards Russia
39. Bakradze and Fried discussed issue related to conflict resolution
40. Sergey Bagapsh supports opposition’s activities
41. Sokhumi warns of war in case of peacekeepers’ withdrawal

42. Abkhaz leader warns against changing peacekeeping operation format
43. Abkhazia welcomes mountain minority: Ethnic kin encouraged by promise of land and jobs to move to Abkhazia.
44. PM tells OSCE: JCC not enough
45. RF hopes Georgia, S Ossetia able to resume talks
46. Thirty Ossetian families leave Tskhinvali for Georgian-controlled settlement
47. Supplies of agricultural products of Southern Ossetia to Russia are permitted
48. Residents of the Georgian-Ossetian village of Khurvaleti receive no support for their demands for water
49. Moscow calls on Tbilisi, Tskhinvali to return to negotiations
50. Failure of Georgia-South Ossetia meeting was “planned”
51. Georgia’s top TV channels reflect growing political divide
52. Badri Patarkatsishvili tries to present Imedi TV being Independent from him
53. Executive Vice-President of News Corp calls upon Georgian Government to quit boycotting
54. With Rupert Murdoch as an ally, billionaire pledges big bucks for opposition
55. Murdoch strays into Georgian politics

56. Georgian TV chief calls on Murdoch for protection
57. Media tycoon not to take part in opposition democratic
58. Former Georgian Defense Minister at center of political crisis leaves country for Germany
59. Okruashvili quitted Georgia in order to undergo treatment abroad
60. Authorities make Irakli Okruashvili leave Georgia
61. The abduction to Europe: Irakly Okruashvili is sent into exile from Georgia before an opposition rally
62. Okruashvili in Germany for medical check
63. Okruashvili abroad for medical treatment – prosecutors say
64. Okruashvili was forced to leave Georgia
65. video: Georgian President’s critic forced out of the country
66. Ex-defence head abroad at own will
67. Authorities hold Okruashvili’s family as hostage
68. video: Opposition rally in Georgia begins early
69. Several hundred rally in Georgian capital ahead of mass protest
70. Davitashvili left for Kakheti in order to bring participants of rally to Tbilisi
71. Protesters from provinces arrive in Tbilisi
72. Rights of participants of November 02 rally will not be violated
73. Traffic restricted on territory of Georgia regarding organization of rally on November 02
74. Movement of protesters from provinces curbed
75. Opposition accuses government of hindering free movement
76. Officials deny reports of troops deployment ahead of Friday protest
77. Police deny obstacles to opposition rally
78. Interior Ministry denies arrivals in capital limited
79. Pro-government MPs say no limits on movement ahead of rally
80. Patrol police, military servicemen and urgent aid brigades mobilized nearby Rustaveli avenue
81. November 2 protest make or break for the opposition—and crucial for Georgia’s democracy
82. Georgia prepares for revolution – again
83. Georgian opposition to stage major protest rally
84. Georgian opposition masses to challenge president
85. Waiting for 2 November
86. The power of the young generation
87. Burjanadze disapproved activities of young opposition
88. Opposition doesn’t object to Saakashvili’s attending rally
89. Provocations will not derail Georgia’s Progress
90. Officials, opposition comment on planned protest rally
91. Opposition calls for general strike
92. We saw government’s final rehearsal in Zugdidi
93. Government failed to prevent opposition from holding a demonstration in Zugdidi –dress rehearsal for Nov. 2
94. Could a Georgian monarchy be topical?
95. Four lawyers join Jondi Baghaturia’s party
96. Labor Party demands ruling party be listed as international terrorist organization
97. Tbilisi to be a business city
98. Gigi Ugulava opens new mini-stadium in Didube-Chughureti district
99. Construction boom in Georgia
100. Construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway to be commenced in 2 months
101. Two foreign air companies left Georgian air market, one joined
102. President opens new railway station at Tbilisi airport, says no-one can “derail” Georgia’s progress
103. Ministry of Justice launched training for future prison employees
104. Stories from Kutaisi Prison
105. Deported Lokianis family dreams of traveling to Russia again

106. The Government and Internal Ministry threaten Ilia Chachibaia
107. The “motionless” government and the “active” sea
108. Public Defender accuses the head of the Special Operations Department of illegally seizing cars
109. Victimized Signagi residents will meet Georgian president with protest demonstration

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