Today’s digest covers the opposition rally and related developments.
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Georgia News Digest 11-03-07
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1. Thousands rally in capital against Georgia President
2. Thousands rally against pro-western President of Georgia
3. Tens of thousands protest against Georgia’s president
4. Tens of thousands rally in Georgia’s capital as pressure mounts on president
5. 50,000 protest against Georgian president
6. video: Mass protest in Georgian capital
7. audio: Tens of thousands protest in Tbilisi against Georgian President
8. video: Georgians call for the resignation of Saakashvilli
9. Georgia sees largest protest rally since Rose Revolution
10. video: Georgian protestors won’t budge till demands are met

11. video: 10,000 rally against president
12. Huge crowds protest against Georgian president
13. “Industrialists” to join rally outside parliament
14. “Right Opposition” not to join rally outside parliament
15. On behalf of opposition Patarkatsishvili offers government to hold dialogue
16. Patarkatsishvili joined action outside parliament
17. Patarkatsishvili addresses protest rally
18. Patarkatsishvili has political ambitions
19. We will confront authorities politically
20. Murdoch strays into Machiavellian Georgian politics
21. Patarkatsishvili back in Georgia
22. Georgian opposition ready to continue rally until demands are met
23. Opposition gives time to Saakashvili till tonight
24. Four claims to Saakashvili: Opposition starts rally in Georgia
25. Tbilisi rally to wait for Saakashvili’s answer until 17:00
26. Number of participants of rally in Tbilisi increases
27. Young participants detained at rally released
28. Opposition demands government to answer to their demands by 18:00 p.m
29. Youth protesters demand Nino Burjanadze’s resignation
30. Opposition vows to keep protesting
31. Georgian opposition protesters shout anti-Russian slogans
32. November 2 rally: “There’s still time, but not much”
33. Senior MP downplays protest rally
34. Speaking with ultimatums is inadmissible for Bokeria
35. Opposition action is common form of protest in a democratic state
36. Georgian people are able to defend fair demands till end
37. Authorities do not intend to fulfill opposition claims
38. Georgian opposition demands authorities let Okruashvili return
39. Events in Tbilisi far from revolutionary
40. The opposition at a glance
41. Political party financing in Georgia
42. video: Saakashvili under pressure to deliver on promises
43. Zourabichvili urges Georgian president to listen to his people
44. Protesters pledge continuous demonstrations
45. No signs of compromise as opposition vows to keep protesting
46. Authorities, opposition vary in rally assessment
47. Patrol police, military servicemen and urgent aid brigades mobilized nearby Rustaveli Avenue
48. Convoy of cars from Teleti and Marneuli banned to move to Tbilisi
49. Tradesmen of market in railway station stop work for one day
50. Opposition has not received decisive answer from Burjanadze yet
51. Khidasheli, Zurabishvili and Guntsadze to meet Burjanadze
52. Burjanadze meets opposition
53. Authorities agree to talk with opposition
54. Georgian speaker says dialogue with opposition to continue
55. Opposition members meet parliament speaker
56. Speaker shrugs off Georgian opposition demand to move poll date
57. Leaders of parliamentary majority attend meeting of Burjanadze and leaders of opposition
58. Government does not change position on date of elections
59. Country being in state of war will not appoint elections
60. If elections are held in spring the administration will survive!
61. Elections date demand not for trade-off
62. Opposition leaders state their case in Washington
63. Saakashvili may suffer the same lot as Gamsakhurdia and Shevardnadze

64. Former Georgian pres urges authorities to meet Opposition’s demands
65. Let us think about consequences of our steps
66. Weight of responsibility
67. Georgia needs a strong president

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