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1. Jihadi Murat [excerpt]
2. Losing Russia [excerpt]
3. Bitterness of a lover spurned
4. Authorities do not exclude possibility of threat of neighboring state under pretence of “contr-terrorist operation
5. EU allotted 120m eur to Georgia in terms of ENP action plan
6. No pain, no gain: an end to energy-dependency

7. Date for completion of construction of new Azerbaijani oil terminal in Georgia established
8. Georgia expects new Azeri gas contract soon
9. Georgia not worried about Russian gas price
10. PACE seeks to relaunch discussions on frozen conflicts in Europe
11. Peacekeepers in Abkhazia, S. Ossetia must remain calm
12. Grigory Karasin converses with commanders of peacekeeping forces in Abkhazia and South Ossetia
13. Saakashvili’s statement can result in new victims
14. Georgia amassing forces in conflict area
15. Separatists increase security measures
16. Abkhazian wine of Georgian origin?

17. presentation: Unprecedented: A look at Kosovo, Abkhazia and the right to statehood
18. UN Press conference
19. President Mikheil Saakashvili stresses Rustavi2 journalist’s heroic deed
20. Latest incident in Georgia connected with domestic crisis
21. Bezhuashvili informed Czech foreign minister on yesterday’s incident in Ganmukhuri
22. Georgian president condemns Russian peacekeepers’ “treacherous” attack
23. Saakashvili takes lead in stirring up hostility
24. Georgian president calls Russian peacekeepers’ actions “attack”
25. Mikhail Saakashvili halloos special forces at Russian peacekeepers
26. Saakashvili vows to publish video tape
27. Georgian parliament speaker, ministers discuss Ganmukhuri incident
28. Georgia ends agreement for peacekeepers in Abkhazia
29. Georgia urges expulsion of peacekeeping force commander
30. Burjanadze reckons that Chaban should leave Georgia immediately
31. Burjanadze: decision on termination of Russian peacekeepers’ made
32. MPs want international reaction to incident with Russian peacekeepers
33. MPs push for peacekeepers’ pullout
34. Georgia needs to quit CIS for withdrawal of peacekeepers
35. Gen Chaban may be replaced on CIS DM Council’s decision
36. video: Top Russian peacekeeper to stay – despite Georgian objections
37. Georgia summons Russian envoy over Ganmukhuri incident
38. Georgia seeks end to Russian peacekeepers’ mandate in Abkhazia
39. Russia should show restraint re Georgia’s provocations
40. Vyacheslav Kovalenko summoned to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
41. Kovalenko accuses Georgian law enforcers of provoking incident in Ganmukhuri
42. CIS has received no Georgian request to recall General Chaban
43. Sergei Mironov considers Georgia’s demand unjustified
44. Moscow tells its peacekeepers to show restraint
45. Tbilisi actions are planned provocation
46. Akishbaia evaluates decision on withdrawal of peacekeepers as important
47. Abkhazian government calls on international community to evaluate incident in Ganmukhuri
48. Moscow accuses Tbilisi of attacking Russian helicopter
49. Georgia denies attack at peacekeepers’ helicopter
50. JCC not enough for solving conflict
51. Georgia presents its own Georgian-Ossetian settlement plan
52. Imedi TV – law enforcers do not let Imedi TV Zugdidi office employees work
53. Murdoch’s News Corp. to run Georgia opposition media
54. Georgian TV chief turns to Rupert Murdoch
55. News Corp. takes management of Patarkatsishvili’s Imedi shares
56. Labor Party leader warns of permanent protest rallies
57. video:
Opposition rally planned
58. If the authorities try to carry out any provocation against rally participants, it will be the authorities’ last day
59. Ombudsman warns of political repression in wake of Zugdidi protest violence
60. Patriarch calls on opposition and government to restrain themselves

61. U.S. calls government, opposition for a dialogue
62. Nestan Kirtadze of the oppositional Labor Party to leave for Berlin
63. Authorities made Okruashvili leave the country
64. Opposition leaders meeting Daniel Fried
65. Koba Davitashvili fails to go to Kakheti region
66. GEL 12 million spent on construction of tunnel at president’s residence
67. USA supports Saakashvili’s initiative to lower election barrier from 7% to 5%
68. CEC approves results of lot drawing for parties in Dec 2 elections
69. Constitutionalism and political expediency
70. Controversial documentary on fatal 2006 police operation released
71. Public opinion: who influences the President?
72. How will the country get on as the IMF steps back?
73. French delegation shares what they know about wine
74. Main part of program on rehabilitation of Kutaisi to be completed by May 2008
75. Liberal laboratory at Russia’s door
76. Bonfire of tax and regulation fires growth
77. Looking back to the glory days
78. Caucasus is scene of new chapter in the Great Game

79. Banking, bricks and water
80. Analysts discuss Georgia’s ‘monopoly problem’
81. Selling Tbilisi’s water supply system means selling Georgia itself
82. Preaching creative destruction

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