Yesterday: Opening of Misha Shengelia
at Baia’s Gallery Chardin St. Tbilisi

The small paintings of the size of 20×30 cm are combined to blocks of 8 and 16 paintings, but selling also separately, quite a lot paintings sold at the opening. Each painting resembles a stamped postcard (from a strange place like the Caucasus). Hans Heiner Buhr

More on Opening of Misha Shengelia with more paintings …

Quelle: http://newimages.blogspot.com/

I had read the GEORGIA TODAY in the airplane before two days on my flight back to Berlin. There was recommend this exhibition – only open until tomorrow (!) After the exhibition “Nostalgia” by Oleg Timchenko has the “Royal Mail” by Misha Shengelia a short intermezzo there …

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