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1. report: Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee
2. report: Briefing to the United Nations Human Rights Committee
3. PM says country ready to join NATO, urges Russia to cooperate
4. US envoy speaks about Georgia’s integration to NATO
5. UN torture investigator slams western complacency
6. De Hoop Scheffer: “No guarantee” that NATO will invite new members to join
7. Regional educational team seminar on NATO held in Tbilisi
8. Georgia criticized over rights: Apparent violations may hurt prospects for NATO entry
9. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Sean McCormack holds State Department regular news briefing
10. Senior U.S. diplomat to visit Georgia
11. Bitterness of a lover spurned
12. Worsening conflict between Russia and Georgia driven by Washington-Moscow rivalries
13. paper: Anti-revolutionary measures of the post-Soviet regimes
14. U.S. calls government, opposition for a dialogue
15. Republican leaders visit U.S.
16. Georgian opposition says USA “deeply concerned” over developments in Georgia
17. Documentary on death of Zurab Zhvania shown on REN TV
18. Government officials from eighteen states to visit Georgia
19. Burjanadze met OSCE High Commissioner
20. Meeting of South Caucasus state structures to be held in Georgia
21. Territory of Russian military base in Shuakhevi transferred to Georgian Patriarchate
22. Turkish-Georgian trade continues to increase
23. Tehran-Ankara-Tbilisi axis
24. Azerbaijan to increase price of gas exported to Georgia
25. Three companies applied for tender on construction of the railroad section Akhalkalaki-Kartsakhi
26. Contractor for Georgian branch of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line to be chosen only by November 5
27. Breakaway republics look to advance statehood at summit
28. Russian diplomat: It is a question why the Georgian leadership is concentrating armaments near the conflict zones
29. video: Russian patrol detains Georgian troops
30. video: Georgia ups ante on Russian peacekeepers
31. Leader convenes Security Council over incident with peacekeepers
32. President arrives in Ganmukhuri following incident with Russian peacekeepers
33. Peacekeepers attack personnel of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs at peace camp in Ganmukhuri
34. President angrily confronts Russian peacekeepers
35. President greets Russian peacekeeper of Chechen origin
36. Official says Georgian, Russian troops in shoot-out near Abkhaz border
37. Georgian MIA reports of shootout with Russian peacekeepers
38. Russian peacekeepers apprehend, beat 3 policemen near Abkhazia
39. Situation in zone of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict tense but under control
40. Tbilisi denies Georgian policemen’s attack on Russian peacekeepers
41. Confrontation in Ganmukhuri
42. Russian peacekeepers release Georgian policemen
43. Targamadze evaluates Ganmukhuri incident as provocation
44. Minister says recent incident “most grievous act of provocation”
45. Georgian Interior Ministry on high alert
46. Abkhaz minister accuses Georgia of trying to discredit peacekeepers
47. Intl pressure on Georgia secured Abkhazian troops’ release
48. Russian peacekeepers acted in direct violation of CIS mandate
49. Peacekeepers release three Georgian policemen
50. Saakashvili tells chief Russian peacekeeper to leave Georgia
51. President declares Russian peacekeeping chief persona non grata
52. Foreign Ministry demands departure of Gen Chaban
53. Possible ceasing of Russian peacekeeping revitalized
54. No comment on Saakashvili’s persona non grata declaration
55. Peacekeepers’ commander does not find it necessary to comment on Saakashvili’s statements
56. Peacekeepers’ commander refuses to leave Georgia
57. Russian official defies Tbilisi’s wish to expel chief peacekeeper
58. Abkhazia concerned over rapid militarisation of Georgia
59. Georgia is buying powerful multiple launch rocket systems
60. Peacekeepers or drug smugglers?
61. Russians afraid that if Georgian regains Abkhazia it will want Sochi too
62. Sokhumi mobilizes additional forces in Gali
63. A new stage in Abkhaz conflict settlement?
64. Russia lifts ban on most food imports from Georgian separatist region
65. Abkhaz president thanks international mediators for release of capture servicemen
66. Russia not interested in peaceful settlement of Abkhaz conflict
67. Tuesday incident in Zugdidi district is provocative act
68. JCC not enough for solving conflict
69. Russian could speed up settlement of South Ossetia conflict
70. South Ossetia strengthens security measures due to opposition meeting
71. Session of OSCE standing council to be held in Vienna to discuss issue on Georgia
72. Prime Minister welcomes OSCE’s role in conflict resolution
73. MP demands investigation into businessman Shalikiani’s case
74. Subari demands adequate punishment of culprits
75. Opposition wants criminal proceedings against Zugdidi attackers
76. Chairman of CEC to leave for Kvemo Kartli on Wednesday
77. Students and professors of Academy of Sport to hold rally today
78. President and Parliamentary majority discuss Patarkatsishvili statement
79. Green Party express solidarity with Russian colleagues
80. Malkhaz Akishbaia to meet with internally displaced persons residing in Tsageri
81. Ruling party to deliver firewood to IDPs
82. Seven companies applied for participation in auction on license on radio frequency range for WIMAX network
83. President opened new factory in Lilo
84. Ministry of Defense of Georgia hosts German experts
85. Renovation work to start in Kutaisi soon
86. Criminal case instituted on fact of wounding reservist Nozadze
87. Two citizens of Ukraine detained at “Poti-Port” checkpoint
88. Border guards detained three citizens of Georgia wanted by MIA
89. Inflation—discrepancies between official figures and reality?
90. OMX may buy controlling interest in Georgian Stock Exchange
91. paper: Georgian immigrant women in the U.S.A.: Problem of Americanization
92. working paper: The rise and fall and revival of the Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis
93. presentation: Reconfiguration of ritual space in the traditional religious systems of the Georgian highlands 94. paper: The banner of Xaxmat’is-Jvari: Vazha-Pshavela’s Xevsureti

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