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1. report: Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Georgia
2. Estonia backs Georgia’s aspirations re NATO
3. Estonia’s DM to discuss stronger military cooperation with Georgia
4. NATO days opened in Tbilisi
5. Georgia’s integration in NATO- a serious achievement for Turkey as well
6. Noghaideli holds meetings in Vienna
7. France has an obvious desire to be more present in the field of business and economy
8. Military expert considers it possible to establish military bloc in the framework of GUAM
9. Leaders of breakaway regions in Georgia, Moldova to meet
10. Sokhumi to host summit of secessionist leaders
11. Peacekeepers “forcing” Georgians to take part in opposition rally
12. Peacekeepers deny interfering in Georgia’s political life
13. Abkhaz leader’s visit to Turkey cancelled on Georgia’s demand
14. Abkhazian government to hold meetings with refugees
15. Sokhumi to host summit of secessionist leaders
16. Georgian leadership intends to destabilize situation in the conflict zone
17. Financial institutes to be created in Tskhinvali region
18. Georgia, OSCE to discuss Georgia-South Ossetia peaceful settlement
19. Boney M. throws a disco party in S. Ossetia: From Moscow to South Ossetia in 30 years
20. Opposition calls for legal action against ruling party
21. Bokeria calls on population not to show aggression towards opposition
22. Where the fight against monopolies will lead
23. Natural gas vouchers given
24. People are made of fun by vouchers
25. President upbeat on his country’s future
26. Saakashvili meets ruling party
27. Ruling party may compromise on election code
28. Authorities prepare for high-profile conference
29. Experts question need of increased military forces
30. Another new direction for Georgia: Change in economic policy accompanies investigation into price rises
31. Bad news about Georgia means bad news for Georgia
32. Two jailed and five fined for assaulting opposition in Zugdidi
33. Fighting at opposition rally in western Georgia
34. video: Opposition MPs beaten up after rally
35. Burjanadze condemns attacks on protesters in Zugdidi
36. Speaker demands punishment for offenders in recent incident
37. Parliamentary majority concerned over incident in Zugdidi
38. Subari calls on Prosecutor’s Office to investigate fact of assault of MPs
39. Ombudsman slams authorities ‘intolerance to protest rallies’
40. Ombudsman, senior MP call for probe into break-up of rally
41. Events taken place in Zugdidi to be shameful
42. Chikhradze calls on law enforcers to investigate incident in Zugdidi
43. “United People’s Movement” accuses government of incident in Zugdidi
44. The authorities must be changed in a non-revolutionary way
45. Opposition calls for legal action against ruling party
46. Imedi TV founder to finance opposition
47. Badri Patarkatsishvili decides to “join the people” and finance Georgian opposition
48. Media tycoon to finance united opposition movement
49. PM says authorities must defeat media tycoon in politics
50. Ruling party chief comments on tycoon’s decision to sponsor opposition
51. Tbilisi mayor calls media tycoon “traitor”
52. Patarkatsishvili’s putsch will not work
53. President and parliamentary majority discuss Patarkatsishvili statement
54. Patarkatsishvili’s decision to sponsor opposition was not surprise for parliamentary majority
55. Patarkatsishvili bought opposition very easily
56. MP says opposition politicians “puppets” in media tycoon’s hands
57. Opposition groups welcome tycoon’s promise of financial support
58. Opposition leader to meet Georgian TV owner for talks in London
59. Shalva Natelashvili approves financing of opposition by Badri Patarkatsishvili
60. Parliamentary opposition positively evaluates Patarkatsishvili’s decision to sponsor united opposition
61. President is a terrorist
62. Gamkrelidze leaves for London to meet Patarkatsishvili
63. Opposition will use Patarkatsishvili’s assistance to bring the authorities on mind
64. Opposition calls for legal action against ruling party
65. Bokeria calls on population not to show aggression towards opposition
66. Opposition boycotts Rustavi 2
67. United opposition to arrive in Racha
68. Opposition leaders holding talks with US officials
69. Republican Party leader warns authorities
70. In anticipation of November 2
71. Two new deputies of Health Care Minister appointed
72. The Prosecutor’s Office is going to make an unprecedented plea bargain
73. Employee of MIA detained for bribe taking
74. Jailed ex-Interior Ministry officer commits suicide
75. Self-defense policy in Kutaisi prison
76. The HRIDC discloses city council corruption in Gori
77. Why is Khobian Irakli Tsurtsumia protesting and what made him go to the Equality Institute?
78. Tbilisi municipality considers alternative transport routes regarding rally on November 02
79. Personnel of archives and records keeping of public agencies undergo training
80. Press is to better organize subscription service
81. Armen Smbatian squanders conservatory’s money
82. Look who’s cheating now
83. Russian media cover opposition rallies with interest
84. video: Georgia – home to first Europeans
85. President Saakashvili opens football and rugby complex in Saguramo

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