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1. Do not appease Russia
2. Russian Foreign Minister’s interview with Finnish newspaper [excerpt]
3. Moscow-Tbilisi relations can be improved if Georgia stops hostile rhetoric
4. Georgian opposition leader holds meetings at NATO secretariat in Brussels
5. South Caucasus states’ Euro-Atlantic integration to be discussed at several events
6. Bakradze to visit Vienna on October 29
7. NATO: Making enemies ‘out of area’ [excerpts]
8. Georgia and Azerbaijan intend to exchange practice in solving war veterans’ problems
9. Union of military NGOs likely to be established in the framework of GUAM
10. Russia calls on Georgia to sign pact with its rebel regions
11. CIS unrecognized states to coordinate policy in Georgia’s Abkhazia
12. Group of Friends gives positive evaluation to Georgian-Abkhazian meeting
13. Georgian, Abkhaz ministers note progress after Sukhumi meeting
14. Georgian minister calls meeting with Abkhazian minister positive step
15. A note on Abkhaz unity and democracy-building
16. video: Georgia to release Abkhazian soldiers held since last month
17. video: Georgia frees Abkhazian servicemen in an “act of goodwill”
18. Court administered 5-month suspended sentence to seven Abkhazian militiamen
19. Abkhazian servicemen freed by Georgian court arrive in Sukhumi
20. Abkhaz parliament rejects bill on freedom of conscience
21. Georgia’s sea seizures pose threat to Abkhaz coal industry
22. Quadripartite Tskhinvali: Despite promising start, latest round of negotiations falters
23. Session of commission on defining status of South Ossetia to be held in Tamarasheni
24. PM outlines S. Ossetia state commission plans
25. Georgian side accused Popov of misinformation
26. Georgia accuses Russian envoy of disseminating misinformation
27. Tskhinvali blames Tbilisi for preparing armed provocations
28. Controversial Georgian Railways concession called off
29. Georgia announces tender on rail network
30. Breakdown of railway privatization deal
31. Privatization of Tbilisi Water still underway
32. Swiss Multiplex buys Georgian water firm for $85 mln
33. Tbilisi Water sold for usd 85.6 mln
34. MPs discuss 2007 budget revision
35. Katsitadze names changes introduced to state budget 2007 in end of year unjustified
36. Invest in Georgia moving on
37. In Georgia, no need for currency board
38. Committee on determination of NBG’s international audit set up at parliament
39. Bread prices set to rise again
40. Law on iodized salt has nothing to do with increase of price on salt
41. Vouchers will be probably enough for each family even for some months
42. Kukava advises government to payout debt on salaries
43. Cabinet meeting minutes: cleansing the economy of Okruashvili’s remains
44. Political game of king-making in Georgia
45. Opinion survey: a constitutional monarchy for Georgia?
46. A look at the headlines…
47. What is the nexus? “Poverty and Anti-corruption”
48. Valeri Glbakhiani demands set-up of anti-corruption commission for study of ministers’ corrupted business
49. Tkemaladze positively evaluates idea of setting up of new commission
50. “Right Opposition” supports setting up of anti-corruption commission at parliament
51. Gelbakhiani demands setting up of temporary investigation commission on study of anti-corruption activity
52. Georgian radical opposition fancying regime change
53. Ex-MP accuses government of racketeering
54. New office of oppositional Movement for a United Georgia opens in Adjara
55. Opposition unveils political manifesto
56. Opposition stresses its moderate credentials
57. Opposition campaigners work the coastline
58. Konstantin Gamsakhurdia calls Zugdidi residents to protest
59. The US Ambassador promised us to be a mediator between the authorities and us
60. Opposition proposes amendments to election code
61. Opposition decides to boycott Rustavi-2 TV station
62. NGOs expressed support to united opposition
63. Representatives of united opposition met with John F. Tefft
64. “Young Republicans” to expose government of 100 crimes
65. Leader blames “spoiled” opposition for judgments on government
66. Opposition, NGOs agree Georgia no longer needs revolutions
67. Georgian authorities lose by refusing to come to Imedi TV – US co-owner
68. This is the government of the whole country, including those who do not like this government
69. Penitentiary department makes comment on Davit Kekua’s suicide
70. Jailed ex-police official ‘commits suicide’
71. Meeting on popularization of probation sphere to be held in Ureki
72. Kurashvili appointed as chief of staff of peacekeeping operations of joint staff of Georgian armed forces
73. Georgian commander appointed chief of peacekeeping operations staff
74. The army is to fully switch from Russian to Western armaments? Some experts are sceptical
75. Shida Kartli ex-governor released on bail
76. School principal declared mentally disabled
77. New-look Tbilisoba: A forced celebration of a not-ready for prime time city
78. Armenians detained trying to cross into Turkey with radioactive substance
79. School personnel and parents to hold protest action, if Georgian director is appointed to Azerbaijani school in Tbilisi
80. Geocell withdraws financial backing of Geo Bar
81. ARTI group resumes operations
82. 400 buses ensure transportation of passengers from Tbilisi to Sighnaghi today
83. Man in Georgia abandons orders awarded to him by Saakashvili
84. Archaeology and Pirosmani: Sighnaghi gets its first modern museum
85. Young Spectators’ Theatre reborn as Nodar Dumbadze State Children’s Theatre
86. Third stage of project “Speak on Georgian Language” to be held in Zugdidi
87. They’re moving fast, but they’re not Russian
88. Man’s ear tows 7.7-ton chopper

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