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1. report: Forced out: LGBT people in Georgia
2. We’ll always have Putin [excerpt]
3. Russia-Georgia ties improvement depends on Georgia
4. Georgia will make no mistakes in relation to Russia
5. Tbilisi’s western bid gets warm words
6. Georgia has no claims for Sochi, but let others have no claims for Abkhazia
7. Georgia’s Jan-Sep Russian gas imports over 700 million cu m
8. Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II asks US President Georgia Bush to help unite Georgia
9. 17th Meeting of Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of BSEC member states took place in Ankara
10. Israel concerned with Georgia-Iranian relations
11. Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation due to be opened in Tbilisi
12. Georgia to send new priest to Azerbaijan
13. Azerbaijani captain to serve two months sentence in Georgia
14. PM to report on Abkhazia and South Ossetia
15. Russia urges Georgia sign security pact with breakaway regions
16. Russia warns of Kosovo “precedent” for separatists
17. Georgian, Abkhaz senior officials resume contacts
18. Minister calls meeting with Abkhazian minister positive step
19. Georgia agrees to free captured rebels
20. Georgia pledges to free 7 military personnel Saturday
21. video: Georgia to release Abkhazian soldiers involved in deadly shootout
22. “Stagnation” – Abkhaz foreign minister on talks with Georgian state secretary
23. Sukhumi might give Georgian journalists allowances to report
24. A special UN group will investigate the conflict resolution process
25. Press summary for Abkhazia 23-29 Oct 07
26. Unification of society goal of new party – Abkhaz businessman
27. Abkhaz de facto president asks businessmen to support development of Sokhumi
28. Russia rejects Georgia reports on disengagement line mining
29. Co-chair of commission on Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement: “Hopes ruined”
30. South Ossetia wants Georgia to guarantee non-use of force
31. Separatist official comments on thwarted talks on Georgian-Ossetian conflict
32. Sides comment on recent commission meeting on South Ossetia
33. Russian official says Georgians, Ossetians to restore breached trust
34. Zurab Noghaideli to visit Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone on Friday
35. Tskhinvali blames Tbilisi for preparing armed provocations
36. Who would fake an assassination plot?
37. Rights groups criticise Georgia over jail torture
38. ILGA, COC denounce Georgia, Azerbaijan
39. Young people want to leave Georgia
40. President says neutrality unacceptable for Georgia
41. Georgia to soon complete army equipping with West weapons-Saakashvili
42. Parliamentary speaker discusses political situation with foreign ambassadors
43. Social and educational spheres still remain actual in state budget 2008
44. Police detained adherent of so-called criminal traditions Kote Dzotsenidze
45. MIA publishes list of so-called criminal authorities detained
46. Ministry of Internal affairs detained thirteen people in Kutaisi
47. Criminals have no future in Georgia
48. Government to submit demand on annulment of competition agency to parliament
49. The Council of Europe starts project in Georgia aimed at improvement of instruments against corruption
50. Lomaia to meet teachers of Kazbegi district
51. The final version of draft budget of Georgia for 2008 to be ready in the end of November
52. Special attention will be paid to funding social sphere in 2008 state budget of Georgia
53. Kheviashvili demands to allocate additional gel 18 million from state budget 2008
54. Our daily bread
55. 1 200 000 people to enjoy state insurance in 2008
56. Government of Georgia expects attraction of investments in Georgia
57. The IMF finishes its mission in Georgia
58. IMF mission to arrive in Georgia next week
59. Georgia suffering from Dutch disease, former Economy Minister argues
60. Spain’s Aqualia offers usd 105 mln for Tbilisi water
61. Here, guys, swoop on hospitals for symbolic price!
62. Competition on transfer of “Georgian Railway” LLC under management will be held in next few days
63. Georgia not to hand over railway management to British company
64. Three Tbilisi sulphur baths sold at the auction
65. Opposition declared boycott to Rustavi2 against Badri Patarkatsishvili’s instructions
66. Opposition continues boycotting Rustavi2
67. Competition announced for vacancy in GPB Board of Trustees
68. Davit Chantladze to visit Samtskhe-Javakheti Region on Friday
69. Vice Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti resigned as sign of protest
70. Parliament to hold debates on constitutional monarchy
71. Ugulava comments on Khabelov’s statements
72. Chairman of CEC to visit regions of Georgia within framework of door-to-door program
73. Youth movement organized theatrical action near State Chancellery
74. Serious improprieties uncovered in state university branch
75. Chairman of students’ self-governance of TSU denies accusations
76. Avaliani denies accusations
77. Our country is not a political ring
78. Opposition leaders to meet Solana
79. Gujabidze: A provocation is being prepared against me!
80. Authorities like violence
81. Opposition MP says government behind monopolies
82. New Rights demand limits on foreign workers
83. Bread and fountains
84. Seminar dedicated to issues on psychological rehabilitation of convicts
85. Two prisoners die in Batumi jail #3
86. We need fresh air – Khoni psychiatric institution requires attention
87. Hatching gas conspiracy
88. Former and current managers of kindergartens continuing to fight
89. 34 families living in the “gvirabi” (“the tunnel”) buildings stay homeless
90. Grandmother loses grandchild- will grandmother find justice?
91. Rain is a miracle near Akhaltsikhe
92. The yellow bus bilkers: ticketless passengers
93. The Anaklian farmers are not going to hand over their land
94. Invasion of Georgia by Arabs
95. Genocide motion hits home with Armenians in Montana [excerpt]

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