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1. Georgia to offer its vision for issues related to Russia’s accession to WTO
2. Georgia has not changed its position regarding accession of Russia to WTO
3. Checkpoint development on Georgian border
4. The Russians do not want B-H weapons in neighbouring Georgia
5. Georgia started import of electric power from Russia under barter schedule
6. New cognac “Russian Embargo” stems from tense relations
7. Will we receive MAP in April? Saakashvili is pinning great hopes on NATO summit in Bucharest
8. Group of US general officers visits Georgia
9. Pundits discuss the future of Black Sea countries, call for wider engagement of insiders and outsiders
10. International conference mulls over Black Sea Region in the 21st Century
11. One step forward towards Euro region
12. ‘Inspired’ by Israel, Georgia’s FM seeks closer strategic ties
13. Azerbaijan and Georgia suspended electric energy exchange
14. Investigation of murder of Elmar Huseynov intensified
15. Tbilisi to host JCC on S. Ossetia
16. Demilitarisation priority issue at JCC session
17. Despite Bestaev’s detention, a meeting of JCC will be still held
18. Bestaev was wanted for attack on Georgian policemen
19. Georgia confirms seizing suspect Ossetian
20. Georgia seeking to destabilize situation in conflict zone
21. Tbilisi offers new initiative for security of donors’ program
22. Will South Ossetia be attacked?
23. Diaspora outraged over separatist leader’s cancelled visit to Turkey
24. Education in Gali Region to be presumably discussed at UNESCO Conference
25. Georgia detains vessel supposedly smuggling coal from breakaway Abkhazia
26. Seven Azerbaijanis detained in Georgian Cambodian vessel
27. Coast guards detained ship sailing under Cambodian flag
28. Scientific conference on problems of Upper Abkhazia held in Ajara
29. Saakashvili’s fresh initiatives
30. Saakashvili’s speech for domestic consumption – week #1
31. Saakhasvili’s unexpected decision reflects majority fears
32. There is semi-democratic regime in Georgia today
33. Accusations should be fully and fairly investigated
34. President’s family interested in privatization of “Tbilisi Water”
35. Ruling party MP speaks of need for dialogue
36. “Democratic Front” considered draft amendments to state budget 2007
37. Establishment of parliamentary minority not discussed
38. New faction member declines reports on his leaving parliament
39. New parliamentary faction off to rocky start as hospitalized member resigns
40. New faction searching for new member
41. Set-up of parliamentary minority might become active again
42. Opposition behaves sensibly
43. Representatives of opposition to meet populace of Ajara high-mountainous districts
44. Opposition warns of ‘permanent protest rallies’
45. Opposition vows to hold 100,000-strong rally on 2 November
46. Opposition urges thousands of Kutaisi voters to protest in the capital
47. Senior MP returns to Georgia after long absence, comments on ex-defence chief
48. Targamadze refrains from making any evaluations regarding Okruashvili
49. Merab Khurtsidze denies quitting Parliament
50. Khurtsidze’s statement on quitting parliament submitted today
51. Patarkatsishvili’s official debut in politics?
52. Shevardnadze: Georgian press is rather objective
53. Majority of respondents watch Imedi TV
54. Georgian patriarchy condemns tendency of some TV channels and appreciates cooperation with Ministry of Education
55. TV chief quits in Georgia: Reality show may have sparked departure
56. Pako Tabatadze may go to Strasbourg
57. NBG may be deprived of banking supervision functions
58. Plans to abolish central bank denied
59. Management of NBG denies allegations on possible abolishment of bank
60. Georgian lawyers turn to politics
61. Why Georgians talk about politics
62. Little disagreement on foreign policy among Georgia’s battling politicians
63. Budget of Defense Ministry to amount to gel 1.494 billion in 2007
64. Minister rules out inflation through assistance program
65. As government aid program begins, debate over how many Georgians need assistance
66. Government social programs: charity or just mockery?
67. MP says foreigners taking Georgian jobs
68. MIA detained group of 17 drug dealers
69. Election of principles to be held at public schools of Georgia on Tuesday
70. Youth protest at government inaction over disputed church in Azerbaijan
71. Union of Writers held rally with demand to return building
72. Investigation process in Zestaponi is in a deadlock (part II)
73. The rights of the wishers to become a governor were violated in Shida Kartli
74. Densely populated IDPs demand (drinking) water and firewood from the government
75. Georgian gas and oil – myth or reality?
76. Experts complain of shrinking number of SMEs
77. Procter & Gamble goods vanish from Georgian shops
78. More loans and more investments for GRDC
79. Wi-MAX to the rescue
80. Tbilisi celebrates its heritage with food, music and a giant wine press

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