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1. report: Peace strategies in “frozen” ethnoterritorial conflicts: Integrating reconciliation into conflict management. The case of Nagorno-Karabakh. By Aytan Gahramanova
Abstract: The working paper argues for the need of a re-conceptualization of the peace building approach in the context of the South Caucasus. In this regard, using the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as a case study, it is argued that peace strategies based on a sequential approach (i.e., conflict settlement followed by peacebuilding) is harmful for positive conflict transformation, both in terms of sustainability of the settlement and long- term structural change especially in protracted conflict settlement.

2. From Russia, with bile [excerpts]
3. Russia has more influence in Javakhk than Armenia does”
4. Russia says U.S. seeks swift end to WTO talks
5. Russia, Georgia resume WTO talks
6. Russia major threat to Georgia’s NATO membership
7. Saakashvili speaks of Georgia’s NATO integration
8. President pleased with European Support at EU summit in Lisbon
9. On Lisbon sidelines, Tbilisi’s western bid gets warm words
10. Heads of border guard services of countries of Black Sea basin to meet in Bulgaria
11. Bezhuashvili met with his Serbian counterpart
12. Gela Bezhuashvili addressed 34th Plenary Session Of UNESCO General Conference
13. Georgian delegation to participate in annual meeting of IMF and World Bankl
14. I regard Baku summit as a turning point in the development of GUAM
15. Georgian, Serbian Foreign Ministers discuss bilateral ties
16. German Ambassador in Georgia works to improve bilateral ties
17. Georgian Orthodox Church to tackle shutting down of church in Azerbaijan
18. Patriarchy demands solving of problem regarding church of St George in Saingilo
19. Tbilisi hosts conference on stability in Caucasus
20. The more secure our neighbors are, the more secure we are
21. PACE to discuss Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian conflicts
22. Representatives of unrecognized republics not invited to PACE hearings on frozen conflicts
23. Separatists slam OSCE
24. OSCE economic rehabilitation projects in zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict discussed in Tskhinvali
25. Tbilisi waiting for Tskhinvali’s confirmation it will attend JCC session
26. Separatists say Georgia seeking to “exterminate” Ossetian male population
27. South Ossetia claims abduction of its citizen by Georgian servicemen
28. Who is Daddy Cool?
29. Georgian police again interfere in peacekeepers’ activity in South Ossetia
30. The war in Abkhazia – ‘Cyxymu’ remembers
31. Passenger buses to start operating in Upper Abkhazia
32. Public opinion: what is the greatest challenge Georgia faces today?
33. MP leaves parliament, believed to be under pressure
34. MP Merab Khurtsidze quits legislative body of Georgia
35. Parliament completed consideration of first part of state budget 2008
36. Interview with Giga Bokeria
37. Chairwoman of Parliament of Georgia to visit Kutaisi On October 20
38. Law against domestic violence to be refined: Foreign experts share experience with Georgian law enforcers
39. Education Ministry publishes catalogue of its reforms: New pamphlets summarize massive changes
40. Health Care Ministry and Agency of Medicine hold joint raid in drug stores
41. Special group to work on improvement of public relations of Defense Ministry
42. Head of staff on struggle against corruption suspected of drug dealing
43. Georgia re-registers Chechen refugees
44. People’s Bank delivers presidential subsidy for gas and electricity bills
45. Distribution of vouchers to pedagogues of kindergartens to start on Monday
46. Will a constitutional monarchy be restored in Georgia? Patriarch’s sermon makes believers of the entire opposition
47. Election barrier decreases from 7 to 5 percent, but timing could be more important
48. CEC rechecks voter lists
49. CEC starts checking of unified voters’ lists
50. Coincidence of presidential and parliamentary elections is wrong principally
51. Presentation of new parliamentary faction held in Tbilisi Marriott Hotel
52. Balavadze evaluates newly established faction as pro-Russian
53. Nachkebia positively evaluates establishment of new parliamentary faction
54. New faction set up in parliament
55. Opposition leader calls for mending relations with Russia
56. ”Rightist Opposition” and “industrials” demanded raising an issue of liability of head of parliamentary budget office
57. United opposition holds protest rallies in Sachkhere and Chiatura
58. Movement for Future to present acting plan
59. Shalva Natelashvili has met diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia
60. Opposition rallies in Kutaisi
61. Manifesto season: Opposition and Patarkatsishvili declare their principles
62. Equality Institute continues to fight against injustice
63. Four political protestors jailed on public disorder charges
64. Georgian vineyards in ferment Vine-growers’ anger at depressed market conditions spills over into political row
65. Bountiful grape crop creates headache for officials, vintners
66. Tkemaladze negatively evaluates this year’s work of NBG
67. Georgian national bank will be cancelled, “Solidarity Center” says
68. The case of the missing T-bills
69. Rustavi 2 TV chief replaced
70. Letter to the editor: Imedi TV
71. Hog cholera breaks out in Georgia
72. Two year EU project to bolster technology-education relationship fraught with difficulties and limited success
73. Seminar dedicated to protection of social rights to be held in Telavi
74. Tbilisi subway to have no old cars by 2010
75. Changing the feel and look on Tbilisi streets
76. Gas explosion on Tsereteli Avenue injured three people
77. Strong fire breaks out in Kutaisi where Georgian opposition planned to meet
78. Batumi appoints new mayor: Position taken by ex-mayor’s deputy; new vice-mayor and deputy mayor to be appointed
79. Women in Georgia’s politics
80. Honey, I shrunk the export market
81. Two Georgian tourists wounded in attack in Turkey
82. Two citizens of Georgia wounded during armed attack on passenger bus in Turkey
83. book review: The dictator as a young poet-thug
84. book review: “Young Stalin”: Abused as child, he abused millions
85. Scottish football fans make a week of it: Despite Euro qualifier loss, the Tartan Army enjoys its stay in Tbilisi
86. In Vashlovani, nature protection still reigns supreme
87. Georgian dance troupe bold, exciting
88. ‘Giselle’ star puts body, soul in work: Jaiani comes of age in single magical evening of ballet

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