Last evening the photographer Alexander Kedelashvili invited us in the very nice Café from the lovely Lika Karalashvili near the Betlemi Church in the old part from Tbilisi. We had a nice table and much more to the surprise of all …

Uploaded on October 20, 2007 by Ralph Hälbig

Tbilisi 2007 (Set)

Lika: Guest of Tbilisi, If you wish to look round the old historical city and walking along its streets to feel unique charm of it contact us!Our guide will make you the round of interesting place; telling legends about foundation of Tbilisi and adoption of Christianity in Georgia. You can travel in the past of Tbilisi, see a heart of the city where Orthodox, Catholic and Georgian churches, mosque and synagoge are proudly side by side. See a little dream that never forget. Combine business with pleasure.

Contact us for reserving tour every day from 10:00 to 23:00

Adresse: 3, Betlemi ascent

Tel.: 983875

mobil: 899349933


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