Georgia News Digest 10-19-07
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1. survey: The EU’s relations with its neighbours: A survey of attitudes in the European Union
2. Ministries of Internal Affairs of Georgia and France hold joint training
3. President visiting Portugal
4. Ship sailing under Georgian flag sank in Yellow Sea
5. Which Georgia is best for business? Former Soviet republic making a name for itself with investors
6. Gela Bezhuashvili met with Ministers of Defense and Economy of Netherlands
7. Four new embassies to open next year
8. Russia and Iran: An eventual clash of interests [excerpt]
9. Caucasus cooperation to be discussed in Tbilisi
10. New conundrum for GUAM
11. Ashgabat presses cautiously forward on foreign investment [excerpt]
12. Door of Georgian church nailed shut in Saingilo, Azerbaijan
13. Row over Orthodox church in Azerbaijan
14. Students rally at Azerbaijan’s Embassy
15. Moscow states Tbilisi prepared to use force to resolve dispute with South Ossetia – Abkhazia
16. One dies in Abkhaz clash
17. Police kill Abkhaz officer in attempt to arrest car thief
18. Shooting registered on Georgia-Abkhazia border
19. Georgian media seek to discredit Russian peacekeepers
20. Moscow denies reports of drug dealing Russian peacekeepers
21. Sokhumi insists on involvement of UN Mission in investigation of incident in Gali District
22. Jehovah’s Witnesses banned [excerpt]
23. Davit Bakradze objects to decision of Onishenko
24. Tbilisi slams Russia’s decision to open market for Abkhazian wines
25. Press summary for Abkhazia 9-22 Oct 07
26. Lithuania may withdraw from financing OSCE projects in South Ossetia
27. Kokoiti invites new head of OSCE mission to Georgia to Tskhinvali
28. Weird world [excerpt]
29. President pushes electoral reform
30. Opposition has no problem to overcome electoral threshold
31. Joint opposition manifesto announced in Georgia
32. Opposition party joins European Lliberal Democrat and Reform party
33. One more oppositional faction to be established at parliament on Friday
34. Authorities detain brother of close Okruashvili ally
35. The opposition’s political momentum begins or ends on November 2
36. Georgians skeptical of Saakashvili’s anti-corruption task force, survey suggests
37. The Council of Europe launches project to enhance anti-corruption capacities in Georgia
38. “People can change everything”, says the Samtskhe-Javakheti region
39. Opposition selects negotiators
40. Okruashvili scandal: loud bang with uncertain fallout
41. Patarkatsishvili’s vision of happy Georgia
42. Four members of parliament fined
43. MP questions ex-minister’s activities
44. Opposition parties demarched in Kutaisi TV
45. Why prices on sugar, oil and salt have increased
46. Natelashvili content with meeting representatives of diplomatic corps
47. Chikhradze does not rule out that Badri Patarkatsishvili’s manifest is preparing step of his coming to politics
48. Businessman taken to preliminary detention cell
49. Arti Group intends to file a suit in case of further delay in resuming business activity
50. Peace rally staged at Tbilisi police head office
51. Equality Institute continues to fight against injustice
52. Youth movement demands release of their friends
53. Quality of freedom of media has not changed in Georgia
54. Incessant increase of budget resources pushes inflation
55. In 2008-2009, 983 km of both local and state motor roads to be reconstructed in Georgia
56. Increase of state budget 2007 will raise inflation rate in country
57. Discussion of draft budget 2008 at session of regional policy committee postponed
58. Parliament to approve amendments to state budget 2007 on November 06
59. Special plenary session to be held at parliament of Georgia on Thursday
60. Principle of #44 Public School forbade pupils and teachers to enter building of school
61. Election of principles to be held at public schools of Georgia on October 23
62. The black list of the kindergarten head-masters
63. Benary public school lacking window and floor requires attention
64. The customers of “EnergoProGeorgia” in Zugdidi protest against unfair debts
65. Purchase at midnight
66. Hydro meteorologists demand their salaries for previous months
67. Irakli Melashvili will bring suit against special operative department and the judge
68. Novelty in the judiciary system
69. Tbilisi City Court fined employees of guardhouse
70. Law enforcers arrest ex-governor of Vani district
71. Department for Constitutional Security detained brother of Qibar Khalvashi
72. MIA detained suspects accused of extortion of money from family of Temur Tatarashvili
73. Police found corpses of wife and husband at so-called “Dampalo” cemetery
74. A three year sentence for attempting to steal a puppy
75. Pilot’s corpse taken to Georgia
76. Kutaisi City Council elects city mayor
77. Squadron HQ building opened in Marneuli
78. Training of ninth flow of reservists launched today
79. What makes murder occur more frequently in the armed forces

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