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1. paper: Can Georgia join NATO without solving the conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia?
2. Lukashenka is criticizing Moscow for its erroneous policy towards Georgia
3. Missile incident discussed at OSCE
4. Latvian Defense Minister to Visit Georgia
5. Georgian Defense Minister receives British defense committee
6. Could GUAM add a few letters to the name?
7. Papuashvili to participate in 72nd plenary session Of Venice Commission
8. Bezhuashvili visits Netherlands
9. Burjanadze met with delegation of Germany Caucasus parliamentary group
10. Georgian-Armenian cooperation proposed
11. Armenia should meet certain terms for economic cooperation liberalization with Georgia
12. MP condemns government for inaction over church closure in Azerbaijan
13. Conservatives intend to protect Georgian rights in Azerbaijan
14. Conservatives meet with Azeri Diplomats regarding the church row
15. Georgia may solve breakaway regions problem by force
16. video: Georgia about to attack South Ossetia & Abkhazia?
17. South Ossetia hopes next JCC meeting will be held at end of October
18. video: Shooting breaks out on Georgia-Abkhazia border
19. Russian peacekeepers detained for drunk driving
20. Russian Army chiefs deny peacekeepers detained in Abkhazia
21. If you don’t like what we say, you are an enemy
22. Turkey postpones separatist leader’s visit not to anger Georgia
23. Abkhazian government to render humanitarian assistance to refugee children
24. President Saakashvili honours pop singers for “Hello, Abkhazia” clip
25. President proposes electoral reforms
26. video: Less sweat getting elected to Georgia’s parliament
27. Opposition responds to Saakashvili’s initiatives
28. Majority possibly to compound with opposition regarding election code
29. Opposition MPs react to proposed reduction of election threshold
30. Chikhradze welcomes reduction of election barrier to 5%
31. Reduction of election barrier would facilitate change of political culture
32. Only reduction of election barrier will change nothing in election legislature
33. Tinatin Khidasheli assesses president’s initiative on reduction of electoral threshold as attempt west to please him
34. Opposition outlines four major demands
35. Manifesto of National Council of the General Public Movement
36. Majority MPs describes opposition’s manifesto as “not serious”
37. Opposition adopts manifesto on situation in this country
38. Government lost a lot
39. Patarkatsishvili outlines policy priorities
40. Saakashvili not much of a newspaper reader
41. Majority should initiate civilized dialogue with opposition
42. Tsiskarishvili irritates fellow MPs
43. Winemakers propose amendments to law on vine and wine
44. Labourists accuse government of attempt to sell gas distribution network
45. Saakashvili praises farmers, bashes opponents
46. Presidential subsidy to be allocated to 2.8 million people instead of 1.2 million people
47. All families in villages to get one sack of flour
48. President handed gel 100 voucher to family of pensioners
49. Government launches massive social assistance program
50. Inflation worries over government relief vouchers
51. World’s leading companies expressed will want to rent Poti port
52. Tbilisi city administration to announce company winning license on parking
53. Receiving of projects for railway transfer from Tbilisi center starts
54. Brother of former Georgian TV owner detained
55. Gori and Caspi self-governments have new chairmen
56. Imedi TV journalist dies unexpectedly
57. New aerodrome opened in Mestia
58. Housing project brings hope to refugees in Caucasus
59. Nobody commits suicide due to social conditions
60. Georgia moved ahead by 23 points in Worldwide Press Freedom Index
61. Human Rights Committee considers report of Georgia
62. Pundits rap Georgia over human rights abuses
63. Sharadze’s movement “Language, Homeland, Faith” has been founded today
64. Family, friends, pubic figures commemorate Guram Sharadze
65. video: Poetry: Stalin’s missed vocation?
66. McLeish’s men left dazed by Georgia’s sense of adventure
67. Staying in mafia-owned hotel and being kept awake by rattle of gunfire [excerpt]
68. Generous fans win hearts in Tbilisi [excerpt]

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