Opening today in the Baia gallery Tbilisi:
Oleg Timchenko

At first Oleg Timchenko called his paintings of this series ‘Nostalgia”. It reminds on the film of Andrej Tarkowsky. Years later he continued this work until today. The paintings are not decorations for tourist or souvenir shops which also you can find in Tbilisi. Nevertheless the are facades, balconies and sights to glimpse. The are fragments of a view of the life. The paintings are not really attractive. The paintings are magic realistic. This work isn’t new or especially revolutionary but Timchenko tried once again. That is admirable! I think above all some pictures had turned out well.

open the exhibition on 10 – 19 – 2007 at 7 pm Baia Gallery, 10, Chardin Street
Tel.: (0099532) 75 45 10 or (0099599) 50 53 02

Paintings from Oleg Timchenko (Set)

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