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1. report: The August 6 bombing incident in Georgia: Implications for the Euro-Atlantic region
2. Georgia’s allies in Vilnius ask EC for revision of visa regime for Georgia
3. Gela Bezhuashvili to pay working visit to Netherlands
4. Gela Bezhuashvili to participate In UNESCO General Conference
5. Baramidze and Bezhuashvili to attend 8th session of EU and Georgia Cooperation Council
6. Collaboration between Ministries of Justice of Georgia and Poland to be extended
7. Armenia Georgia to finish construction of high voltage line next year
8. Construction of the railroad Kars-Akhalkalaki postponed till 2008
9. Georgian Orthodox believers rallied Saingilo incident near Azeri Embassy to Georgia
10. Georgia’s claims on closing Georgian church in Azerbaijani Gakh region not true
11. Azerbaijan refutes information on closure of Georgian church
12. Rights of Azerbaijanis in Georgia protected unlike Georgians in Azerbaijan
13. Protesters demand reopening of church in Azerbaijan
14. Azeri official denies reports on Georgian church closure
15. New UN resolution won’t change negotiating process with Georgia
16. Observance of previous agreements to set Georgia-Abkhazia talks going
17. Tbilisi, Moscow welcome UN Abkhaz resolution
18. Georgia-Russia hail UN resolution on Abkhazia
19. Russian peacekeepers proved illegal actions, Georgian state minister says
20. Tbilisi’s reaction on UN resolution for internal consumption’
21. Resolution of ‘fundamental importance’
22. President hails UN resolution on Abkhazia as “diplomatic breakthrough”
23. Russia angry over Georgia’s satisfaction with UN resolution
24. Russia says Georgia committed premeditated murder in Abkhazia
25. Talks only way to resolve Georgia-Abkhazia conflict
26. Arrest of high-ranking Russian peacekeepers accused of drug-dealing
27. Georgia claimed arrest of RF peacemakers in Abkhazia refuted
28. Russia denies arresting peacekeepers for drug dealing
29. Russian peacekeepers involved in “illegal activities”
30. Reports of Russian peacekeepers’ arrests “not true”
31. De facto Abkhaz officials participate in international conference in Yerevan
32. Georgia outraged by Abkhaz banks’ presence at conference in Armenia
33. Georgia’s National Bank may ban “Anelik” bank to work in banking space of Georgia
34. Seventh sitting of Armenian-Georgian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation To Be Held in Tbilisi in 2008
35. Armenia proposed to Georgia to address jointly the financial structures with request of reconstruction of the inter-state motor road
36. Association of Georgian Banks vs. Armenian colleagues
37. NBG will possibly prohibit to Anelik system operation at the banking area of Georgia
38. Abkhaz leader’s visit to Turkey postponed
39. Abkhazian wine may enter Russian market by end of 2007
40. Russia lifts restrictions on wine import from Abkhazia
41. Kokoity visits Russian foreign ministry
42. audio: Georgians disillusioned with Rose Revolution
43. Saakashvili invokes history against opponents
44. Saakashvili’s new initiatives, amid political standoff
45. Russia does not support the opposition, but rather destabilization”
46. Who is the most influential person in Georgian politics?
47. Tense confrontation was not our choice
48. Georgian president proposes electoral reforms
49. Saakashvili suggests enlarging parliament office to five years
50. President offers to demote electoral threshold to 5%
51. President Saakashvili praises Georgian Orthodox patriarch, hails UN resolution on Abkhazia as “diplomatic breakthrough”
52. Opposition alliance searching for pedagogues’ support
53. Opposition blames Saakashvili for price hikes
54. Labor Party demands regulation of costs
55. Katsitadze evaluates distribution of vouchers among population as conduction of pre-election campaign
56. Rightist Opposition downplays presidential program of subsidies
57. 2007 budget revision proposed
58. Defence Ministry demands further increase in budget
59. 2008 Budget of MOD reduces
60. 2008 Budget of MFA comprises GEL 50,9 million
61. Georgia plans to cut troops in Iraq to 500
62. Police arrested seven devotees of united opposition
63. Agriculture Minister meets MPs
64. Sport academy students continue protest rallies
65. Young Georgians protest outside parliament, police make arrests
66. Georgian people most concerned about unemployment, survey suggests
67. Georgia’s producer prices advanced 12.9 percent in September
68. MPs briefed on grape harvest
69. Talks about catastrophe in relation to vintage are inadmissible for Nadiradze
70. 11 Companies bid for Poti port
71. EBRD invests in Georgia’s property sector
72. Russia’s Wimm-Bill-Dann buys Georgian foods
73. Sharia not allowed into Imedi TV”
74. Why Zurab Sharia and producer of Reaktsia left Imedi
75. Gay man kicked off reality TV show in apparent publicity stunt
76. Members of movement “The Youth Against Violence” to be sentenced to imprisonment
77. Giorgi Laghidze to lodge complaint against “Herald Trade Company” to court
78. Policed seized one kilo of heroin
79. Brother of businessman Kibar Khalvashi detained
80. Grilled to meat you; Georgia on our minds
81. Tartan Army diehards soldiering on into unchartered territory
82. Georgia likely to be captained by player who has no club
83. Tartan Army has Georgia on its mind

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