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1. Russian TV show discusses Georgian democracy
2. President saddened by frozen relations with Russia
3. Saakashvili invited Putin to vintage in Kakheti
4. U.S. shield plans pose grave risks
5. Plot by Iran targeting Putin an intel scheme [excerpt]
6. An enduring peace built on freedom: Securing America’s future [excerpt]
7. MPs met with Polish delegation
8. New head of OSCE mission to Georgia arrives in Tbilisi
9. Likelihood of Georgia joining Nato soon: an expert opinion
10. Armenia, Georgia vow joint effort to attract foreign investment
11. Prime Minister visits Armenia
12. Noghaideli attends 6th meeting of Georgian-Armenian intergovernmental commission
13. Who will solve the problems of Javakhetia? Armenia?
14. Kazakh investors need a predictable elite in Kyrgyzstan [excerpt]
15. Kazakhstan’s oil export picture detailed
16. Gas price for Georgia to change next year
17. Azerbaijan renewed gas supply to Georgia by pipeline Baku-Gazimagomed-Gazakh
18. Key pipeline deal signed at Vilnius Energy Summit
19. Trans-Caucasus railway gets green light
20. Turkish-Georgian relationship heads region toward prosperity and growth
21. Only Georgian church in Saingilo closed
22. Georgian orthodox church locked in Azerbaijan
23. Majority not informed about closing of Georgian church in Saingilo region
24. David Zurabishvili calls on government to respond to fact of closing Georgian church In Saingilo
25. Security Council extends UN Observer Mission in Georgia until 15 Apr 2008,
26. video: UN extends observation mission in Georgia
27. Tbilisi, Moscow hail UN Abkhaz resolution
28. Georgia urges UN to recognise ethnic cleansing against Georgians in Abkhazia
29. Georgia welcomes UNSC resolution on Abkhazia
30. Abkhaz President Bagapsh visits Turkey
31. Group of doctors arrives in Zemo Abkhazia
32. New government, old methods
33. United opposition accuses government of threatening their supporters
34. For king and country the pros and cons of constitutional monarchy
35. Is a constitutional amendment the only way out for Georgia?
36. The bloom is off the Rose Revolution
37. Reflections on contemporary Georgia – Vision from Czech Republic
38. Government now must prove its democratic credentials
39. President praises winegrowers’ resolve, calls for unity amidst embargo
40. 2008 state budget unveiled
41. Amendments to state budget 2007 introduced for third time
42. Government hopes land privatization will boost agriculture
43. Government declines to consider tax exemptions
44. Provincial gas networks for sale
45. Gia Tsagareishvili, Keti Makharashvili and Teo Tlashadze not to attend plenary meetings of spring sittings
46. Burjanadze demands strictly regulation of parliament’s financing
47. Distribution of presidential assistance to start on October 15
48. Controversial appointment for new elections chief
49. Salome Zurabishvili to attend conference of EU security institute in Paris
50. Bidzina Gujabidze accuses Tbilisi city administration of holding tenders secretly
51. Georgia’s opposition takes time-out
52. Economic reforms gloss over business risks, analysts say
53. State employment program to continue: Concerns about its content and implementation remain
54. Kukava protests against using of personal infrastructure in issuing vouchers
55. National council of opposition parties does not raise an issue of election barrier
56. Fear is really cracked if it is not broken
57. Opposition claims blackmail
58. Opposition accuses government of blackmail
59. People did not follow opposition, ruling party cheers
60. Opposition parties brief in Kutaisi
61. Georgia anticipates a united opposition
62. New Rights’ Pikria Chikhradze divulges the oppositions biggest mistake
63. Opposition presents “action plan” for coming week
64. Pro-government MP calls opposition “swindlers”
65. Failed government coup plans discovered
66. Patarkatsishvili informs IOC’s Rogge of his retirement
67. Badri Patarkatsishvili – hero or antihero of Georgian business and politics?
68. Notorious Georgian tycoon Patarkatsishvili: Target or criminal?
69. It’s a shame when media turns into major event
70. “Making Sense of EU” seminar held in Telavi
71. Journalist union Objiektivi accuses Dimitri Kitoshvili
72. Imedi TV broadcast stopped in high mountainous region of western Georgia
73. Saakashvili awards special honour to Ecumenical Patriarch
74. Bartholomew I to visit Sighnaghi
75. Burjanadze met with members of House of Commons
76. Gay man expelled from reality TV show for coming out
77. One family’s ‘fairy tale’ becomes reality
78. Domestic violence-a silent problem in Georgia
79. Top 10 travel faux pas [excerpt]
80. Barry wary of gallant Georgians’ hurt pride

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