Georgia News Digest 10-15-07
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1. report: Monitoring of Millennium Challenge Program: II stage report
2. paper: Rose, Orange, and Tulip: The failed post-Soviet revolutions
3. paper: De facto ‘states’ around the Black Sea: The importance of fear
4. paper: Cultural representation of atrocity and repentance
5. Russia, Georgia to discuss WTO accession in Geneva
6. Next round of negotiations on Russia’s accession to WTO to be held in Geneva
7. President of Georgia does not believe in military conflict with Russia
8. Georgia does not want to be in confrontation with Russia
9. State Minister responds to Russian envoy
10. Bokeria responds to Russian media
11. Gabala radar station issue should be resolved by sovereign Azerbaijani people [excerpt]
12. The Kosovo mid-game: Russian recognition of independence for Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria
13. New Ambassadors to Ukraine, Latvia approved
14. Head of Lithuania called EU to Form Group of Friends of GUAM
15. Georgian delegation heads to Spain for CoE Conference of European Ministers
16. Bezhuashvili to pay visit to Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
17. EU making its voice heard in Moscow’s backyard [excerpt]
18. NATO’s role in the development of Georgian science
19. E. Europe offers transit routes [excerpt]
20. New trans-Caucasus railway project gets the go-ahead
21. CIS seeking synchronization with European power system
22. Leaders of three breakaway republics to meet in Sukhumi
23. workshop: Berghof Process
24. video: UN investigation discovers Georgia-Abkhazia shoot-out initiators?
25. d Russia steps up pressure over fatal Abkhaz clash
26. Official accuses Russian peacekeepers of “annexation”
27. Minister rejects Russian accusations over Abkhaz clash
28. A is for Abkhazia
29. Georgian radio station broadcasts in Abkhazia, stirs up tensions
30. Pro-Georgian Abkhaz official blames Russia for youth’s death in mine blast
31. Party leader demands arrest of ex-Abkhaz leader’s nephew
32. Landmine kills boy in Abkhazia conflict zone
33. President, pro-Tbilisi Ossetian leader visit Aland island
34. Georgians fire grenade at police building
35. Georgian PF’s commander denies released
36. De facto government of Tskhinvali accuses Georgian side of new provocation
37. Mamuka Kurashvili denies allegations voiced by de facto Tskhinvali
38. Boney M do gig in war zone
39. Boney M on Georgia’s frontline
40. Boney-M to play on Georgian front line
41. Patriarch’s mention of constitutional monarchy excites opposition
42. Time for a king for Georgia?
43. President says humorously he could be Georgia’s next king
44. “Constitutional monarchy could create more problems.’” Parliament speaker supports strong presidential rule
45. Parliament to discuss transition to constitutional monarchy
46. Saakashvili jokingly remarks on constitutional monarchy
47. video: Georgia considers a return to monarchy
48. Georgian speaker, ecumenical patriarch discuss settling ethnic conflicts
49. Saakashvili praises Georgian Orthodox Church
50. World Patriarch Bartolommeo I arrived in Georgia
51. Saakashvili praises contributions of Georgian Orthodox patriarch
52. Opposition left without leader
53. Saakashvili behaves unpredictably, but this won’t lead to conflicts in Abkhazia, S. Ossetia
54. NGO accuses Georgian president’s uncle of dubious deals
55. Opposition leader expects Georgian Russian relations to improve after election
56. Majority leader says no threat to democracy in Georgia, slams opposition
57. Equality Institute accuses Saakashvili of applying double standards
58. Zurabishvili left of two-week tour for Europe
59. United Opposition to meet population of Samtskhe Javakheti region
60. MP demands explanation from opposition party leader
61. Kostava’s friends demand incident’s investigation
62. Political speeches delivered in Occupation Museum
63. Opposition meets supporters in Gori
64. Dialogue can avert protest rallies
65. How they plucked “the hawk”
66. TV attacks Patarkatsishvili
67. MP from ruling party ignores advice from Badri
68. Tycoon with murky past at center of political drama
69. Politicians, analyst discuss possible action against TV owner
70. New CEC chief appointed
71. Burjanadze participated in Assembly Of IPU
72. NGO slams TSU’s administration of financial violations
73. Applications of interested persons received concerning privatization of 24 gas distribution companies of Georgia
74. Tbilisi hosts international educational technology summit
75. Retraction: withdrawal of a promise, statement, opinion, etc.
76. Lagodekhi nature reserve – the future of eco-Tourism
77. Two ambitious building projects presented in Tbilisi
78. New potatoes from Akhalkalaki: Dutch seeds boost yields, help farmers
79. The man in the beret: globalized rebel finds admirers in Georgia
80. Grants support Georgian cheese production
81. Info centers still popular in the digital age
82. ‘It’s carnage …’ Inside the genteel world of books [excerpt]
83. A ton of grapes to be pressed in Tsinandali as sign of Georgian American friendship
84. Who killed Fred Woodruff?
85. Import-export balance “catastrophic”
86. Georgian district a canary in the mine
87. Man barred from TV show after saying he is gay
88. Time to introduce promotion and relegation to six nations [excerpt]
89. Tartan army not only here for the beer;
90. Georgians have Scotland on their mind
91. I hope Scots gatecrash Euro party so I can cheer them on says Shota Arveladze
92. Is Mel Gibson on location filming Braveheart II? No, welcome the Tartan Army…

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