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1. NATO Parliamentary Assembly representatives visit Tbilisi
2. Georgia’s accession to NATO would be a threat to Russia’s security
3. No state should limit OSCE’s support for civil society
4. Congressmen back Georgia’s efforts to join NATO
5. book review: “The New Cold War: Revolutions, Rigged Elections and Pipeline Politics in the Former Soviet Union,”
6. book review: Power to the People
7. Sameba Mountain awaits Holy Trinity: Russian-Georgian businessman bankrolls Batumi’s most prominent church
8. Georgia urges Russia to be “impartial facilitator” in conflict resolution
9. Belarusian president denies ties with Georgia aimed against Russia
10. Belarus-Georgia relations not “friendship against Russia”
11. The ‘democratura’ of Caucasus
12. Educational ties between Georgia and Turkey on the rise: New language center now offers free Turkish lessons i
13. Memorandum on cooperation to be signed between Georgia and Korea
14. UN observers investigate deadly Abkhaz clash
15. UN observers to visit Abkhaz military training center
16. Envoy urges UN efforts for direct Georgian Abkhaz talks
17. Group of inspectors ready to go to incident site in Abkhazian
18. Joint team to visit clash scene in Tkvarcheli district on Saturday
19. Tbilisi City Court to administer pre-trail detention to Abkhazian saboteurs
20. Shootout in Abkhazia triggers Georgian accusations, missile mystery will rise again
21. Bezhuashvili speaks about third side involved in incident in Upper Abkhazia
22. Four of six captured in Kodori are Russians
23. Opposition hails government’s activities in Upper Abkhazia
24. Captured Abkhaz militants sent to pre-trial custody
25. Georgia sentences 7 Abkhazian detainees to 2 month confinement
26. Georgian minister urges dialogue with Abkhaz separatists
27. Georgian leader pledges stronger action against “saboteurs” in Abkhazia
28. Georgian MPs accuse Russia of provocation in Abkhazia
29. Georgia claims alleged detention of Abkhaz saboteurs
30. Georgia prosecutors investigating Kodori incident
31. Irakli Alasania announces on Georgian police units provoking military confrontation
32. Georgian police chief says captured Abkhaz gunmen planned acts of subversion
33. video: Georgia to put Abkhazian soldiers on trial
34. MIA announces personalities of people detained during incident in Upper Abkhazia
35. Bagapsh accuses Tbilisi of state terrorism, hostage taking
36. Abkhazia Maintains Olympian Discomposure
37. Armed Incident in South Caucasus – Russia Demands Investigtion
38. Georgian sabotage group attacked Abkhazian servicemen
39. Abkhaz MP calls for tough response
40. Separatists threaten to act adequately
41. Abkhazia demands release of fighters detained in recent incident
42. Peacekeeping Force command denies Georgian reports about loss of life
43. Peacekeepers refute reports of clashes between peacekeepers, Abkhaz troops
44. Sukhumi demands punishing commander of Georgian unit for attack on Abkhaz border guards
45. Abkhazia takes measures to prevent crisis in conflict zone
46. Abkhaz parliament may convene for extraordinary session to address Kodori Gorge incident
47. Georgia reinforces posts on Inguri River
48. Sukhumi denies reports of clashes between peacekeepers, Abkhaz troops
49. Abkhaz media center former employees’ suit to be discussed on September 26
50. De-mining Abkhazia: After a decade of painstaking work Halo Trust prepares to declare Abkhazia “mine impact free”
51. De facto government of Gali enhances administrative border near Zugdidi
52. Teachers of Gali region instructed to stop teaching on Georgian language
53. Equipment for Abkhaz TV stolen in Georgia
54. Akhaz secessionist leader talks investment at Sochi forum
55. book: I Wouldn’t Start from Here: A Misguided Tour of the Early 21st Century
56. No discretion, only digression
57. Tamarasheni hosts high-profile conference
58. Conference in Tamarasheni not to assist promotion of confidence building
59. Diplomats and Georgian government officials arrived in Tamarasheni
60. Russian Ambassador speaks out against Tamarasheni conference
61. Russia condemns international conference in Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone
62. Russian envoy refuses to attend Georgian-sponsored conference in South Ossetia
63. Rumors of ‘peace march’ overshadow 6th Meeting of All Ossetians
64. Georgia plans no march to Tskhinvali
65. West should press Russia to cease aid to Ossetian rebels
66. Russian FM urges Georgia to refrain from escalating tensions in conflict
67. Georgian-backed leader says South Ossetia “hostage” of Russia’s “imperial policy”
68. Tbilisi blames Russia for supporting separatist regimes
69. President Saakashvili comments on arrest of former Shida Kartli Province governor Mikheil Kareli
70. President’s envoy in Shida Kartli accuses his predecessor of clannish governance
71. New governor slams former one of clannish ruling
72. Ex-Governor of Shida Kartli arrested
73. Two new enterprises to be opened in Samtskhe-Javakheti
74. Petrol stations sealed in Samtskhe Javakheti already for one week
75. The Armenian Community of Tbilisi and particularly of Javakh becomes the subject of mere political speculation
76. Two new schools to be opened in Akhaltsikhe region
77. Rehabilitation works in center of Kutaisi to be completed by end of 2008
78. CSD arrests deputy governor of Marneuli
79. Investigation on the violation of principle of inviolability of property by journalists might be ceased
80. Special forces raided peaceful population in Gurjaani
81. The administration is establishing a Soviet regime
82. Lawyer files suit over attack on opposition MP
83. Conservative MP wants a priest in every school
84. 500 schools to be rehabilitated
85. Staff reduced by 50 percent in the Energy Ministry
86. Davit Chantladze congratulated environment protection inspection upon two-year jubilee
87. Defense Ministry funds new TV station
88. “Fair Elections” launches clarification of electoral registers
89. The Dark Knight returns: What will we learn after Okruashvili’s comeback?
90. Name of the National Energy Regulatory Commission to be changed
91. New phase of private property expropriation kicking off
92. Tbilisi’s quirky yet beloved central produce market to be replaced by modern trading center
93. Ten companies bid for Tbilisi water
94. Restrictions on water supply in Tbilisi to be released by 2010
95. What’s holding back tourism development in Georgia?
96. Amazing architecture and risky roadways: Nevada experts come to Georgia
97. Sharp increase of apple, grape and tangerine harvest is forecasted in Georgia
98. Largest group of Dutch tourists ever visits Georgia: Foreign-born first lady attracts former compatriots
99. Through the profit lens: Notes from the 10th Annual America-Georgia Business Council Conference
100. The perils of unconstrained liberalization
101. Special UN envoy addresses HIV/AIDS prevention
102. Second annual St. Andrew’s Cross international Orthodox film festival sweeps Batumi
103. My collection lacks an Olympic gold

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