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1. Russian envoy calls Georgia “a dying-out nation”
2. Envoy’s speech triggers new Georgia-Russia spat
3. Bokeria criticizes Russian ambassador for incorrect statements
4. Tbilisi indignant at Russian ambassador predicting extinction of Georgian nation
5. Row over Russian envoy’s ‘dying-out nation’ remarks
6. Senior MP lashes out at Russian ambassador for dubbing Georgia a “dying nation”
7. Georgian-Russian Friendship Center critical of Tbilisi policy on Russia
8. Rondeli: FSB-zation of Russia will probably continue Pundit on Putin’s likely successor, relations with Russia
9. Davit Bakradze: Russia does not estimate facts realistically
10. Russia puts off its WTO accession till 2008
11. Cyber-war!
12. Alexander Batanov, willing his TV to broadcast in Georgia, in the first three of Russian ultra-rightist election list
13. Parliament speakers of Baltic, Scandinavian countries visiting Georgia
14. State Ministers meets with parliamentary speakers from Europe
15. David Bakradze and Eneko Landaburu discussed conflict regions
16. Baramidze to meet EC delegation
17. Prospects of EU-Georgia relations discussed at MFA
18. Saakashvili left on working visit for New York
19. Turkey hosts joint marine exercises
20. Bulgaria, USA, Romania, Moldova, Georgia involved in military exercise
21. Latvia and Georgia join forces to improve higher education
22. Azerbaijan to increase natural gas prices for Georgia
23. If authorities carry on time extension policy, it’s not excluded an issue of changing tariff on natural gas to be raised
24. Law enforcers will investigate the kidnapping of Georgian citizen in Azerbaijan
25. Kokoity cuts off cooperation with all diplomats accredited in Georgia except for Kovalenko
26. Ossetians surround 2 villages of Patara Liakhvi gorge with wires
27. Georgia detains two Russian citizens in South Ossetia
28. Russian FM: Participation of NATO, EU, OSCE in actions in Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone is irresponsible act
29. Russia uses the South Ossetia conflict for pressure!
30. Moscow decries ‘international conference’ in South Ossetian conflict zone village
31. Georgia says Russia hindering region’s “political stability” in South Ossetia
32. Touting independence with tractors and heels
33. South Ossetian, Abkhaz leaders discuss Georgia’s “policy of state terrorism”
34. Abkhazia and South Ossetia will take joint action to release Russian peacekeepers
35. video: Abkhazia border violated by Georgian troops
36. Abkhazia clash puts the country on edge, again
37. UN urges restraint as two killed in Georgian–Abkhaz military clash
38. Probe reportedly backs Sokhumi over deadly clash
39. Probe into Abkhaz clash still in progress
40. Russian official says Georgian authorities trying to “intimidate” Moscow
41. Bagapsh wants CoE to facilitate in release of captured Abkhazians
42. Bagapsh slams UN observers’ role over probe into deadly clash
43. Abkhaz president dissatisfied with UN military observers
44. Sukhumi accuses Russian peacekeepers of supporting Georgians
45. Abkhaz leader wants Georgia to release detained “border guards”
46. ‘Last warning’ by Seregey Baghapsh not taken seriously in Tbilisi
47. Abkhazian leader says heavy weaponry moved toward border with Georgia
48. Bagapsh threatens with start of military actions in Upper Abkhazia
49. Abkhazia sends heavy weaponry to Tkvarcheli District mountains
50. Abkhazia set to get its men back from Georgia
51. Diplomacy best way to get captured Abkhaz soldiers freed
52. Abkhaz parliament may convene for extraordinary session to address Kodori Gorge incident
53. Georgian ombudsman’s representatives meet Abkhaz captives
54. Ombudsman’s envoys visit detained Abkhaz soldiers in prison
55. Abkhaz detainees have no complaints, await lawyer – Georgian ombudsman
56. Georgian minister calls Abkhaz ultimatum “flippant”
57. Gela Bezhuashvili certain that dialogue with Abkhaz separatists will be successful
58. Georgia responds to Abkhazia’s threat
59. Law-enforcement seize arms smuggled in from Abkhazia
60. Family of Georgians robbed in conflict zone
61. Action dedicated to genocide of Georgians in Abkhazia to be held in Riga
62. video: Ex-soldier makes Abkhazian spice his business
63. Political intrigue swirls around former governor’s arrest
64. Struggle against corruption should be held during official’s term of office
65. Mikheil Kareli sentenced to 2 months’ pre-trial detention
66. Sacked Shida Kartli governor arrested
67. Attorney of Mikheil Kareli to appeal against decision of court in upper instance court
68. President regrets putting “excessive trust” in arrested ex-governor
69. Three candidates appealed for position of CEC chairman
70. A runoff election will be inevitable, if Burjanadze runs for presidency”
71. Support for Okruashvili coming from a variety of unexpected places
72. Unknown story about Irakli Okruashvili
73. “Conservators” to address diplomatic corps regarding case of Amiran Robakidze
74. Conservative Party demands Agriculture Minister meet with them
75. Burjanadze calls on colleagues for civil cooperation
76. Jojua and Gelbakhiani to represent initiative of “kartuli dasi” at Parliament
77. Opposition figure finds allies in parliament
78. MPs to help Baghaturia in initiating legislative initiative about increase of pensions
79. Local journalists were unable to work during government outing session
80. Evicted families demand meeting with investor
81. Special unit is mobilized to disperse peasants
82. Forests are numbered in Samtskhe Javakheti region; people are afraid to be frozen in winter
83. Amortized dam and flooded Queen Tamar’s sea-front
84. Population finds bullets shot by reservists in their yards
85. Chinese exploiters and wood in Samgrelo region that was sold for 20 million lari
86. “Chamber VI”-patients are beaten in mental hospitals
87. When will sequestration be canceled on bank account of “catharsis”
88. Lemonade “Imedi” is produced in anti-sanitary
89. Akhaltsikhe population demands to remove petrol stations from their town
90. Vintage in Kakheti is carried out under the suppression of special forces
91. Robbery ended in murder
92. Former football player is sentenced to four-year-imprisonment
93. Prisoner might be allowed to take a computer into the cell
94. Just like you, we want to live in our homeland
95. Reasons of fire at public broadcasting to be investigated
96. UN Special Envoy calls all forces in Georgia to unite against HIV/AIDS
97. School teachers can expect a small raise in 2008
98. Georgian National Human Development Report to be unveiled in February
99. Airport train station to be completed soon
100. German delegation pledges new investments
101. Cement company confirms increased German interest in Georgia
102. ADB going to acquire up to 25% stake in Georgian People’s Bank
103. Austrian insurer increases stake in Georgian company to 75%
104. EBRD opens $6 mln credit line to Georgia’s Basisbank

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