Georgia News Digest 09-21-07
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1. Russian missile incident
2. Iran paper says US presence in Central Asia, Caucasus causing “regional tension”
3. Georgia could move to next stage of cooperation with NATO in March 2008
4. President to attend CIS summit in Dushanbe
5. President of Georgia to participate in energy forum planned in Vilnius
6. Russia and the Kosovo card
7. Madneuli: Frozen conflicts and corruption – the money that has no smell
8. “Frozen conflicts” debated in meeting of GUAM National Coordinators
9. Sochi’s 2014 Olympics already causing headaches
10. Georgia vents frustration with UN, OSCE
11. Delegation of UN Security Council’s counter-terrorism committee arrived in Georgia
12. Subject of blackmail
13. video: Two soldiers killed in shootout on Georgia-Abkhazia border
14. Two Abkhaz border guards killed, six taken prisoner by Georgia
15. Police repel Abkhaz ‘saboteurs’ in Kodori
16. Bakradze evaluates Kodori incident as provocation
17. Georgian minister condemns Abkhaz “act of provocation” in Kodori
18. Interior Minister on clash in Abkhazia’s Kodori gorge
19. Bagapsh accuses Tbilisi of conduction of attack on training camp of conscripts
20. CIS peacekeepers to probe into Georgia-Abkhazia clash on site
21. UN observers, Russian peacekeepers to patrol Kodori gorge
22. Georgia separatist Abkhaz step up control ahead of celebration
23. Bagapsh will try to attract investments on Sochi economic forum
24. Action “What would you have told Abkhazian people after 15 years” to be held in Gurjaani
25. Joint Ossetian congress adopts resolution on Ossetian citizens of Georgia
26. Tskhinvali Ossetian assembly calls for ‘unified Ossetia’
27. South Ossetia’s independence from Georgia “inevitable”
28. Separatist leader says South Ossetia not to give up freedom
29. South Ossetian “independence day” celebrations thwarted
30. Georgian plane dropping leaflets over South Ossetia
31. South Ossetian festivities postponed because of Georgian leaflets
32. Georgia accuses Russian peacekeepers of inaction
33. Pro-Georgian Ossetian leader urges for national reconciliation
34. Separatists increase security measures
35. Separatists to prevent provocations
36. Kokoity Fandarast opens office in Tskhinvali
37. Anti-Kokoity movement claims it covertly operates in Tskhinvali
38. Russian commander demands Georgia release peacekeepers
39. Elderly couple confesses on TV to spying for South Ossetian secessionists
40. MPs present schools in Liakhvi Gorge with computers
41. Georgian battalion’s ‘war and peace’ in Iraq
42. Okruashvili will be a serious oppositional power
43. Okruashvili’s party to make parliamentary elections more interesting, analyst says
44. Ex-minister of defense may be arrested
45. Who does the president trust most?
46. Opposition party files complaint against regional governor
47. Labors slams economic ministry of selling river
48. Education Committee rejects opposition’s proposal
49. Parliamentary committee of education disapproves of introduction of confessor’s institution in schools
50. MPs fight in park, one hospitalized
51. Ten MPs sign petition supporting their beaten colleague
52. GYLA initiates imposing penalty sanctions against hidden political advertising
53. GYLA to present report
54. Newspaper Imedi sues “Communal Service” Ltd
55. Three suits filed at Strasbourg court by TV company ‘202’ cofounders
56. Gas pipeline rehabilitation over
57. Union of oil products demands restoration of functioning of “Ragi”
58. Tbilisi’s increase of pressure on Javakhk Armenians will produce converse effect
59. Police discovers 1698 pills of Subutex
60. Initiative focuses on regional youth reproductive health
61. IDPs from Abkhazia stage protest rally in Zeda Etseri
62. Banking net profits up 40%
63. PJC basket ball player wants peace for home country
64. “Gardens of autumn” and “Heritage” to be shown at Alma-Ata film festival

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