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1. paper: Radiological smuggling and uncontrolled territories: The case of Georgia
2. paper: The rising wind: Is the Caucasus emerging as a hub for terrorism, smuggling, and trafficking?
3. thesis: Terror-crime nexus? Terrorism and arms, drugs, and human trafficiking in Georgia
4. paper: Terror-crime nexus? Terrorism and arms, drugs, and human trafficiking in Georgia
5. paper: Political-criminal-business nexus in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan: Comparative analysis
6. report: Future developments of cooperation on security issues, including non-proliferation of WMD and illegal arms
7. brief: Administrative abuses and misdemeanors in the Tbilisi State University students’ dormitory in Bagebi
8. Tbilisi’s talk of occupation is counterproductive
9. Georgian minister accuses Russia of “open aggression”
10. Challenges and dilemmas of the European Neighborhood Policy in the South Caucasus
11. Tbilisi welcomes consideration of frozen conflicts at 62nd UN General Assembly
12. Russian, French Foreign Ministers discuss Georgia
13. Georgian and Estonian Justice Ministries signed memorandum
14. magazine article: Young rebels – Abkhazia
15. Sokhumi plans commission to oversee investments
16. Separatist authorities deny ceding Abkhazia territory to Russia
17. Bagapsh is trying to resolve demographic problems: in 25 years
18. Shida Kartli journalists cover Tskhinvali events from Nikozi
19. Assembly in Tskhinvali calls on Russia to recognize S. Ossetia
20. North Ossetian leader visits Tskhinvali
21. Ossetian Diaspora converge on Tskhinvali to boost Kokoity regime
22. Soviet-style theatrical performance
23. Separatist leader wants unification of South and North Ossetia
24. Congress urges RF, UN SG, PACE to recognise S Ossetia independence
25. High-profile conference planned in S. Ossetia conflict zone
26. Waiting for war or peace march. How Tskhinvali prepares for ‘independence day talk
27. Georgian special services detain two Georgians on suspicion of spying for S. Ossetia
28. Tkemaladze reckons that fact of assault of MP should be condemned
29. Pavle Kublashvili evaluates confrontation between MPs as unwarrantable
30. ‘Assaulted MP’ wants criminal charges against ‘assailant MPs’
31. Parliamentary majority to mull over behaviour of Dvalishvili, Balavadze and Imnadze
32. Lawyer Eka Beselia appeals to general prosecutor’s office for physical assault
33. Majority MPs comment on scandal of MP’s abuse
34. Official petition released
35. MP explains details of incident
36. Gia Tsagareishvili in satisfactory state of health
37. MPs on the edge of their seats
38. Levan Gachechiladze won’t attend parliamentary sessions
39. Government fights against falsified wine
40. Good grapes harvest won’t spoilt
41. Watchdogs criticize election official test
42. Representative of UNHCR got familiar with governmental strategy on refugees
43. Dispute between Culture Ministry & Ruisi eparchy over
44. 50% of employees to be reduced in Ministry of Energy
45. The government remains optimistic on inflation
46. It’s fine to see side-shows andfountains, but everything will return to the country with inflationary processes
47. President instructs minister to build 10 rugby stadiums following Georgian team’s impressive effort against Ireland
48. Quarantine effective because of African swine fever cancelled in Kakheti
49. What is behind expansion of armed forces?
50. Reconstruction works at Gardabani-Navtlughi section of gas pipeline started
51. Who is hiding behind offers to clear Javakhk from Armenians?
52. Azeris protest on education
53. Street vendors and the government fight over GEL 100 million, says labor activist
54. Man tried for kidnapping, murdering brother of football star Kakhi Kaladze
55. Employees of Zugdidi veterinarian service detained
56. Georgian judo team returns home
57. People might die on “Erekle’s Bridge”
58. Robbery in the name of “cultural”
59. Human ancestor had primitive and modern traits
60. Treasure trove of Homo erectus found: Dozens of fossils reveal four primitive humans
61. Fossils reveal clues on human ancestor

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