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1. New Group of Friends show solidarity in Vilnius
2. Friends of Georgia hold strategy session in Lithuania
3. Top Estonian officials to make working visit to Georgia
4. Belarus president for restoring relations with Georgia
5. France FM “we have to prepare for the worst”
6. Bezhuashvili discussed cooperation issues with Jim Murphy
7. Kote Gabashvili met with delegation of Italian parliament
8. Jemal Inaishvili met with Umberto Ranieri
9. Georgia welcomes South Korean investment
10. Georgia, friendly country to do business
11. Media speculation on Aslan Abashidze, Hillary Clinton connection
12. Georgia to have new ambassadors in some countries
13. Armenian, Georgian leaders tight-lipped about talks
14. Struggle for peace of those armed to their teeth. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan increasing their defence budgets
15. Georgian, Azerbaijani defence ministers sign cooperation accord
16. Azerbaijan and Georgia agree to strengthen defence cooperation
17. Majority MPs warn opposition against stirring unrest near South Ossetia
18. Georgia peacekeepers say South Ossetia shooting was criminal attack
19. Sacked governor to blame for shooting in South Ossetia
20. Paata Khachapuridze’s health state is stable
21. Georgians fail to stage peace march to Tskhinvali
22. Georgian-organized peace march gets under way
23. Pro-Georgian South Ossetian leader denies plans to stage peace march
24. S Ossetia concerned over Georgia’s peaceful march to Tskhinvali
25. Tbilisi won’t release 2 suspected abductors
26. Today de facto South Ossetian youth organizations to hold protest action near Roki Tunnel
27. Tskhinvali all Ossetian assembly’
28. Abkhaz leader plans visit to Turkey in October
29. Bagapsh to visit Turkey to meet Abkhazian diaspora
30. Separatist official slams Georgia’s opposition to foreign investment in Abkhazia
31. Foreign specialists to checkup of deaf refugees children from Abkhazia
32. Abkhaz leaders deny Georgian TV report about Russian border move
33. Russian official speaks on Abkhazian wines
34. NBG president nomination divides parliament, government leaders
35. Vladimer Papava questions Georgia’s “un-European” economic policy
36. Cabinet meeting to be held in Kutaisi
37. As Georgia reforms, judiciary under scrutiny
38. Ruling administration attempts to establish pseudo-opposition with the name of Irakli Okruashvili!”
39. Saakashvili removes Central Election Commission head
40. President authorized right of direct selling of agriculture land
41. Burjanadze will be caught in her own trap
42. Burjanadze’s tone may suggest presidential aspirations
43. Okruashvili may be in for some hard knocks
44. If Okruashvili fails to develop first intrigue dynamically, he will lose trust
45. Saakashvili is trying to challenge Okruashvili
46. Saakashvili is challenging Okruashvili
47. newsletter: Rural energy program quarterly
48. Energy efficiency potential of Georgia
49. Energo-pro Georgia promises uninterrupted power supply for 2007-08 winter
50. Quotas for gas supply in winter are yet to be determined.
51. Georgia boosts army numbers to 32,000
52. Reduction of Georgian contingent in Iraq must be hailed only
53. Wearside soldier has Georgia on his mind
54. Group from UN counter-terrorism body visits Georgia
55. US biohazard experts finish work in Georgia
56. Sorely needed medical supplies worth millions arrive in Tbilisi
57. 329 new AIDS cases reported in Georgia
58. President visited “patriot camp” in Vartsikhe
59. Noghaideli to visit Kakheti region
60. Saakashvili visited school of Irakli Kutateladze in Samtredia
61. Saakashvili to unveil school named after dead patrol officer Irakli Kutateladze
62. Lomaia opened newly repaired school in Tirdznisi
63. Villagers object to the merging of two schools
64. For whom does the Ministry of Education sew school uniforms?
65. Newly appointed director in Akhalkalaki does not know the state language
66. Disagreement between the teachers at public school of the village of Dagva
67. Saakashvili to unveil school named after dead patrol officer Irakli Kutateladze
68. Pupils’ behaviour code to come into force at 592 schools of Georgia
69. Business education – the key to a guaranteed future?
70. Construction of Centre for Orthodox Studies will soon begin on top of Armenian cemetery in Tbilisi
71. Tourists from Nigeria are in Batumi prison
72. Garbage in the supermarket of Akhaltsikhe
73. 13 – year problem from nephew
74. People claim- “air cannot be only food for us”
75. “Kartuli Dasi” protests against prohibition of cattle in outskirts of Tbilisi
76. Tbilisi municipality imposes fines for keeping cattle
77. Western Georgia factory workers protest against Chinese owners
78. Locals of Bakhmaro have to leave their places
79. Ethnic minorities in Ninotsminda suffer from extremely poor living conditions
80. Does gubernator pay back to children from Kvakhvreli?
81. “Hunting” on socially excluded people
82. A large family of eco-migrants is offered to resettle from native district
83. Export potential for Georgian hazelnut
84. Tyco, Caucasus Online to construct submarine fibre-optic system for Caucasus
85. More banks join the co-brand competition and partnership battle
86. 329 new AIDS cases reported in Georgia
87. World standard rugby stadiums to be built in Georgia
88. Other films [excerpt]

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