13 Sep 07 Caucasus Reporting Service 410

Special Report
Abkhazia: Searching for the Missing
Official mistrust hampers Georgian and Abkhaz parents in their search for the remains of their missing sons. By Koba Liklikadze in Tbilisi and Anahid Gogorian in Sukhum (CRS No. 410 13-Sept-07)

Armenia: Ex-President Ponders Comeback
The first president of independent Armenia dips his toe in politics after a nine-year retirement. By Diana Markosian in Yerevan (CRS No. 410 13-Sept-07)

Dagestan: Famous Citadel “Vandalised”
Locals say city administration is not protecting UNESCO heritage site. By Sapiyat Magomedova in Derbent (CRS No. 410 13-Sept-07

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