Georgia News Digest 09-14-07
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1. Russia warns Georgia that ties may chill
2. Irakli Menagarishvili: Nothing will change in Russian Georgian relations
3. Putin’s autumn surprise. Unexpected figure to be appointed Russian premier
4. Experts comment on Russian premier’s resignation
5. Arbitrariness towards Russians beyond all international norms
6. Experts of Council of Europe evaluate reforms implemented in Georgia as impressive
7. Lithuanian president expecting that Georgia will successfully proceed in way of Euro-Atlantic integration
8. Georgian formin introduces efforts of getting closer to NATO, EU in Vilnius
9. Gela Bezhuashvili met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
10. Coalition of the willing [excerpts]
11. Abkhazia: Searching for the missing
12. Abkhazia revisited
13. Georgian public men strive to advertise themselves through conflict against world’s top-notch edition
14. Press summary for Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia 21 Aug-7 Sep 07
15. Governor of village Mukhuri murdered
16. Administration head killed in Abkhazia
17. Adamkus recommends Tbilisi smooth tensions with South Ossetia
18. PACE delegation leaving Georgia for S Ossetia
19. PACE delegation visits South Ossetia
20. European representatives, separatist officials meet in South Ossetia
21. Georgia’s breakaway region urges world community to avert new “bloodshed”
22. Moscow demands immediate and unconditional release of Ossetian peacekeepers
23. Report for the mass media on the illegal detention of Russian peacekeepers in Georgia
24. Georgia accuses Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia of “illegal” actions
25. Sixth congress of Ossetian peoples to be largest ever
26. Chechens and Kabardians are deployed in the vicinity of Tsveriakho
27. Governor dismissed for indiscipline
28. Shida Kartli governor dismissed
29. Sacked regional governor pledges loyalty to ex-defence minister
30. MPs on arrest of local officials, sacking of regional governor
31. Vladimir Gegelashvili: I’ll start my activity on the post of Shida Kartli’s governor with building
32. Rightist opposition assesses Gori incident as inner confrontation of national movement
33. Governor of Shida Kartli plans to develop region with new pace
34. President Saakashvili meets teachers in Borjomi
35. Budget-Finance Committee approved candidature of Aleksishvili
36. Parliamentary financial-budgetary committee to discuss issue of Aleksey Aleksishvili
37. Opposition cannot make any predictions regarding Okruashvili’s party
38. Khatuna Lagazidze: Okruashvili is new Saakashvili
39. Republican Party nominates Levan Berdzenishvili as presidential candidate.
40. Two oppositional MPs clashed with each other at Committee for Defense and Security
41. Giga Bokeria excludes serious re-grouping of powers in parliament
42. Zurab Noghaideli to visit Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions
43. Chairman of Kareli local self-government and deputies torn mandates of ruling party
44. Four companies participate in the tender on preparation of working project of construction of the railway
45. State electric system to spend gel 17-18 million of own funds for recovery of the electric transmission system
46. Local delegation leaves on aid trip: Group delivering medicines to Georgia
47. US company to provide Georgia with high-quality internet
48. video: First crop of farmed mussels in Georgia
49. Beauty and a bow: Batiashvili to play Beethoven Violin Concerto

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