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1. book: Comparing the Baltic and Black Sea Regions: Regional Security, Energy Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration
2. book: Russian leverage on the CIS and the Baltic States
3. Dmitry Kovtun and Andrey Lugovoy questioned about alleged involvement in the murder of Litvinenko [excerpts]
4. Gela Bezhuashvili met with Robert Gates
5. Condoleezza Rice to assist Georgia in integration into Euro-Atlantic structures
6. Georgian foreign minister comes to Washington to press for NATO membership
7. Georgia and NATO
8. Minister says NATO approves of current reforms in Georgia
9. Bezhuashvili to pay official visit to Lithuania
10. “New Group of Friends of Georgia” foreign ministers’ meeting to take place in Vilnius this week
11. EU enlargement is inevitable
12. Council of Europe rep says Georgia to join all European organizations soon
13. Bakradze to visit Sweden
14. Georgian media stoke fears of North Caucasus paramilitary attacks
15. Georgia has nothing new to say about air incident in UN
16. Shalva Pichkhadze: “Tsitelubani” corroborates that neither OSCE nor UN will be Georgia’s defender in such problems
17. Miguel Angel Moratinos on Russia-Georgia row
18. Defense Ministers of Georgia and Azerbaijan discuss cooperation issues
19. Georgian Energy Minister denies Azerbaijani gas prices rose for Georgia
20. Kazakh investment holding to develop former Hippodrome territory
21. USA is second largest investor to Georgia
22. South Ossetia ready for planned Georgian “peace march”
23. New TV station unlikely to open in conflict zone
24. Georgia side intends to raise an issue of cancellation of Meghvrikisi checkpoint
25. Russian peacekeepers release two Georgians
26. Wahhabi leader’s mysterious murder in Abkhazia
27. Premier says Georgians to return to breakaway Abkhazia
28. UK ambassador to Georgia meets separatist officials on first visit to Abkhazia
29. Russia peacekeepers act within mandate in Abkhaz zone
30. Abkhazia sends Georgia a bill for the war
31. Abkhaz community wants simplified visa rules
32. Arrest of officials in Gori triggers controversy
33. Local officials arrested in Georgian town, regional governor slams authorities
34. Situation in Gori is stable
35. Irakli Okruashvili expected in Gori
36. Regional prosecutor comments on detention in Gori
37. New parliamentary faction planned
38. New faction to be presumably established at parliament by end of September
39. “National Forum” has not made decision on joining new faction
40. Liberty Institute. Noghaideli received economic sector, Lomaia, Bokeria and Ramishvili political one
41. Waiting for Godot, that is to say, Okruashvili
42. Saakashvili speaks of education system
43. Labour Party accuses government
44. Georgia’s action plan sets ambitious growth target
45. Government considered changes to state budget 2007 and parameters of state budget 2008
46. Davit Berdzenishvili: in the name of reforms, authorities conduct policy of reforms’ imitation
47. A stormy candidacy for Bank chief moves forward
48. Drug agency gets new head
49. NGO slams agency of illegality
50. New Chairman Guram Chalagashvili introduced to staffs of the National Energy Regulatory Commission
51. MP Teo Tlashadze left parliamentary majority
52. Millennium Challenge Georgia Foundation chief resigns
53. MCG to sign the memorandum of understanding with OPIC
54. Development conference aims to continue success stories
55. “Instigators” of scuffle among reservists sentenced to two months of pre-trial detention
56. Reservists sentenced to pre-trial detention
57. President Saakashvili opens base for Special Operations Group in Vashlijvari
58. President Saakashvili opens training facility for Defence Ministry special purpose unit in Tbilisi
59. Four candidates appeal for Batumi city mayor post
60. Writers’ Union assemble in Tsitsamuri
61. video: Ancient musical traditions preserved in Georgian village
62. Man held as slave in Georgia for 15 years
63. President Saakashvili opens new tennis courts in Telavi and Kachreti, eastern Georgia

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