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1. paper: Poverty alleviation for internally displaced persons: case study of Georgia
2. Saakashvili unwisely prefaces international address by dressing down the UN
3. Russian Federal Security Service is trying to lay responsibility for situation in North Caucasus on Tbilisi
4. Moscow pleased with OSCE’s response to missile drop on Georgia
5. Georgian foreign minister comes to Washington to press for NATO membership
6. State Department daily press briefing [excerpt]
7. Giorgi Tavdgiridze: NATO standards are not known in Georgia
8. Akaki Asatiani: US must do more for Georgia than wordy gratitude
9. Krynica looks at Europe’s future, remains optimistic
10. Chairmen of Parliament of Scandinavian and Baltic Sea countries to visit Tbilisi
11. Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Italy to arrive in Georgia
12. Burjanadze to visit South Korea
13. Speaker of Armenian parliament: Yerevan has many critical questions to Tbilisi
14. Armenian bishop Mirzakhanian: One day Javakheti will be ours too
15. EU commissioner says UN battle groups could act without UN mandate
16. PACE deleg visit to Georgia to study conflict zone situation-view
17. Ankara warns against doing business in secessionist Abkhazia and South Ossetia
18. Peacekeepers’ command puts blame on detained Georgians
19. North Ossetian JCC chief demands release of peacekeepers
20. Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia complain of Georgian provocation
21. Two Georgians detained in South Ossetian conflict zone
22. Minister wants Russian peacekeepers to be punished for “illegal” acts
23. Tbilisi on an economic offensive in South Ossetia conflict zone
24. Appointment of South Ossetian alternative administration official to Georgian government comes under fire
25. Kokoity regime isolated the region population
26. South Ossetian leader: “Terrorism is like boomerang: after letting it go, one can be struck in the head by it”
27. Population of upper Abkhazia to receive products for winter
28. Abkhazia demands Georgia pay $13 bln war compensation
29. This is more like a peace camp
30. British Ambassador visits Sokhumi
31. British diplomat urges Abkhazia to use negotiations opportunities
32. Papava: Expenditure side of budget might not be increased on account of money received from privatization
33. MP says budgetary amendments will stimulate inflation
34. Lawmakers to sum up discussing amended budget 2007
35. Uruzmag Karkusov is being promoted for political reasons
36. Parliamentary opposition met with experts of Council of Europe
37. Guram Chalagashvili launched to perform his duties as chairman of NERC
38. Competition announced for CEC chairman’s position
39. Petre Tsiskarishvili threatened with impeachment
40. Georgian government wants to enlarge army size
41. Iraq: as third-largest contingent, Georgia hopes to show its worth
42. US General hails professionalism of Georgian soldiers
43. SakarTVelo: a step towards democracy or autocracy?
44. Fourteen reservists of Kojori battalion to spend fifteen days in confinement facility
45. Administrative affairs board of Tbilisi city court reveals detail information about 13 reservists’ case
46. Guard did not allow journalist to enter trial with dictophone
47. Sozar Subari demands to repair damage to “Sony center” and “Lazeri 2”
48. New Tbilisi buses should arrive by the end of the year
49. Another alleged bank robber detained
50. Murder happens at sports palace
51. Georgia’s international reserves hit $1.4 billion
52. Georgia expects abundant grape yields–but where to sell so many grapes?
53. Car rental firms respond to growing demand with upgraded fleet
54. New student loan system broadens education opportunities for young people
55. Georgian businessman denies plans to sell his TV company
56. Tyco to construct undersea fibre-optic system for Caucasus
57. Lowering of pipes in trench launched on 30-km section of gas main pipeline

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