Georgia News Digest 09-11-07
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1. report: Fiscal policy and economic growth: Lessons for Eastern Europe and Central Asia [excerpts]
2. report: EU policy in the South Caucasus: A view from Azerbaijan [excerpts]
3. report: U.S. democracy promotion during and after Bush [excerpts]
4. Georgia in the time of Misha
5. Scheffer’s visit – message sent to Russia. Which military base will be shown to the NATO secretary-general?
6. No OSCE probe into Tsitelubani missile incident
7. Question of the day: How would you assess results of OSCE session on Tsitelubani incident?
8. Georgian-Russian missile incident poses conflict-resolution challenge for OSCE
9. European Union offers its privileged neighbors everything but membership
10. Bezhuashvili outlines Tbilisi’s ENP agenda
11. Representatives of CoE’s Monitoring Committee to arrive in Georgia
12. Congress of Russia’s Georgians to facilitate bilateral relations
13. U.S. to target Iranian arms entering Iraq [excerpt]
14. Conference on “Georgian NATO accession and potential impacts on the Georgian Abkhaz peace process”
15. Russians are welcome but Georgians are not
16. MPs talk tough on Forbes Russia Abkhazian real estate ads
17. Private property of Abkhazian population must be untouchable
18. Abkhaz separatists “terrorizing” teachers in ethnic Georgian district
19. Abkhazian MPs worried by outburst of crime in republic
20. Pro-Tbilisi official’s appointment Georgian “provocation”
21. Tskhinvali gears up for ‘all-Ossetian assembly’
22. De facto leader boasts of ‘social prosperity’ in conflict zone
23. S. Ossetian administration official takes post in central government
24. Government seeks to split NBG
25. I was successful central bank chief – Gotsiridze
26. Ex-Finance Minister moves closer to central bank chief nomination
27. Soso Tsiskarishvili: Lekso Aleksishvili can be a successful president of national bank, but not now and in Georgia
28. Parliament approves new cabinet, but Bank chief nomination unclear
29. Zurab Tkemaladze: Burjanadze finally blocked Aleksishvili’s candidacy!”
30. Parliament to consider draft amendments to state budget 2007 on Friday
31. Parliamentary Committee of Foreign Relations backs amendments to budget
32. Discussion of amendments to state budget spoiled
33. Regrettably, it’s business as usual as parliament’s fall session begins
34. Meeting of parliamentary healthcare committee disrupted
35. Presentation of new political party “Future to Georgia” held by parliament
36. Government ignoring demographic crisis, opposition says
37. Labor Party applies to international organizations
38. For a United and Strong Georgia: Georgia’s future or a shallow toast?
39. Salome Zurabishvili’s biggest mistake
40. Presidential vs. parliamentary: which is best for Georgia?
41. Reservists of Kojori battalion interrogated at prosecutor’s office
42. Reports say one reservist injured in training camp
43. Government planning to increase size of army and build military base
44. Ministry of Education develops “safe school” program
45. Government asked to postpone stringent diesel fuel standards
46. Giorgi Kheviashvili to lodge 5 IDP families in 5 cottages in Imereti villages
47. First stage of ambulance reform yields positive results
48. The rescue operators show a great commitment to improving their skills in rescue techniques
49. MIA detained participant of attack on Gldani branch of “Bank of Georgia”
50. video: “Giorgadze case” in Georgia could go to European Court
51. Trinity Women’s Monastery opened in Batumi
52. LTD director producing adulterated spirits arrested
53. Kakhetian farmers fear upcoming vintage
54. Patarkatsishvili denies swapping Imedi TV for railway
55. Telasi to invest $120m in 100-MW HES construction
56. Kazakhstan plans to construct new pipeline via Azerbaijan and Georgia
57. EBRD extends $20 million credit line to Georgia’s Bank Republic
58. The price of a beggar’s chair
59. video: Try swimming like this

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