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1. report: Georgia and the European Neighborhood Policy: Perspectives and Challenges
2. paper: On the essence of economic reforms in Georgia, or how European is the choice of post-revolution Georgia?
3. book review: Georgia and Thieves-in-Law
4. August missile incident yet another argument for Georgia’s NATO integration
5. Nika Rurua-Russia got political blow
6. Two suspected militants killed near Russian-Georgian border
7. Is a higher defense budget lifting Georgia closer to NATO?
8. Georgia ready for talks on Russia’s entry into WTO
9. Georgia has not yet received any official proposal from Russian
10. Georgia hasn’t received proposals from Russia on WTO negotiations – Foreign Ministry
11. Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation to sue Forbes magazine with European Court
12. Georgia may sue Russian edition of Forbes magazine
13. Interview with David Sikharulidze, Ambassador of Georgia to the United States, Canada and Mexico
14. New ambassadors to Greece, Czech Republic appointed
15. Romanian president postpones official visit to Georgia
16. video: Caves cause Caucasus dispute
17. Georgian-Abkhaz dialogue workshop
18. Head of Kiev organization of Ukrainian party “UNA-UNSO” visits Abkhazia
19. Russian tourists buying weapons in Abkhazia
20. Boxer killed in Sokhumi
21. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister meets Abkhaz leader
22. Zurab Shengelia: Sukhumi issued denial to Megrelian-language TV programmes
23. One person wounded in explosion in Georgia’s breakaway South Ossetia
24. S. Ossetian report: man injured in Tskhinvali blast
25. Georgia denies involvement in Tskhinvali bombing
26. Tbilisi says blast in Tskhinvali a provocation
27. Rebels accuse Georgia of using cellphone as bombing bait
28. Moscow believes Tbilisi prepares new provocations in conflict zone
29. Georgia to destabilize situation in conflict zone – separatist ministry
30. Georgia says separatist Tskhinvali’s accusations “provocation”
31. Georgian chopper reportedly invades breakaway Ossetia’s airspace
32. Noghaideli: Main goal of government is restoration of territorial integrity in peaceful way
33. Saakashvili defends new government program
34. ‘Deeds will be our response to opponents’ – Saakashvili
35. Why Saakashvili goes to the United States
36. President praises country’s pace of economic growth
37. Governmental cabinet reshuffle provokes full spectrum of response
38. Cabinet wins confidence vote
39. New cabinet approved
40. Vote on cabinet shows signs of new faction in Parliament
41. Burjanadze speaks, but is anyone listening?
42. Parliamentary opposition connects frequent changes in government to its incapacity
43. Noghaideli: there is no real opposition in Georgia
44. Manana Nachkebia Yields “shameful title” to government
45. Back into the ring: Is Okruashvili party a myth or reality?
46. Tempest in a teacup: The country’s first and second figures disagree on the National Bank vacancy
47. Mikheil Machavariani names his possible appointment as president of NBG absurd
48. Parliament launches discussion of draft amendments to state budget 2007
49. Parliament approved period of consideration of changes to budget
50. Noghaideli to visit Samtskhe Javakheti region
51. Plan on construction of 100 new enterprises to be ready by October
52. Nino Nakashidze appointed chairwoman of Parliamentary Committee on European Integration
53. Parliament terminated authority of Guram Chalagashvili
54. Media speculation over Georgian Railways lease
55. President opened ultra-modern fiber factory
56. Ugulava visited surrounding territory of Rustaveli metro station
57. Kakheti regional center won’t move from Telavi to Gurjaani
58. Ombudsman alleges cover-up in staged Kutaisi corruption arrests
59. Repairing works in Urbnisi church sparked off conflict between Ministry of Culture and church clergyman
60. Labour Party blames authorities for deceiving pensioners of regions
61. video: Camp instills national feeling:
62. Two Georgians die in Congo plane crash
63. Foreign ministry comments about crash
64. Identity of Georgians killed in Congo plane crash remains unknown
65. New journal designed to help school administrators keep up with educational reforms
66. Teacher goes on hunger strike
67. Passport forgers arrested
68. 30 hunters fined
69. Convict swallows fork
70. Teens slam policemen of violation
71. Choosing Georgia: America-Georgia Business Council’s 10th annual conference
72. Wardinon Real Estate in US Embassy housing project
73. Undersea fiber connection links Georgia, Western Europe
74. Marvelous discoveries in Vani
75. Bad weather stops Georgian swimmer’s marathon
76. Ireland’s Goliath must crush Georgian Davids
77. Late goal earns Georgia draw with Ukraine
78. Georgian singer an accidental Greek pop star

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