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1. Georgian President to visit USA, UN on 22-28 September
2. Georgian President says country’s troops to remain in Iraq
3. Georgia ready to repel any aggression
4. US Embassy In Russia informed about missile incident contacts
5. Georgia-Russia: ties suffer after missile row; Russian media implicate US
6. OSCE chairmanship: things not ‘black and white’ in missile row
7. Georgia wants tougher Western response on Russia
8. Russia says kills Islamists crossing from Georgia
9. Russian secret services try to undermine Georgian-Azerbaijan transit axis
10. Sweden to raise Georgia in EU talks on Russia
11. Construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project to commence early October
12. Iran, Georgia to boost trade shipping ties
13. Foreign Ministry warns Ukrainians against violating Georgian border
14. Russian deputy minister meets South Ossetian leader
15. Bakradze protests against meeting of Russian official with Kokoity
16. Separatists close off roads to Georgian-controlled territory in South Ossetia
17. Georgian minister slams separatists over South Ossetia road closure
18. Separatist authorities selling Georgian IDPs’ homes in South Ossetia
19. Tbilisi sends mixed signals over JCC
20. Ban on travel further discredits Tskhinvali
21. TV for Gali to be launched ‘soon’
22. Unauthorized military training allegedly held in Georgian Abkhaz conflict zone
23. “Chechen fighters” serving as peacekeepers in Abkhazia
24. Saakashvili meets ruling party, following speaker’s salvo
25. President to make statement regarding reshuffle of Georgian government
26. Meeting of President with majority started at State Chancellery
27. Burjanadze’s remarks not discussed
28. Burjanadze attacks government
29. Ruling party plays down speaker’s salvo
30. Health care parliamentary committee supported candidacies of David Chantladze and David Tkeshelashvili
31. Zurab Janjgava appointed Director General at Oil and Gas Corporation of Georgia
32. PM says central bank chief nomination still unclear
33. Struggle for NBG chief far from over
34. Vice-Speaker considered as Central Bank chief
35. Nachkebia excludes split in government on eve of elections
36. Coulda been a contender? Probably not
37. Zourabichvili fights to launch presidential bid
38. New political party established
39. “The opposition will participate in the elections by using the ‘Olympics Principle’”
40. Economic Development Ministry official arrested for taking bribes
41. Parliament to cover rent fee for 46 MPs who do not have flats in Tbilisi
42. Ombudsmen to suit in constitutional court again
43. Tradesmen demand dismissal of parliament
44. Former tradesmen of central supermarket to receive compensation
45. Teachers Union accuses Education Ministry of violations
46. PM visits remote regions of Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti
47. Farmers in Kakheti preparing for vintage 2007
48. Georgia fires up patriots with military TV
49. “Energogeneratsia” to be granted gel 1,55 million budgetary credit for funding of reconstruction of Khrami HEPS-2
50. Eight micro-finance organizations registered at NBG so far
51. 95% of Azerbaijani population in Georgia remains unemployed
52. Delegation of border police left for USA
53. The number of the libraries in Tbilisi has been reduced
54. Psychiatrist arrested for bribery
55. Family finds lost daughter
56. Jury to select new Miss Georgia 2007

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