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1. report: Can energy security cooperation help Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan to strengthen western oriented links?
2. report: Sixth review under the three-year arrangement under the poverty reduction and growth facility
3. Moscow’s glass half full [excerpt]
4. 2014 Winter Olympics – skating on thin Russian ice [excerpt]
5. A monument to the terror: Visiting Georgia’s Museum of the Soviet Occupation is like watching a tragedy
6. Moscow mayor’s football shots more trustworthy than his politics
7. Gela Bezhuashvili met with Secretary General of NATO
8. NATO Secretary General to visit Georgia in October
9. Polish citizen appointed NATO liaison officer in South Caucasus
10. Pro-NATO TV channel hits airwaves in Georgia
11. Russian, U.S. officials discuss missile incident
12. Georgian President welcomes European reaction to missile incident
13. OSCE Permanent Council to discuss missile incident in Georgia
14. OSCE Chairman meets Georgian leadership
15. OSCE chief warns against further incursions in Georgia
16. Georgian speaker hopeful of OSCE support
17. Georgian minister says missile incident poses threat to Europe’s security
18. Moratinos to discuss mutual interest matters with Tbilisi leaders
19. Tbilisi to host meeting of OECD and regional experts
20. Embassy of Kingdom of Spain to be opened in Georgia
21. WFP welcomes US$100,000 donation from Japan to Georgia
22. Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia to depart for Baku
23. Spanish experts to be involved in determination of status of South Ossetia
24. Spanish experts to take part in defining status of breakaway region
25. Ossetian refugees are slow to take up a Georgian offer that could allow them to reclaim their old homes
26. Russian diplomat, leader of Georgia’s South Ossetia discuss “mutual” concerns
27. Cabinet reshuffle marks start of 2008 election preparations in Georgia
28. Georgian speaker criticizes government reshuffle programme
29. Even ruling party disapproves new cabinet, opposition MP says
30. Opposition comments on Burjanadze statement
31. Opposition evaluated reaction of Burjanadze as late
32. Most part of opposition thinks that claims of Nino Burjanadze are fair
33. Aleksi Aleksishvili meets Chairwoman of Parliament of Georgia
34. Candidature of Aleksishvili on post of president of NBG is inadmissible for Burjanadze
35. Change in NBG chief a consolidation of state control, analysts say
36. Nika Gilauri: Ministry of Finance to continue implementation of reforms in future
37. Nika Gilauri intends to carry on reforms in Ministry of Finance
38. Zurab Tkemaladze leaves meeting of financial-budgetary committee in protest
39. Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs approved candidatures of new ambassadors
40. Agenda of autumn session to be approved at bureau session on Tuesday
41. Labor Party claims over eur 2 bln in ECHR case against Georgia
42. Legal issues committee supports candidate for Justice Minister
43. Execution of court decisions considered one of chief problems of Ministry of Justice
44. Lado Chipashvili likely to partake in parliamentary elections 2008
45. Opposition slams appointment process as election commission gets new chair
46. President severely criticized opposition
47. Georgian President to visit Georgia’s Marneuli region populated with Azerbaijanis
48. The most popular Georgian of all times’
49. Saakashvili speaks of ‘new society’ in Georgia
50. No summer joy for Saakashvili in Adjara
51. Sales open for 17 new BMI routes
52. Legendary Tbilisi cafe may be closed forever
53. Costly licenses for a big business: Caucasian fir tree cone exporting
54. Bronze figures of lovers damaged
55. New labour agreements to be signed with public school teachers
56. Violations revealed in Zemo Bodbe boarding-school

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