Georgia News Digest 09-04-07
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1. Trends in conflict and cooperation
2. Georgia suspends electricity supplies to Russia to repair line
3. Let Russia and Georgia resolve own differences
4. No surprises as Georgian officials leave Moscow
5. Georgia has unmasked Russia for all of Europe
6. The “Georgian fist” has not challenged Russia yet
7. Georgian Foreign Minister says Europe “obliged to react” to missile incident
8. August 6 incident matter of European security – Georgian FM
9. Bezhuashvili spoke on importance of energy security issues in Brussels
10. OSCE to use all means to investigate Aug 6 incident in Georgia
11. Burjanadze met President and members of Assembly Of WEU
12. OSCE Chairman to visit Georgia
13. President of Rumania to visit Georgia
14. Russia confirms African swine fever in Armenia, Georgia
15. Georgian ethnic Azeris emigrating east
16. Russia demands release of N. Ossetian peacekeepers in Georgia
17. Russia demands peacekeepers’ ‘immediate release’
18. JPF command demands probe into peacekeepers’ detention
19. Tbilisi supports court ruling on arrest of Ossetian peacekeepers
20. Georgia against politicisation of peacekeepers’ detention
21. Tskhinvali will ask RF to arm peacemakers with AA weapons
22. In separatist Tskhinvali, it’s ‘Sanakoyev Fandarast’
23. School year begins in breakaway Abkhazia
24. Black archaeology– big business in Abkhazia
25. 300 armed people mobilized in Meore Otobaia
26. Autumn session to be opened at Parliament of Georgia on Tuesday
27. Government shuffle riffles observers
28. Opposition parties state about their distrust towards reshuffled Cabinet
29. Opposition questions cabinet reshuffle
30. What do people think about the government changes?
31. Two candidates gain human committee’s support
32. “Conservators” not to support new composition of Cabinet Of Ministers
33. MPs meet would-be ministers
34. Elene Tevdoradze requests future Minister of Justice to focus on penitentiary system
35. Mamuka Katsitadze: Zurab Noghaideli refuses to meet opposition
36. Detention of ex Deputy Minister of Energy accused of abduction
37. Okruashvili keeps everyone guessing
38. Republicans to nominate presidential candidate in May
39. Ex-foreign minister struggles for presidential bid
40. Salome Zurabishvili to lodge claim against Central Election Commission
41. GPB board chairman may become new CEC chief
42. Candidate with the best chances to become CEC chairman
43. Guram Chalagashvili is in Strasbourg
44. Khetaguri gave promise for energetically stable winter
45. Court to discuss complaint of evicted families
46. Some pensioners receive a raise: but will it really help at all?
47. Subari demands harmonization of law on “entrepreneurs” with constitution
48. Military TV channel started broadcasting
49. Traders woke up again
50. More Georgians give Adjara the miss as prices rise
51. September – time to make choices
52. Ukraine’s Bogdan to deliver 360 buses to Georgia by year’s end

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