Georgia News Digest 09-03-07
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1. New Russia, new threat
2. Current state of Russian-Georgian relations is unsatisfactory – Office of Georgian State Secretary
3. Georgian official says talks with Russia is “positive factor”
4. Georgia voices criticism over Russia’s “double policy”
5. Saakashvili shootdown – Georgian President behind Russian funding for gold grab in warzone
6. Who controls the Georgian skies?
7. Georgia will provide Moratinos with evidence of Russia’s involvement in missile accident – speaker
8. Provocative air incident derailing Moscow Tbilisi dialogue
9. Saakashvili: NATO is part of our identity
10. From Intensified Dialogue to Membership Action Plan
11. Slovenia backs Georgia on its path to EU, NATO
12. Irakli Tavartkiladze to be appointed as Ambassador of Georgia to Greece
13. U.S. congressmen met Dimitri Sanakoev
14. Saakashvili calls Ossetian president an “evil stepmother”
15. Georgian president slams South Ossetian separatists
16. Mindzaev threatens to the activists of “Kokoiti pandarast”
17. Mindzaev imposed restrictions on traveling on rest territory of Georgia
18. South Ossetia imposes restrictions on travels to Georgia
19. Pro-Georgian South Ossetian figures said threatened by separatists
20. Kokoity regime leads intimidation policy against population
21. Georgia completes peacekeeper rotation in S. Ossetia
22. Georgia rotates its battalion in conflict zone
23. Tbilisi supports court ruling on arrest of Ossetian peacekeepers
24. Two peacekeepers sent to custody over ‘illegal detentions’
25. Russian official demands immediate release of detained servicemen
26. Separatist president warns against Georgian “provocations”
27. Tbilisi preparing number of provocations in Georgia-South Ossetia
28. Tbilisi, Tskhinvali in PR war
29. Kokoity to ask Russia to deploy air defense systems in South Ossetia
30. Georgian minister critical of Kokoity’s proposal
31. Stationing air defence system impracticable – Georgian expert
32. De facto legislatives of South Ossetia plan to be more active
33. No Tbilisi–Moscow deal on South Ossetia pipeline
34. Abkhaz leader visits Moscow
35. Olympic conference’ planned for Abkhazia
36. Russia bans import of Abkhaz agricultural products
37. Export of agricultural products, mainly tangerines and oranges to Russia, a key component of the Abkhaz economy
38. Georgian government’s new action plan submitted to parliament
39. Saakashvili presents transformed govt to parliament
40. Four ministers out in cabinet reshuffle
41. CEC chief becomes chair of Energy Regulatory Commission
42. Deputy Minister of Economic Development will be General Director of Georgian Petroleum and Gas Corporation.
43. Probably new Ministers of Energy and Justice will be presented by Zurab Noghaideli today
44. Reshuffle in cabinet is based on political needs, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia says
45. Georgian opposition expects Strasbourg court to qualify 2004 elections as invalid
46. Labor Party leader in Strasbourg for ECHR hearings
47. Opposition criticizes year’s second increase to defense budget
48. 2000 Georgian servicemen participate in peacekeeping mission in Iraq
49. Georgian peacekeepers put on training display
50. Professional staff members of foreign committee of US House of Representatives visit Defense Ministry
51. U.S. destroyer plans port call in Batumi
52. US Deputy Assistant Defence Secretary visits Georgia
53. Interview with Col. Matthew Brand, Defence Attaché of the United States of America in Georgia
54. Georgia to join ASDE system
55. President of Georgia at the Defence Ministry
56. Graduation of officers’ training course
57. TV project “Kazarma” finishes as many participants elect to continue military careers
58. Georgian tank men celebrate the fifteenth annual tank man day
59. OSCE mission to Georgia donates equipment to the Ministry of Interior
60. An open letter to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources
61. Business owners ‘forced to buy grape harvest’
62. Georgian exports to Turkey double
63. Dighomi car market to be sold?
64. Building of Laghidze Waters cafe up for sale
65. New Kazbegi shareholder stays incognito
66. Georgian pine cone licenses go under the hammer for $30 million
67. Dry Bridge crackdown: Conspiracy theories abound as vendors brace for the end of an era
68. Exam results in as a new crop of freshmen gear up for university
69. A fading minority: the Dukhobors’ continued struggle for survival
70. Vashlovani’s protected areas: home of stunning landscapes, birds of prey, and Georgia’s only leopard
71. “Atlantis” program to be launched in #6 Rustavi prison
72. Ethnic Azeris voice discontent over closure of Azeri schools in Georgia
73. 15 trucks detained
74. Caucasus Online obliged to provide good internet
75. Money from our pockets go to senseless camps
76. Snapshots of my Georgian life, part 2: Feline realities and the Tbilisi real estate nightmare
77. Happy holidays from Tbilisi Sea
78. To wear or not to wear (a chokha)? that is the question

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