Georgia News Digest 08-31-07
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1. book review: Defending the Border: Identity, Religion, and Modernity in the Republic of Georgia
2. book review: Viruses vs Superbugs: A Solution to the Antibiotic Crisis? [excerpt]
3. paper: The 2003 “Rose Revolution” in Georgia: A case study in high politics and rank-and-file execution
4. paper: Human transformation in the transition economies: The case of Georgia
5. paper: Implementation of harm reduction in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
6. paper: Prevalence and predictors of surgical site infection in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
7. paper: Long-term outcomes of 217 botulism cases in the Republic of Georgia
8. paper: Domestic violence – a burning issue in Georgia
9. report: Results of a survey on problems and opportunities for realizing sustainable food chains in Georgia
10. report: Missing persons – A hidden tragedy [excerpt]
11. Will a war start in autumn?
12. Moscow wants Georgia to be a neutral state
13. Zhirinovsky: Saakashvili is a prominent political figure
14. Davit Bakradze discusses issues related to conflict resolution in Moscow
15. Georgia-Russia talks in Moscow “positive factor”-
16. 50 prominent Georgians, 50 opinions on conflict resolution
17. Georgian minister urges “efficient” world reaction to air incident with Russia
18. Russia attacks “provocative” Georgia after ministerial talks
19. Georgia-Russia row heats up over fresh mystery aircraft
20. Russian military exposes a fraud
21. Acting Chairman Of OSCE and Lavrov discussed August 06 missile incident
22. Polling stations in Duma elections to be open at 142 consulates
23. Gali residents to be publicly punished
24. video: Peacekeepers could get 30 years for kidnapping
25. Georgia separatists demand “immediate” release of detained peacekeepers
26. N Ossetia side in JCC demands immediate release of peacekeepers
27. South Ossetia accuses Georgia of illegal peacekeeper rotation
28. New office of “Kokoity fandarast” opened in Akhalgori
29. Georgia says ready to host meeting of S Ossetia control commission
30. Russia, Georgia agree to prepare JCC session till September
31. President opened amusement park in village Tamarasheni
32. Machavariani denies information about dismissal of Zurab Noghaideli from post
33. Georgian premier announces government reshuffle
34. President comments on government reshuffle
35. Reshuffle in cabinet can be added with structural changes
36. Media speculates on wider cabinet reshuffle
37. Georgian opposition MPs predict further government reshuffles
38. Opposition had expected cabinet reshuffle
39. Opposition not to expect drastic changes after staff reshuffle
40. Tsintsadze: only appearance of new faces might be beneficial for development of Georgia
41. video: Political hawk forms new party in Georgia
42. Former defense minister’s political party gains momentum
43. Thugs try to attack Labor Party’s office
44. Minister of Education and Science denies information on closing Azeri schools
45. Lectures of Gori University object to annulment of university
46. School principal and the deputy arrested
47. Government to sell the Institute of Parasitology in Tbilisi
48. Three objects sold on auction held at Ministry of Economic Development
49. Third hospital of Batumi to be sold on auction
50. ‘Summer of love’ reached behind iron curtain
51. School principal and deputy detained In Martvili
52. Bad wines bring big fines, authorities warn
53. Adjara leads the way in Georgia’s bid for tourists
54. Kazbegi chief talks business and politics
55. Number of bank loans increase
56. Georgian drug misusers switch to Western heroin substitute
57. Universe’s extra dimensions may be apple-shaped

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