Georgia News Digest 08-30-07
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1. Burjanadze discussed Russian Georgian relations with President Of German Bundestag
2. B-H Military industry victim of enmity between Russia and Georgia
3. Tbilisi says it is ready for dialog with Moscow at any level
4. The latest unidentified aircraft incident in Georgia
5. Reports of downed aircraft and “pattern of incursions” over Upper Abkhazia
6. Russia planes have not entered Georgia air space in past months
7. video: Who really fired the missile?
8. Georgia’s ‘missile incident’ gross provocation against Russia
9. Russian expert says Georgia falsified facts in missile incident
10. video: Missile found in Georgia is affront to Moscow: Russian military
11. Missile incident staged – Russian Air Force Chief-of-Staff
12. Russian expert says Georgia falsified facts in missile incident
13. video: Ossetian peacekeepers still in custody
14. Georgia says detained Russian peacekeepers were violating their mandate
15. Georgia suspects detained peacekeepers of abductions
16. Georgian side objects to existing violations in North Ossetian peacekeeping battalion
17. De facto Tskhinvali lays blame on Georgian side regarding illegal detention of Ossetian peacekeepers
18. Georgia releases Russian peacekeepers
19. Two held over S. Ossetian ‘illegal detentions’
20. Ministry of State expresses concern over incident
21. Construction of Dzarikau–Tskhinvali gas pipeline to be agreed upon with Tbilisi
22. Tbilisi rules out S. Ossetia gas pipe for now
23. Georgian premier denies talks with Russia on gas pipeline in South Ossetia
24. presented
25. Anti-separatist movement rallies near South Ossetian capital
26. Abkhazia: Journalists Ask for Greater Freedom
27. Russian media report on Abkhaz military arsenal
28. New ministers to appear in Georgian government shortly
29. Georgia reshuffles cabinet
30. Minister Of Labour, Healthcare And Social Affairs left post
31. Cabinet session to discuss 14 issues
32. Levan Nikoleishvili resigns
33. Another blow against Okruashvili
34. First tension over Irakli Okruashvili’s intention to return to politics
35. Georgia’s constitution, one year older and none the wiser
36. With a visionary leader, Georgia shows the world
37. Georgia hikes defense spending by one third
38. Annual foreign trade turnover of Georgia comprises of usd 3328,2 million
39. Energoaragvi to build two hydroelectric plants on Tetri Aragvi River
40. SOCAR emerges as leading investor in Georgia
41. Britons don’t play to run away
42. 6 held for forging diplomas
43. Irina Enukidze, outspoken mother of murdered Sandro Girgvliani, dies of cancer
44. Georgians to get biometric passports
45. Work-based pension scheme implemented country-wide
46. Professors and lecturers of the Academy of Sport to hold a protest action again
47. New battalions of reservists staffed
48. Seven passengers injured in road accident

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