Georgia News Digest 08-29-07
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1. Foreign Minister to tour EU, U.S.
2. Russian Ambassador summoned to Foreign Ministry
3. Police detain armed Russian peacekeepers in western Georgia
4. Roskosmos chief denies Russian space junk falling on Abkhazia
5. Official denies flying object spotted over Abkhazia was Russian space debris
6. Saakashvili says air radar was target of August 6 missile attack
7. Georgian President says missile was targeted at Georgia’s air defence system
8. Georgian police questioning group of Russian peacekeepers
9. De facto Abkhazia launched massive slaughter of pigs regarding spread of African swine fever
10. Abkhazia: Journalists outline grievances to president
11. Georgia voices concern over Abkhaz military exercise
12. Abkhaz separatists block roads, reinforce security
13. Russian military equipment being deployed in eastern Abkhazia
14. Summer camp in Abkhazia: Debating for peace
15. Russian peacekeepers say South Ossetia hid information on detained Georgians
16. Tsagareishvili sure Okruashvili cannot be dissatisfied with him
17. MP says ex-Defence Minister to form party in September
18. Stalin’s granddaughter dead at 69
19. Azeri border guard killed citizen of Georgia
20. All 17 passengers safely evacuated from ropeway car in Chiatura

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